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Why You Should Add PayPal to Your Web Site

If you think PayPal is just for eBay sales, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to get revenue (or more revenue) from your Web site. If you're not already selling products from your Web site [more…]

Tips for Choosing a User Name for Your Etsy Account

The user name you choose on Etsy is yours for life. And when you decide to open your Etsy shop, your user name becomes your shop name, so be sure to pick a good one! [more…]

What Are Etsy Forums?

Etsy offers member forums that let you interact with other members of the Etsy community. Anyone who has spent more than 30 seconds on Etsy knows that it's a bang-up place to buy and sell gorgeous handmade [more…]

How to Join or Start an Etsy Chat Room

Etsy hosts chat rooms where you can interact with other Etsy members — for example, you may join a chat organized by the captain of your favorite Etsy team. And if there isn't a chat room to meet your [more…]

How to Price Your Etsy Merchandise

When you begin selling items in your Etsy shop, you may wonder how to determine how much your customers should pay for them. If you hope to run a profitable Etsy shop, you need to get comfortable with [more…]

Timing Your Etsy Post and Checking on Expiration

With a little planning and forethought, you can post your Etsy listing so that it reaches the maximum number of potential customers. Once it is posted, you can go into your account at any time to see when [more…]

Sending a Revised Invoice to an Etsy Customer

What if you need to send a one of your Etsy customers a revised invoice — for example, to upgrade shipping? Unfortunately, Etsy doesn't offer any tools to handle this task. You can, however, use PayPal [more…]

How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your Etsy Business

Ever wonder how many people have visited your Etsy shop? Or what keywords they used to find an item in your store? Thanks to Etsy Web Analytics, you can find out. With Etsy Web Analytics, a free service [more…]

How to Edit an Etsy Listing

Editing an Etsy listing is pretty simple. Maybe you made a mistake when creating your Etsy listing and need to change it. Or maybe a potential buyer asked a question about the item you have for sale, and [more…]

Software for Creating a Banner for Your Etsy Shop

To personalize your Etsy shop, you can add a banner that runs across the top of the page. You can make this banner from scratch using any number of graphics programs. The banner you create needs to give [more…]

How to Upload a Shop Banner to Your Etsy Site

Placing a banner on your Etsy site helps you establish your brand. You can create a banner yourself or have a professional do it. Once you have your Etsy banner made, uploading it to your site is a pretty [more…]

How to Issue Etsy Gift Certificates

Etsy recognizes the importance of marketing your shop and offers several built-in promotional tools. In addition to offering coupons, you can sell gift certificates to your Etsy shop. A gift certificate [more…]

How to Buy a Spot in the Etsy Showcase

If you're looking to increase your exposure on Etsy, considering featuring your shop in an Etsy showcase. If you purchase a showcase slot — it costs $7 for a 24-hour run — you're sure to experience an [more…]

How to Move Etsy Funds from PayPal to Your Bank Account

When someone uses PayPal to pay for an item from your Etsy shop, the funds for that transaction land in your PayPal account. Although you're free to leave them there, at some point, you'll likely want [more…]

Collecting Sales Tax on Items You Sell on Etsy

Odds are, you need to collect sales tax for the items you sell in your Etsy shop at least some of the time, (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and New Jersey are the big exceptions that don't require [more…]

How to Upload Your Etsy Photos to Picnik

It's important to make the photos you take of your Etsy wares look as professional as possible. After all, your images sell your merchandise. Picnik is a free tool you can use to edit photos you take of [more…]

Creating a Banner for Your Etsy Shop with GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, downloadable image-editing tool that is perfect for creating a banner for your Etsy shop. GIMP is also great for performing essential image-editing tasks [more…]

Pricing Your Etsy Merchandise for Wholesale and Retail

When you open up your Etsy shop, you become the proprietor of your own small manufacturing business. That means you need to establish two prices for your goods: the wholesale price and the retail price [more…]

How to Set Currency Preferences in Your Etsy Shop

Because most Etsy sellers hail from the U.S.A., the site's default currency is the U.S. dollar. However, when you set up your Etsy shop, you can change your settings to accept payments in other currencies [more…]

How to Use PayPal to Ship Your Etsy Products

If you use USPS as the shipping carrier for your Etsy shop, you can ship through PayPal, even if your buyer paid using another method. Not only does PayPal not charge extra for this service, but it's cheaper [more…]

How to Create an Etsy Widget for Your Website

Do you maintain a blog or some other type of personal website? If so, you can use it to host an Etsy Mini, a wee widget that displays items in your Etsy store. People who visit your site can click an item [more…]

10 Ways to Make Money Quickly as a Micro-Entrepreneur

Even as a micro-entrepreneur, you may need some cash in a hurry. There are dozens of different ways to make money as a micro-entrepreneur, but to help you keep focused, here are ten proven ways to make [more…]

Creating an Eye-Catching Etsy Storefront

You can personalize your Etsy shop in any number of ways. This personalization is critical to ensuring that your Etsy business stands out from the crowd and helps promote your brand. And anyway, it’s fun [more…]

Pricing Your Work for Your Etsy Business

Running a profitable Etsy business means being comfortable with doing a little math — especially when pricing your pieces. Putting a price on your Etsy creations may seem challenging, but don’t freak out [more…]

Composing Product Photos for Your Etsy Business

Great product photos can boost sales for your Etsy business, but you don’t need to hire a professional photographer (although you can). Composing your own photos for Etsy calls for a bit of technical know-how [more…]