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Using the Internet

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3 Steps to Help Reduce Your Online Privacy Concerns

Concerns about your private information such as internet passwords are valid and reasonable. Especially when there are simple things you can do to reduce these concerns. Follow these steps to help reduce [more…]

What Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are e-learning courses that are available to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet. Ever want to attend a class at Harvard, Caltech, or Oxford? You can, [more…]

How to Perform Web Searches

You might occasionally have a specific address of a page you want to view, or you might stumble across a hyperlink that looks interesting to check out, but you will probably find the majority of the web [more…]

How to View Your Internet History

Internet Explorer (IE) maintains a history of where you’ve been, so you can revisit a website that you’ve recently looked at. There are two ways to look at history. One is to click the down arrow on the [more…]

How to Save and Organize Favorites

If there’s a site you intend to revisit, you may want to save it to IE’s Favorites folder so you can easily go there again. While you are viewing the page to save, click the View Favorites, Feeds, and [more…]

Understanding Net Neutrality

"All data is created equal." That paraphrase of the U.S. Declaration of Independence is the key idea behind net neutrality, also called Internet or network neutrality. Proponents of net neutrality believe [more…]

How to Back Up Your Files to Google Drive

One of the many ways you can use Google Drive is as a back-up tool — but not in the conventional way of backing up your entire hard drive. You wouldn’t want to clone your entire hard drive to cloud storage [more…]

How to Create Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the free spreadsheet functionality built into Google Drive. Think Microsoft Excel with basic spreadsheet functions, such as formatting columns and rows, inserting formulas and charts, [more…]

How to Manage Google Drive Settings

Google Drive itself has only a few settings to keep track of, but they can make your experience a little easier. To manage the main Google Drive settings, log in to Google Drive, click the Settings icon [more…]

How to Sign In to Google Drive

After you’ve set up your Google Drive account, signing into that account is easy. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Create Google Slides

With Google Slides, which is the free slideshow presentation functionality built into Google Drive, you can create slide presentations just like you can in Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, when you open [more…]

How to Upload a File to Google Drive?

One of the main purposes of Google Drive is to store your files, not only for safekeeping, but also so that you can access them from anywhere — on multiple computers, on your smartphone, or on your tablet [more…]

How to Find Files in Google Drive

After you’ve accumulated a whole bunch of files on your Google Drive, finding what you need can be challenging, especially if you want to repurpose that love letter you wrote to that certain someone a [more…]

How to Create Google Drawings

Google Drawings is the free drawing tool built into Google Drive. It’s like a very basic version of Microsoft Visio. With it, you can create drawings like organizational charts or basic diagrams in which [more…]

What Is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s cloud service that enables you to store and synchronize your files for easy backup and access from multiple devices, such as your desktop computer, your smartphone, and your tablet [more…]

How to Use My Maps with Google Drive

Google Drive and My Maps may seem like an odd combination at first, as in “What the heck would those two things ever have to do with each other?” After all, you use Google Maps only when you need directions [more…]

How to Use Google Drive Templates

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms come with handy preformatted templates that you can use to make your documents look cute, professional, or whatever the situation calls for. To access templates, [more…]

How to Share Files with Google Drive

One of the main benefits of Google Drive is the ability to share files with others. When you share a document with others, you allow them to have access to the file that resides on your Google Drive; you’re [more…]

How to Create Google Forms

If you want to be able to create simple surveys or questionnaires for free, then Google Forms can be a good alternative. Google Forms is built into your Google Drive and enables you to create quick surveys [more…]

How to Create Google Docs

You may have heard of Google Docs before; that’s what Google Drive used to be called way back when Google first launched it. Now, Google Docs is part of the suite of Google apps that is built into Google [more…]

How to Install Google Translate's Website Translator Plugin

If you have your own website, you can use Google Website Translator plugin to automatically have your website translated into more than 90 languages. So there’s no need to have multiple versions of your [more…]

How to Add a Google Translated Phrase to Your Phrasebook

Google Translate gives you a Phrasebook in which you can save translated words and phrases. You can view your Phrasebook on your computer or your smartphone or tablet, so if you have words and phrases [more…]

What Is Google Voice?

Ever wanted to have just one phone number, instead of two or three? Well, Google Voice lets you do just that…sort of. Nowadays, most people have a home landline phone, a mobile phone, and a work phone [more…]

How to Edit Translations with Google Translator Toolkit

When you upload documents into Google Translator Toolkit, Google translates the documents for you. Google has a pretty good reputation for translation, but it’s not perfect, and you may want to edit the [more…]

What Is Google Translate?

If you need to be able to translate words or phrases from one language to another, Google Translate can be a helpful tool. It’s not like an English-to-Some-Other-Language dictionary that contains the words [more…]