Building Web Pages - Graphics, Sound, and Video

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Creating a Rollover Image in Dreamweaver CS3

In Dreamweaver, Rollover images — as the name implies — are designed to react when someone rolls a cursor over an image. The effect can be as dramatic as a picture of a dog being replaced by a picture [more…]

Adding QuickTime Video Files to a Web Page

Many different multimedia formats exist, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. But no other multimedia format is as widely accepted, capable, or supported by so many different multimedia and Web [more…]

Playing with Active Text in Flash

Static text gets the job done, giving information to your Web site visitors. But Flash can do so much more with text. Sometimes you don't want your text to be text at all, but rather prefer a bunch of [more…]

Dreamweaver to Fireworks: Image Editing

Suppose that you have a logo on your Web page and your client suddenly wants it in a different color. Normally, this would mean launching another image-editing program, tracking down the logo, opening [more…]

Introducing ActionScript Classes, Objects, and Methods

Objects, classes, methods, and properties — whew, that's a mouthful — are the building blocks of ActionScript programming. These terms are all related, and understanding how they interact is one of the [more…]

Creating a Custom Look for Your Yahoo! Store with Icon Buttons

Yahoo! Store gives you some very cool options using Icon buttons to get a custom look for your store without ever touching RTML. First, you build your store with standard navigation buttons and then use [more…]

Dealing with Graphics on Your Web Site

The most difficult aspect of including graphics in your Web pages is resolving all the design issues that accompany the use of graphics. Creating effective graphics and placing them properly in relation [more…]

Downloading Professional Images Inexpensively

Professional photographs and graphics can transform a simple Web page design into a professional online presentation. But high-quality images can be pricey. For professional, royalty-free images without [more…]

Considering a Flickr Site

Photo sharing is one of the greatest uses of the Web. Flickr is the most popular photo-sharing Web site around, largely because it's so easy to use.

Photos have a mixed track record on the Web. Scanning [more…]

Trekking through Web Design Tips

The majority of Flash movies end up on Web sites. To help ensure that your Web site is as attractive and useful as possible, consider these pearls of wisdom, some of which apply to all Web sites and others [more…]

Debugging Your ActionScript

When you design a Flash Web site, you need to ensure that your interface, and every movie that loads into it, plays flawlessly and that your ActionScript executes without a hitch. If you can see what's [more…]

Editing Images in Dreamweaver MX 2004

New features in Dreamweaver enable you to make minor image editing inside Dreamweaver, without opening Fireworks or any other graphics-editing program. These tools are available from the Properties inspector [more…]

How to Optimize Images for Your Web Site

No matter how great the content on your Web pages, the images attract the most attention. The keys to optimizing images so they download quickly from your Web pages are [more…]

Flash Tool Modifier Shortcuts

The Flash tools you use to create dynamic Web sites have modified settings that enable you do even more. Have a look at the following tables to see how you can modify Flash tools and use shortcuts to achieve [more…]

Flash Tips for Creating Web Site Content

If you're building a Web site, you need to use Flash to keep your site visually interesting for viewers. Whether you want to make text fly off the page or show a video, Flash is the way to go. The following [more…]

The Flash Toolbar and Its Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Flash not only jazzes up your Web site, it has handy tools to help you do it — and a shortcut for each tool. The Flash toolbar, shown in following figure, shows the shortcut keys in parentheses next [more…]

The Flash Actions Panel

The Flash Actions panel helps you add pizzazz to your Web site with animation, interactivity, and more. Use the Flash actions panel, shown below, to add lines, compose ActionScript, and add and subtract [more…]

Choosing Whether to Use Sound on Your Web Pages

Many people want to have a soundtrack or mood music on their Web sites. Sounds can make using the site more pleasant and contribute to its personality. Ideally, the user would be able to easily turn the [more…]

Finding Sound Files to Include on Your Web Page

It’s fairly easy to set up a sound file on your Web site to play by download. If the user has the necessary software and hardware set up, he or she can click your sound file link. Although, it’s easy to [more…]

Why Compress Sound Files on Your Web Site?

When you offer sound files for download on your Web site, you need to make them small enough that your site users can download them. To do this, you need to compress them, but you want your users to experience [more…]

How to Create an MP3 File

If you have decided to include a sound file for download on your Web site, you don’t have to settle for sound files that are already out there. You can create your own MP3 file. It’s very satisfying to [more…]

Why Keep Online Video Small?

Videos you include on your Web site pose download problems on the most powerful personal computer and the fastest Internet connection. In fact, no one even thinks about recording, transmitting, and playing [more…]

Finding and Using Videos on Your Web Site

The easiest way to get video for your Web site is to find a video you like on YouTube, link to it from within your site. Your users will be able to play it while looking at your site, yet all the mechanics [more…]

How to Create Videos for Your Web Site

You can capture your own videos to post on your Web site. There used to be a lot of things to think about in doing this, but now YouTube offers tools to “launder” your videos into an acceptable format [more…]

How to Upload a Video Clip to YouTube

If you create a video clip, the easy way to post it on your Web site is to first upload it to YouTube, which offers tools for compressing and cleaning up your video. Uploading a video clip to YouTube easy [more…]