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How to Track Down Spammers

The internet is flooded with spam, but after you learn a few tricks, hunting down a spammer's base of operations and getting him kicked off the web is usually simple. To track down spammers in your email [more…]

Marsha Collier's Social Media Commerce Toolkit

For each arm of your social media commerce strategy, you use a different marketing tool. Here's a shortlist of platforms to build your online conversation, which should ultimately lead to new customers [more…]

Refining Google Searches with the Inclusion and Exclusion Operators

Using simple Google operators (symbols), such as inclusion and exclusion, can improve web search results without much effort. Operators are used with Google search terms and have a special meaning to Google [more…]

How to Validate Results from a Google Web Search

When you validate research results from a Google web search, your goal is to determine the credibility of the information you've discovered. Evaluating the credibility of a web page, like any complex skill [more…]

How to Create Simple Search Queries in Google

When you type search terms (also called queries or keywords) into the Google search box, save some time by crafting simple, specific search queries. Remember these basic search rules when you use Google [more…]

Building Research Tools with Google For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Google web search engine is a powerful research tool for novices and professionals alike. Thoroughly researching a topic can be daunting, so begin with a simple search, then learn how to refine it, [more…]

Are You Friends with a Catfish?

Ever since the sordid story of social media deception involving Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o hit the news in early 2013, the concept of catfishing has gained more widespread recognition. But what does [more…]

Google Sites Login Address

iGoogle is your personalized Google page, whereas Google Apps is made up of five fully functioning online applications: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk, and Site. Here's how to get to both. [more…]

Google Sites Page Layouts

Google Sites enables you to change the appearance of your website by editing your site's layout, themes, colors, and fonts. And you can use a variety of tools to manage the content that goes onto your [more…]

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

You can navigate your way through Google Chrome faster by using keyboard shortcuts. Here's a list of shortcuts that work on Google Chrome, and what they do. [more…]

Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Google Sites lets you build websites to share documents online from various locations. Google Chrome is Google's browser. Start using both by understanding where you'll log into Google Sites, and about [more…]

Internet Search Options that Are Safe for Children

A variety of platforms, tools, and applications have been created with the express purpose of allowing kids to safely search the Internet. The following are some of the options for parents who would like [more…]

Google Apps Addresses

The following table shows you the default address and the Apps address for the most common Google Apps, the Start Page, Gmail, Google's Calendar, Google Docs, and the Dashboard. [more…]

Getting Help in Google Apps

If you get stumped while using a Google App, help is just a click away. The following are the best places to start looking for answers to your questions about using Google. [more…]

Google Keyboard Shortcuts

To use Google Apps shortcut keys, simply press the letter on the keyboard. Unless indicated in the following table, you don't need to use the Ctrl (or Apple's Command) key with them. If a shortcut key [more…]

Google Docs Shortcut Keys

Google knows that keyboard shortcuts make your life easier. The following keyboard shortcuts work in some or all of the Google Docs Apps. In the table's Works In column, D [more…]

Google Apps For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can access Google Apps web-based, low-cost (or free!) office productivity tools from any computer with an Internet connection. To get started, see the Google Apps addresses you're most likely to use [more…]

What's in Your Skype Profile?

The information in the public portion of your Skype profile is available literally to any Skype user. The semi-private information is reserved for your Skype contacts, and no one gets to directly view [more…]

Basics of Where to Use Passwords and What Information Is Sensitive

It seems like everything online requires a password of some sort. The questions you should ask are: How long should the password be? What characters should be included in that password? Should a a password [more…]

Basics of Identity Theft and Fraud: How Passwords Help Protect You from Phishing

The easiest way to protect yourself from online identity theft and fraud is never tell anybody anything, especially about your passwords. A pair of glasses and a cape might be helpful as well. Seriously [more…]

How Privacy Pests Can Gather Your Information from the Internet

So if you control who accesses your information and passwords, how is it that people still find a way to creep into your online life and ask you for more? Let’s take a look at the most common ways to access [more…]

What to Look for in Privacy Policies to Protect Your Passwords and Personal Information

If you don’t understand online privacy policies and how they protect your passwords and personal information it may seem like magic. As you read a website’s privacy statement, ask yourself whether a website’s [more…]

How to Respond to Identity Theft or Fraud

If identity theft happens to you, act immediately! Having identity theft happen to you is a very scary thing, and can feel paralyzing. There are steps to take. Do not become paralyzed by fear! Act at once [more…]

How to Choose and to Protect Passwords

When you set up an e-mail account — or any account — on the Internet, you have to set a password, which is the keyword you type in to confirm your sign-in along with your user ID. [more…]

How to Store and Remember Your Passwords

Many websites ask you to enter a username and password. If you’re buying an item from an online store such as, you create an account with a username and password that you enter every time you [more…]