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Necessary Elements for SEO to Get High Keyword Rankings

If the very best location on the web is on page one of the search engines, you need to know the SEO elements that can get you there. A good place to start is with keywords. [more…]

SEO Basics

Identifying Mobile Users’ Search Patterns for SEO

At the start of 2014, it finally happened: Internet use via mobile devices actually exceeded desktop Internet usage in the U.S. for the first time. Face it, everyone has a smartphone these days, and people [more…]

SEO Basics

Understanding Personalized Search’s Impact on Ranking and SEO

Have you ever noticed that your search results usually differ from another person’s search results — even when you both type the same query into the same search engine? Before you think this means that [more…]

SEO Basics

How to List Your Site on Google My Business

Much like its main search index, Google My Business is the most popular local vertical out there. Submitting your site to Google My Business enables you to show up for local queries, appear on Google Maps [more…]

SEO Basics

How to Use Advanced Search Operators for SEO

Search engines have come up with additional tools called advanced search operators to give power users even more control when searching. Advanced search operators are special terms that you can insert [more…]