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Why You Should Add PayPal to Your Web Site

If you think PayPal is just for eBay sales, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to get revenue (or more revenue) from your Web site. If you're not already selling products from your Web site [more…]

How to Edit an Etsy Listing

Editing an Etsy listing is pretty simple. Maybe you made a mistake when creating your Etsy listing and need to change it. Or maybe a potential buyer asked a question about the item you have for sale, and [more…]

Software for Creating a Banner for Your Etsy Shop

To personalize your Etsy shop, you can add a banner that runs across the top of the page. You can make this banner from scratch using any number of graphics programs. The banner you create needs to give [more…]

How to Upload a Shop Banner to Your Etsy Site

Placing a banner on your Etsy site helps you establish your brand. You can create a banner yourself or have a professional do it. Once you have your Etsy banner made, uploading it to your site is a pretty [more…]

Creating a Banner for Your Etsy Shop with GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, downloadable image-editing tool that is perfect for creating a banner for your Etsy shop. GIMP is also great for performing essential image-editing tasks [more…]

How to Add a Title and Announcement to Your Etsy Shop

Looking for a way to tell visitors what your shop’s about? Look no further. Etsy enables you to include a shop title and shop announcement on your shop’s main page. [more…]

How to Divide Your Etsy Shop into Sections

Etsy enables you to organize your items by section. What if, when you went to your grocery store, everything was set out haphazardly — with the milk alongside the charcoal briquettes, the kitty litter [more…]

How to Use Google’s Keyword Tool to Optimize Your Etsy Listing

All this talk of keywords and SEO begs one obvious question: What keywords do you want to use for your Etsy listing? Suppose you hand-craft bracelets out of bottle caps. Sure, you can use keywords like [more…]

How to Put Your Etsy Shop in Vacation Mode

Although many people don’t take nearly enough vacations, it’s a well-known fact that they’re as good for Etsy sellers as Brussels sprouts. Vacations do more than help you rest and relieve stress; they [more…]

How to Feature an Item in Your Etsy Shop

When it comes to rearranging your Etsy shop, another option is to feature certain item listings. When you do, those listings appear in a special “Featured” section on your shop’s main page and across the [more…]

How to Create an Etsy Shop Badge and Host an Etsy Mini

Do you maintain a blog or some other type of personal website? If so, you can use it to link back to your Etsy shop by displaying an Etsy shop badge, an Etsy Mini, or both. [more…]