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Using the Internet

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3 Steps to Help Reduce Your Online Privacy Concerns

Concerns about your private information such as internet passwords are valid and reasonable. Especially when there are simple things you can do to reduce these concerns. Follow these steps to help reduce [more…]

What Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are e-learning courses that are available to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet. Ever want to attend a class at Harvard, Caltech, or Oxford? You can, [more…]

How to Perform Web Searches

You might occasionally have a specific address of a page you want to view, or you might stumble across a hyperlink that looks interesting to check out, but you will probably find the majority of the web [more…]

How to View Your Internet History

Internet Explorer (IE) maintains a history of where you’ve been, so you can revisit a website that you’ve recently looked at. There are two ways to look at history. One is to click the down arrow on the [more…]

How to Save and Organize Favorites

If there’s a site you intend to revisit, you may want to save it to IE’s Favorites folder so you can easily go there again. While you are viewing the page to save, click the View Favorites, Feeds, and [more…]

Understanding Net Neutrality

"All data is created equal." That paraphrase of the U.S. Declaration of Independence is the key idea behind net neutrality, also called Internet or network neutrality. Proponents of net neutrality believe [more…]

How to Get Started with Internet Explorer

Go surfing with Windows' Internet Explorer browser, your ticket to browsing the Web. Set up your home page, search out links of interest, select Favorites among Web sites, and change the look of or print [more…]
Rock your resolutions. Take the Dummies challenge and you could WIN $1,000! Get Started.