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Protecting Your System from Viral Invasions

You may not like hearing this statement, but it turns out that Mom was right: When it comes to fighting viruses, it's muchbetter to take the proper precautions to avoid the virus in the first place than [more…]

Taking a Multisite Company to VoIP

Companies that have worked with and mastered traditional networks (either telephony or data) often think that it's just a small step to implement VoIP. Think again! If your business has multiple locations [more…]

Configuring DNS with Older Versions of Windows

Configuring DNS on older Windows systems — such as Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT — is much simpler than in Windows 2000 and later, basically because the earlier Windows operating systems didn't [more…]

Understanding VoIP and CSIs (Carrier Services Infrastructures)

As you begin to discover the various VoIP network types (such as a DSL or a T1 line), it's essential to know about each network type's underlying CSI, or carrier services infrastructure. Whatever network [more…]

Roles People Play When Using Wikis

If you look at any successful wiki community, whether it be Wikipedia or an internal wiki inside a company, you will find many different people playing many roles. With a wiki, whatever your inclination [more…]

Exploring Built-in Sightseeing Placemarks with Google Earth

A placemark is to Google Earth what a bookmark is to a Web browser. When you see something interesting while you're wandering the virtual planet and you want to be able to get back there easily, just slap [more…]

Seed Your Wiki with Info to Attract Users

Users consider a wiki to be useful if it has a clear goal and some information already in place. Take Wikipedia, for example. When you visit a topic, you see a concise, coherent entry on a particular subject [more…]

How to Register a Domain Name for a Blog

Registering your blog’s domain name is a straightforward process. You use a domain registrar to buy your name, and then all you need to do is “point” your new domain at your Web host. Many domain registration [more…]

How to Choose Blogging Software

When deciding on blogging software, you'll find that each brand will have many options to consider. Whichever blogging software you choose, it should give you easy access to a publishing/posting tool. [more…]

Discovering Videoblogging

A videoblog is a collection of video files posted to the Internet using a method that makes it easy to update content quickly — combining the usability of a blog with video files. There are many different [more…]

How to Blog and Keep Your Job

You can blog about anything, but if you blog about work, you need to do so safely. Blogging about work can get you in trouble. Many bloggers have been fired for writing blogs about their job, for identifying [more…]

Thwarting Spammers

Spam has been around since early in the life of the Internet, long before most people had even heard of it. In fact, the sending of "junk" electronic mail was such an issue that one of the Internet's earliest [more…]

Technical Requirements for Blogging Software

The technical requirements for blogging software are much more specific than what you'd need for a typical Web site. Most blog software use a mix of several kinds of Web server technology that are ideal [more…]

Touring Google Earth Route Info

Maybe you're planning to hop in the old jalopy and see what there is to see out on the open road. Or it could be that you're not interested in where the roads go at all, but you'd still like to show where [more…]

Speaking Of VoIP Soft Phones and Wireless Phones

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phones can be plain-Jane and basic, or they can be full-featured and support videoconferencing and Web surfing. You can find VoIP phones in the following distinct categories [more…]

Dialing Up VoIP Myth-Busters

If a new technology comes our way that brings with it the promise of reducing or eliminating tremendous monthly costs, it can be expected that supporters and stakeholders of the status quo are going to [more…]

How to Make the Most of Polls in Your Blogs

Polls are a great way to increase your blog traffic; no one can resist talking about themselves, especially if there’s a button to push along the way! You can use polls, too, for getting readers to provide [more…]

Boosting VoIP Quality with Dedicated Transports

Transports are the physical lines installed at the company or consumer premises to provide all sorts of network access. Many folks think of T1 or T3 transport lines when they hear the phrase [more…]

Using VoIP in the Single-Site Office

Considering VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) for a single-site, smaller company has a lot of parallels to putting VoIP in at a larger multilocation company. There are also some big differences. These [more…]

How to Blog without Losing Friends and Family

If you're not careful on your blog, you can damage relationships with friends and family. Many bloggers have posted content that they later regretted. Even if you never criticize others, you might possibly [more…]

Using VoIP on the Internet

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a phone line. TCP/IP (transmission control protocol Internet protocol) uses a layered [more…]

Composing a Shot for Your Vlog

Shot composition is one of the sexy phrases that film and art students use to answer the question, How does it look on camera? A lot of factors can influence how well-composed a shot is. So here's the [more…]

Warding Off Laptop Lifters

Take a moment to reflect on the number of hours you spend with your laptop and the number of intimate details about your life that you have shared with it, and you realize that this electronic confidante [more…]

How to Blog with Blogging Ethics in Mind

You can write about anything on your blog, but it’s important to blog ethically. Bloggers do have a code of ethics. As a blogger, you should think about what you write before you publish it, as well as [more…]

How to Protect Your Privacy and Reputation While Blogging

When blogging, you need to protect your privacy and reputation — what you put on your blog today might stick around for a long time to come. Your viewpoints could rankle readers, and some may not always [more…]