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How to Use Tags in Your Etsy Listings

In addition to incorporating keywords into your Etsy item listings, you must add tags. A tag is a word or short phrase, called metadata, that is attached to your item. Etsy uses these tags to help shoppers [more…]

How to Add Sales Information for Your Etsy Item

In addition to your listing information, Etsy would like for you to add your sales information, as well. Follow these steps to enter the item’s price and quantity, as well as a few tidbits on shipping: [more…]

How to Edit Your Etsy Listing

Look, nobody’s perfect. You may make a mistake when creating your Etsy listing and need to change it. Or maybe a potential buyer asks a question about the item you have for sale, and you want to update [more…]

How to Copy Your Etsy Listing to Use Again

Suppose that you’ve created multiple items that are the same. In this case, instead of building a new listing for each item from scratch, you can create one listing and then copy it. Here’s how you do [more…]

How to Renew an Etsy Listing

There may come a time when you want to renew an Etsy listing. For example, you may renew a listing if it has expired, or if the item has sold and you want to restock your shop by offering a new, identical [more…]

Special Considerations for Pricing Vintage Items on Etsy

If your Etsy shop specializes in the sale of vintage goodies rather than handmade items, you can forget about any prescribed formula. No “formula” exists for pricing these types of items. Instead, you [more…]

How to Write Great Etsy Listings

People who buy on Etsy aren’t interested in meaningless, mass-produced goods. They want pieces with a past — something that has a story. Etsy allows sellers to enter an item description so they can tell [more…]

Improving Search Results for Your Etsy Shop with Keywords

It’s not enough to write catchy item titles for your Etsy products. You also need to ensure that those titles are optimized for search. Keep a few points in mind: [more…]

How to Set Up a Shop on Etsy

Becoming an Etsy seller is a simple matter of setting up a shop on the site and listing items. It’s a good idea to review Etsy’s policies to make sure you’re items fit into an Etsy category. [more…]

How to Add an About Page on Etsy

Part of the reason people shop on Etsy is that they want to feel a personal connection with the living, breathing artists and craftspeople who make what they buy. Enter the About page. This page is a bit [more…]

How to Create a Shipping Profile for Your Etsy Shop

Suppose you stock your Etsy shop with items of a similar size. In that case, it may behoove you to create a shipping profile. A shipping profile is simply a collection of shipping-related settings that [more…]

How to Deactivate (or Reactivate) an Etsy Listing

Suppose that, after you crafted an item and listed it in your Etsy shop, your dog ate it. While you construct a replacement, you can deactivate the listing. You can deactivate listings in your Etsy shop [more…]

How to Rearrange Your Etsy Shop

As you add more listings to your Etsy shop, you may decide that you want to rearrange the order in which they appear. For example, instead of having your items listed in the order you added them to your [more…]

How to Track Your Etsy Sales

When you sell an item in your Etsy shop, Etsy notifies you via e-mail straight away. As you can see, this e-mail contains loads of important information, including the following: [more…]

How to Open a Sales Invoice on Etsy

When someone buys something from your Etsy shop, that person will receive an e-mail from Etsy. It’s a receipt of sorts and contains all the details of the order. Buyers can click the order number [more…]

How to Keep Track of Etsy Payments Received

As you’ve probably deduced, exactly how you receive a payment on Etsy depends on the method of payment used. For example, if the buyer opted to pay by check, you’ll receive said check in the mail. Ditto [more…]

Tips for Packaging Your Etsy Products

Yes, everyone knows that it’s what’s on the inside of your Etsy shipment that counts. But that truism doesn’t mean that what’s on the outside isn’t also important. Translation: When shipping your piece [more…]

How to Ship Your Etsy Merchandise through the US Postal Service

If you’ve opted to ship your Etsy merchandise through USPS, you need to decide whether you want to go with First Class or Priority Mail. First Class, the less expensive option, is handled in the same way [more…]

How to Ship Your Etsy Products Internationally

Although you can certainly limit your Etsy business to domestic buyers, part of the fun of selling on Etsy is connecting with international customers. First, however, you need to get a feel for the ins [more…]

How to Mark an Item As Shipped in Etsy

If for whatever reason you opted out of printing your shipping labels through Etsy — maybe you don’t accept Direct Checkout (meaning Etsy’s print shipping labels feature isn’t currently available to you [more…]

How to Create Etsy Coupons

Offer your Etsy customers discounts on merchandise or free shipping through coupons — or, more specifically, coupon codes. Buyers can then apply these codes to purchases during the checkout process. For [more…]

How to Promote Your Etsy Shop on Social Media

Everybody knows that social media — most notably, sites like Facebook and Twitter — are great marketing tools. Your Etsy business will undoubtedly benefit from mentions on these social sites. Although [more…]

How to Prompt a Buyer to Pay for an Etsy Order

Most of the time, buyers pay right away when they purchase from an Etsy shop. In fact, if they opt to use PayPal, they mustpay right away. But occasionally, you may encounter buyers who take their sweet [more…]

How to Communicate with Your Etsy Customers

Communication is the single most critical factor to ensuring the success of your Etsy business. After your fabulous inventory catches your buyers’ attention, your prompt and friendly communication — whether [more…]

How to Deal with Lost Etsy Shipments

It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes the postal service and other delivery companies simply fail to deliver your Etsy merchandise. If one of your packages has gone the way of Amelia Earhart, you have [more…]