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Using the Internet to Plan Activities for Your Vacation

Wherever you go on vacation, you want to find out the fun things and activities you can see and do after you arrive. Maybe there's a big amusement park, family ties, or the best collection of pocket watches [more…]

Getting Vacation Advice Online

You've already planned your trip and taken a look at the events happening at your final destination. Wouldn't it be helpful to know what other people have to say about what you're planning on doing, eating [more…]

Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

When deciding on productivity software for your computer, there are some free alternatives to Microsoft Office, like Open Office suite and Google Docs. Office might be the standard for businesses large [more…]

When Should You Upgrade Your Web Browser?

Major companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are constantly working to upgrade their Web browsers to meet the changing needs and demands of Web users. Each one promises new and different features [more…]

Importing Your Contacts and Mail to Gmail

If you want to switch your e-mail account to Gmail, Google has made it easier than ever. E-mail accounts aren't easy to get rid of — they store information you might need in the future, and the fact that [more…]

How to Add SMS to Google's Gmail

Google's Gmail is one of the more fully featured webmail accounts available, and the price of free usually fits well into everybody's budget. One of the most incredible functions of Gmail is how easily [more…]

Use FriendFeed to Consolidate Your Social Networks

With all of the social networks and information feeds available today, it can be hard to keep track of everything. FriendFeed is a social network that lets you consolidate your information sources in one [more…]

Moving Your E-mail Account

Whether you're leaving school or a job, eventually you'll have to give up an e-mail address, and move an e-mail account. It's always best if you get some kind of warning, but that period of time may differ [more…]

Staying Safe during Your Online Education

Stories abound about the dangers of the Internet, but a few simple measures can go a long way toward ensuring that your online education experience is safe and worry-free. Follow these guidelines: [more…]

Some Questions to Ask as You Evaluate Online Schools

Many schools offer online education, but not all schools are created the same. To help you decide where to apply, these are questions you may want to ask as you investigate online programs and their staffs [more…]

Communicating Clearly in Online Courses

Communication is vital in all forms of education, and online education is no exception. The following are a few tips to help you communicate effectively online: [more…]

A Few Habits of Successful Online Students

Some of the most successful students are those who learn self-discipline in respect to their study habits. The lack of pressure that comes with meeting face-to-face is absent in the online environment. [more…]

Preparing for Online Education

You should have a few basic technology skills before you enroll in any form of online education, whether it’s a single online course for fun or a fully online bachelor’s degree program. Make sure you know [more…]

Online Education For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The ups and downs of the global economy have sent more learners back to school to retool or add credentials to their resume, and online education allows learners to address their professional development [more…]

How to Start Researching Your Family History Online

Researching your family history online can seem like a challenge: There are lots of electronic and archival resources to explore, and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of wills and census records, not [more…]

Top Online Surveys Blogs and Forums

Go to these blogs and forums and you'll get a wealth of practical information from people who have gone before you on the online surveys journey. [more…]

Your A to Z Guide to Free and Low-Cost Online Survey Software

Before you invest a single penny in online survey software, take some of the free and inexpensive online survey programs for a test drive. You might find that these tools give you a nice view of the landscape [more…]

Online Survey Courses, Classes, and Education Programs

Need more help getting your online survey started? Try one of these companies that offer online survey courses, workshops, and webinars, and put your online survey to even better use. [more…]

Tips for Better Online Surveys

There’s always room for improvement with online surveys. Check out these eight hot tips for better online surveys and build your own list to share with your colleagues. [more…]

Essential Online Survey Terms

Before you launch your next survey, be sure you speak the language. Here are five essential online survey terms that will make you sound like a pro. [more…]

Easy Online Survey Shortcuts

Developing online surveys can be time-consuming when you first get started. Check out these online survey shortcuts that will put you on the fast track to success. [more…]

Online Surveys For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Online surveys can be exciting, revealing, and an exercise in greater profitability for your company — or it can be arduous, time-wasting, and downright frustrating. Your experience depends largely on [more…]

Use Location-Based Search Engines for Mobile

Mobile search is becoming the next big hyper-competitive battleground. All the usual suspects are already there, slugging it out for market share, but other, more specialized, location-based mobile search [more…]

Some Genealogical Websites to Remember

This handy list of the main genealogy websites will help you get started in researching your ancestors. Each site can provide you with lots of information about your research and ways to progress your [more…]

Genealogy Abbreviations

Genealogists love to abbreviate. Their documents, letters, reports and emails are full of long words crammed into little spaces, or of the same words repeated over and over again. Many of the abbreviations [more…]