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The Online Store Question in Web Marketing

To support your web marketing efforts you may be considering a storefront, but what type ? Online stores come in two forms: pure-play stores that exist only online and [more…]

Key Components of an Online Store

Furthering your business's marketing campaign by setting up an online store involves planning and research. Look at other storefronts, particularly your competitors’. Buy products. Assess not only your [more…]

Selling B2B (Business-to-Business) with an Online Store

An important feature of your business web marketing campaign is addressing your B2B (business-to-business) opportunities. The vast majority of online transactions by dollar value in North America are consistently [more…]

Online Store Merchandising: Selecting and Pricing Products

The product selection and pricing levels are key elements to your online store's success. Some products sell better online than others, just as different products sell in different locations of the country [more…]

Displaying Products Effectively in Your Online Store

Effective marketing in your online store begins with how your product line is displayed. Most online stores are arranged hierarchically. At the top level, a storefront page displays thumbnails representing [more…]

Providing a Product Search Engine in Your Online Store

From a web marketing perspective, you need to convert shoppers to buyers. The larger and more complex your store, the more you need an onsite product search engine. Besides the obvious category and subcategory [more…]

Offering Multiple Payment Options in Your Online Store

A best practice is to offer options for calling in an order, printing and faxing the shopping cart and payment information, or mailing an order with a check. These multiple payment options increase your [more…]

Adding Customer Feedback to Your Business Website

Feedback from your customers and prospects keeps your website, and your business, on track. Feedback helps you identify problems that need to be fixed immediately and garner ideas for new products, features [more…]

Effective Product Detail in Your Online Store Catalog

Online shopping in your business website constrains the user to sight and sound at best. You must overcome those constraints on product detail pages that contain text, photography, 3D, or virtual reality [more…]

Fulfilling Your Online Store Orders

Customers don't separate your online store website from other aspects of your business. If they receive the wrong item or their package gets lost in shipping, they blame your business for a poor online [more…]

Shipping Is a Marketing Issue for Your Online Store

Nothing is likely to infuriate online buyers more than the price of shipping. Because shipping is expensive, especially as the price of gas increases, research alternatives upfront to decide which carrier [more…]

Managing Online Store Shipping Charges

Decide whether the shipping charge is a flat fee per order or item or varies by price or weight. If you decide on weight, you must enter the weight of every product in your product database. After you [more…]

Communicating Your Online Store Shipping Policies

Create a separate online store web page for shipping information that is quickly available on either main or secondary navigation. Let people know how long it takes for products to leave your facility [more…]

Selecting the Right Type of Online Storefront

The easiest and least expensive online storefront business solutions offer the least flexibility and fewest features. If you're just starting your business, you can use one of these solutions to establish [more…]

Establishing a Business Website Update Schedule

Your content update schedule depends on the nature of your business website, as shown in the Sample Update Schedule. At the very least, review all site content at least once a year, and budget a complete [more…]

Determining What Business Website Content to Update

You can use a simple rule to decide which parts of your business website to update: anything and everything! There’s no need to develop a case of writer’s block. Even small changes can keep your site current [more…]

Using Business Website Content that Updates Automatically

One way to update your business's website content quickly is to use an automated service that feeds your site such information as the date, the weather, or news and stock tickers. You can also find sites [more…]

Using Onsite Blogs on Your Business Website

On business, financial, retail, and professional service sites, a blog is something of a chameleon. In addition to the community-building function of a message board, a blog might take on characteristics [more…]

Using Self-Promotion on Your Business Website

Consider using tried-and-true techniques on your business website for shameless self-promotion: advertising (internal banners), testimonials, reviews, and awards. These tools can help you increase the [more…]

Incorporating Freebies and Fun on Your Business Website

These onsite business marketing techniques are designed primarily to increase time onsite, to encourage repeat visits, and to increase your ROI. To use these techniques effectively, you need to publicize [more…]

Using Word of Mouth in Your Business Web Marketing

The best and cheapest form of advertising is word of mouth. A product — or a website — can have no stronger recommendation than the approval of a trusted friend. Fortunately, the web now offers such word-of-web [more…]

Adding Product Reviews to Your Business Website

For some buyers, product reviews from a third party offer a perceived objective rating. Sometimes, you can attract reviews by submitting your products or services to magazines, trade journals, or other [more…]

Google Analytics Case Study: International Yacht Charter Group

International Yacht Charter Group locates and arranges crewed luxury yacht charters around the world. It uses Google Analytics to optimize its business website to enhance customer experience. [more…]

Diagnosing Business Website Conversion Rate Troubles

Without a doubt, the conversion rate is the key business website statistic to watch. Depending on the nature of your site, your product or service, and your sales cycle, a reasonable conversion rate will [more…]

Business Website Conversion Problems: Wrong Audience

If you see a fair amount of traffic coming to the business website site (total visitors) but are disappointed, you might have the wrong audience. This is particularly true if your conversion rate and repeat [more…]