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How to Create and View Spotify Playlist Folders

Instead of having one long, endless list of playlists on your Spotify screen, you can file them away into various folders, which you can then view as you need. To create a folder on your computer, follow [more…]

How to Reorder Spotify Playlist Folders

After you have a few Spotify playlists folders in place, it’s good practice to rearrange them into some kind of sensible order. You might, for example, have several folders dedicated to different musical [more…]

How to Rearrange Spotify Playlist Tracks

After you add tracks to a Spotify playlist, you can rearrange them in your chosen order. Just click a track listing and drag it up or down the list — you’ll see a white line appear between the playlist [more…]

How to Rename Spotify Playlists

When you are creating Spotify playlists, feel free to experiment with names; you can always rename your playlists. If you make a mistake and want to correct a Spotify playlist title [more…]

How to Delete Playlists, Playlist Tracks, and Playlist Folders

You can delete a single Spotify track from a playlist, an entire playlist, or even a playlist folder. Deleting a Spotify playlist from the menu is a big step, so Spotify does give you an extra warning [more…]

How to Sort Spotify Playlists

When you click a Spotify playlist folder’s name (as opposed to an individual playlist), all tracks filed in that folder appear in the main window. They aren’t categorized by the playlist they’re in. So [more…]

The Anatomy of a Spotify Playlist

Playlists you create are all stored in the fluffy Internet cloud, on Spotify’s servers — the large, always-connected computers that host content. So, if you log into a friend’s computer that’s running [more…]

How Spotify Is Built into Facebook’s Open Graph

Facebook’s Open Graph is a way for developers to weave their programs into Facebook’s social networking world. Spotify is cleverly built into this fabric, allowing listeners to seamlessly publish all their [more…]

Windows Media Player Files and Spotify

Unfortunately, Spotify can’t play music that’s been saved in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format. Avoid this problem when you rip (or copy) the tracks from your CDs by saving them in MP3 format, or in another [more…]

How to Tag Your Tracks in Spotify

In Spotify, you can tag and edit the track information. Every MP3 or AAC file isn’t just a piece of audio. Just like a digital photograph can contain extra information [more…]

Spotify Offers Music Database Gracenote Integration

When Spotify first introduced Gracenote integration, listeners expressed a lot of discontent. Spotify automatically updated people’s local tracks by using the Gracenote metadata, which then overwrote people’s [more…]

How to Use Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts offer you an alternative means of moving around Spotify. It’s perfectly fine to navigate your way around the Spotify window by using a mouse; selecting menus to achieve tasks, and clicking [more…]

Manage the Music in Your Spotify Library

To get to the Library view, click the Library symbol (shaped like a house) in Spotify to access all tracks, including ones you’ve added to a playlist, imported from your computer, or bought from Spotify’s [more…]

How to Manage Spotify and iTunes Playlists

If you’ve established a lot of playlists in iTunes, you don’t need to re-create those playlists in Spotify. The first time Spotify scans your hard drive for iTunes tracks, it also knows to scan the playlists [more…]

How to Sort Out Your Spotify Tracks

Spotify makes it easy to sort track listings by presenting search results, playlists, and local files in a list of columns, which you can swiftly arrange in ascending and descending order. [more…]

How to Filter Music on Spotify

The filter is a cool tool that Spotify calls a “magical librarian” because it can find what you have on your shelf right away. Well, this is one library in which you’re allowed to crank up the music as [more…]

How to View Album Cover Art on Spotify

In Spotify, when you’re playing a song, its album cover art shows up at the bottom-left of the window (click it to make the artwork even larger). A cool trick in Spotify to display the cover art for all [more…]

How to Tag Spotify Tracks with Stars

In Spotify, all tracks and albums can be tagged with a star — it’s a way of bookmarking (or indicating a favorite) your preferred tracks or tracks that you want to come back to later. All items you star [more…]

How to Create Spotify Shortcuts to Access Music

When it comes to organizing your music, unique addresses supplied by Spotify can be a great help. By creating a computer shortcut — an icon on your computer that you can double-click to launch the appropriate [more…]

Spotify Download Basics

All tracks purchased from Spotify appear on a dedicated Download page, accessible from the Downloads option on the left sidebar. They are also stored in a dedicated Downloads folder — by default, the Music [more…]

How to Buy Spotify Download Bundles

Although you can buy a one-off track for £1.15, Spotify has negotiated with the record labels to provide download bundles, a group of credits that you can purchase and use to download whatever tracks are [more…]

How to Buy Missing Tracks on Spotify

Your playlists almost certainly contain some tracks you don’t own — tracks you stream from Spotify’s library and haven’t bought or ripped from CDs. Spotify makes it easy for you to get these missing tracks [more…]

How to Explore Facebook Music via Spotify

After you connect Spotify and Facebook, your listening sessions are tightly woven into the whole social networking experience. Anyone looking for an easy way to immerse themselves into a never-ending, [more…]

How to Use Facebook Music Dashboard with Spotify

Spotify isn’t the only music service that’s tied into the Facebook Music dashboard, but it is one of Facebook’s biggest partners, so it’s likely that a huge chunk of your Facebook friends will be using [more…]

How to Sign Up for Spotify from Facebook

If you don’t already have Spotify, you can actually sign up for its service from within Facebook. So your Facebook-obsessed friends have no excuse to avoid being subjected to your musical tastes. [more…]