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Optimizing Content

Going Beyond Getting to #1 in Search Rankings

Everyone wants use their SEO strategy to help them rank #1 for the top keywords. Lawyers want to rank #1 for attorney or lawyer. Real estate agents want to rank [more…]

SEO Basics

Determining Your SEO Plan of Attack

Make sure you know what you’re facing when you determine your SEO plan of attack. You can more or less forget those thousands of search sites and focus on a handful. You have six essential factors to play [more…]

Optimizing Content

The Secret but Essential Rule of SEO for Web Success

Here’s a simple rule to SEO success on the web: Make your site useful and then tell people about it. That’s not so complicated, really. Figure out how your site can be useful and then find as many ways [more…]

Promoting Your Site

SEO Tips for Google’s Panda

Starting early in 2011, Google began making major updates to its search algorithm using the code name Panda. This multistage update has continued to this day, as Google keeps getting better at figuring [more…]

Site Architecture

SEO Mobile Readiness and “Mobilegeddon”

In 2015, Google introduced another important concept for webmasters to worry about when it comes to SEO: mobile readiness. By this point, a huge proportion of website visits, for a wide range of site types [more…]