Etsy - Getting Started

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Tips for Choosing a User Name for Your Etsy Account

The user name you choose on Etsy is yours for life. And when you decide to open your Etsy shop, your user name becomes your shop name, so be sure to pick a good one! [more…]

What Are Etsy Forums?

Etsy offers member forums that let you interact with other members of the Etsy community. Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds on Etsy knows that it's a bang-up place to buy and sell gorgeous handmade [more…]

How to Join or Start an Etsy Chat Room

Etsy hosts chat rooms where you can interact with other Etsy members — for example, you may join a chat organized by the captain of your favorite Etsy team. And if there isn't a chat room to meet your [more…]

How to Price Your Etsy Merchandise

When you begin selling items in your Etsy shop, you may wonder how to determine how much your customers should pay for them. If you hope to run a profitable Etsy shop, you need to get comfortable with [more…]

How to Use Etsy's Home Page

Etsy’s home page is the page that appears when you type into your web browser. You can also access the home page from anywhere on the Etsy site by clicking the Etsy logo in the upper-left [more…]

Navigating Etsy from the Header Bar

To help you easily and quickly access the tools you need, every Etsy page, including the home page, contains a header bar with several links. As with the links along the top of the page, the appearance [more…]

The Different Ways to Shop on Etsy

At last count, Etsy featured roughly 850,000 shops. Don't worry, though: The items in these shops are displayed in browse pages, which are organized by broad themes — nine, to be exact, plus a few extra [more…]

How to Stay Safe on Etsy

No doubt about it, one of the highlights of Etsy is its thriving community of interesting, arty folk. But you may still find an occasional bad apple on the site. Take a few key steps to ensure your safety [more…]

How to Register on Etsy

Anyone can browse Etsy to see what goodies are for sale. But if you’re in the market to buy, or if you eventually want to open your own shop, you need to create an account with the site by becoming a registered [more…]

How to Set Your Etsy Account Options

Etsy groups several account-related settings in one area in Your Account. These include options related to purchases, feedback, your public Etsy profile, settings, Etsy apps, prototypes, and cases. For [more…]

How to Use Your Etsy Shop Settings

Your Shop on Etsy, which you access by clicking the Your Shop link along the top of every Etsy page, allows you to manage item listings, handle orders, view your shop and customer service stats, view and [more…]

How to Change Your Etsy Privacy Settings

By default, anyone who visits your Etsy page can view your favorites. However, you may prefer to keep this information private. Maybe you use Etsy to buy gifts for others, and you don’t want them to be [more…]

How to Access Etsy’s Site Policies

Before registering with and using Etsy, take a moment to review the site’s Terms of Use. To access the Terms of Use after you’ve already registered and are ready to get started, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Change Your Etsy Password

When you set up your Etsy account, you’re prompted to select a password to prevent others from accessing your account. Unfortunately, many people opt for decidedly lame passwords — their birthdays, their [more…]

How to Report Problems to Etsy

Suppose you run across a problem while using Etsy. For example, perhaps you’ve stumbled across an item that shouldn’t be sold on the site (in other words, it isn’t handmade, vintage, or a craft supply) [more…]

How to Search for an Item on Etsy

If you’ve landed on Etsy with the idea of finding a specific item or certain items that relate to a particular theme — say, aardvarks — you’ll be grateful for the site’s robust Search tool. With the Search [more…]

Etsy’s Do’s and Don’ts

Every Etsy member must make it a point to peruse the site’s DOs & DON’Ts. This page spells out everything you need to do to avoid committing a potentially embarrassing gaffe on the site. To view this page [more…]

What You Can't Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a forum for handmade items, vintage goods, and supplies. You may assume, then, that as long as your item fits into one of those categories, it’s acceptable for sale on Etsy. But you know what happens [more…]

How to Fill Out Your Etsy Profile

Everyone on Etsy has a public profile page. Why? A couple reasons. For one, being able to check out other Etsy members helps to inspire confidence in the site. That is, it’s not populated by a bunch of [more…]

Tips for Writing a Great Etsy Bio

For many crafty Etsy types, the idea of writing anything — let alone a piece about themselves — is about as enticing as spelunking in Yucca Mountain. But a succinct, clever, well-written bio, or shop story [more…]

How to Participate in Etsy's Forums

Etsy’s forums serve as meeting places for Etsy members. In essence, Etsy forums are public message boards where members can discuss all manner of topics. Etsy supports five main forums: [more…]

How to Start a New Thread on an Etsy Forum

In addition to responding to posts in Etsy threads that others have started, you can start your own new thread if you have an issue that hasn’t already been addressed. Here’s the drill: [more…]

How to Find an Etsy Team

Literally thousands of Etsy teams exist, so you can surely find one for you. For example, you could join a team based on the type of items you sell, your particular interests, or your geographic location [more…]

How to Join an Etsy Team

Some teams are open to any and all Etsy members. Others are moderated, meaning that they limit their membership based on certain criteria. To join a team that’s open to all, simply click the Join This [more…]

How to Start Your Own Etsy Team

If you don’t find an Etsy team that meets your needs, you can start one of your own. For example, you may want to start a team for other Etsy members who share your passion for your medium, who live in [more…]