Etsy - Creating and Uploading Images

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How to Upload Your Etsy Photos to Picnik

It's important to make the photos you take of your Etsy wares look as professional as possible. After all, your images sell your merchandise. Picnik is a free tool you can use to edit photos you take of [more…]

Choosing a Camera for Photographing Your Etsy Products

Although you can use a film camera to take photos of your Etsy pieces and then use a scanner to digitize those images, it’s not recommended. All that film is expensive, and scanning your photos takes time [more…]

Great Photo Backdrops for Your Etsy Products

Although white is the background color of choice for many Etsy sellers — it’s crisp, simple, and neutral — it’s not your only option. When choosing a background for your photo shoot, keep these points [more…]

How to Use Props for Great Etsy Photos

Props are a great way to add interest to your shot or convey something about the item you’re selling on Etsy. The trick to using them is making sure they don’t detract from what you’re selling or confuse [more…]

Hints for Getting the Lighting Right in Your Etsy Photos

No doubt about it, whether you’re photographing an aging actress or a tea towel on which you’ve embroidered the periodic table, Etsy product photos need good lighting. Without it, your camera simply can’t [more…]

How to Compose Appealing Photos of Your Etsy Merchandise

One way to help make your Etsy product photos captivating is to have a keen eye for composition — the arrangement of visual elements in an image. Just because you’re not a professional photographer doesn’t [more…]

How to Adjust Your Etsy Photos with Picasa

Even the best Etsy product photos can use a little tidying up. For example, you may want to adjust the image’s brightness or contrast, tweak the color in an image to make it really pop, or crop the image [more…]

How to Use Live Models for Your Etsy Sales Photos

Yes, models can be terrible divas. You knew you were in for some pain with your own Etsy business, right? The fact is, when they’re not busy flinging cellphones at your head, models — whether they’re babies [more…]