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How to Receive Tweets with Your Cellphone

Many twitterers use Twitter almost exclusively on their mobile phones. Text messaging (SMS) is the most basic way to access Twitter via your cellphone. In addition to sending tweets as SMS messages from [more…]

Twitter Your News to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Use Twitter Shorthand

Because of the 140-character limit for tweets, people often abbreviate common words and phrases on Twitter. The following table has abbreviations, or Twitter shorthand, that you see often. You will most [more…]

How to Use Twitter's @replies in Your Tweets

One of Twitter's more powerful conversational features is @replies (or @mentions). Tweets that are @replies are public and visible to all Twitter users from your Twitter page, but they are directed specifically [more…]

How to Insert Links into Tweets

Almost all Twitter users incorporate links into their tweets on a regular basis. You can insert links to Web pages, blog entries, or even other tweets. The toughest part of including these links is getting [more…]

How to Monitor Social Networks for Online Community Feedback

As an online community manager, you’ll spend a lot of time on the social networks to see who’s talking about your brand. It’s important to have an arsenal of tools and networks ready so you can monitor [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Attract Online Community Members

You can easily find people to follow your brand, especially if they like you as an online community manager. Twitter is a wonderful tool for driving traffic to your various communities. [more…]

How to Search Social Networks for Mentions of Your Online Community

The social networks are important tools for determining who is talking about your online community and your brand online. People often make off-hand comments on social networks, publishing their opinions [more…]

How to Foster Online Community Relationships Offline

You’re indebted to the members of your online community. They talk to you about your brand, share feedback, and do some word-of-mouth marketing for you. Why not reward them for their evangelism with some [more…]

How to Plan Online Community Meetups and Tweetups

Online communities are important to the people who visit them every day. It’s only normal that they want to meet other members in person. You may want to consider hosting some meetups to bring everyone [more…]

Twitter Etiquette for Beginners

Many new Twitter users want to know what the rules are, or whether Twitter has standard protocol and etiquette. Beyond Twitter's standard Terms of Service, Twitter etiquette is simple: Be genuine and non-deceptive [more…]

Part of the Series: Twitter Basics: 4 Things You Need To Know before You Tweet

How to Include Tweetups in Your Marketing Approach

Tweetups are Twitter community get-togethers. You see them at many blogging, business, and social media conferences, though they’re also held often in cities as well. They don’t take much effort to plan [more…]

How to Create a Custom Twitter Background Image

Generic Twitter pages are boring, but social marketing professionals can create a custom background, offering a better opportunity for potential followers, customers, and members of your community to find [more…]

How to Add a Custom Avatar to Your Twitter Social Marketing Page

Your Twitter avatar is the small image next to your @name that folks see every time you tweet. If yours is a personal brand, you may want to use an image showing your likeness. If you’re managing a professional [more…]

How to Add Twitter Share Buttons to Your Blog

Twitter share buttons are used by social media marketers to gain followers. For example, you can place these buttons (also known as icons) in your blog’s sidebar to encourage readers to follow you on Twitter [more…]

How to Install a TweetMeme Button on Your WordPress Blog

If you install the TweetMeme plug-in on your WordPress blog, a button will appear at each individual blog post so readers can share the links to that post with their Twitter followers. When readers click [more…]

How to Link Twitter to Your Company Facebook Page

If your company has fans on Facebook who aren’t Twitter users, you can post your tweets on your Facebook Wall for your fans to see. After you do this, every public tweet you send on Twitter shows up on [more…]

How to Host Your Company’s Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats can be a useful tool to social media marketers. Most Twitter chats follow the same format. The host asks questions, the guest and community respond, and conversation ensues. However, put [more…]

How to Revisit and Find Your Favorite Tweets

Similar to the content you see on many social media sites, you may see something on Twitterthat you want to see again. You will likely have a favorite tweet that you want to find and revisit at some point [more…]

How to Upload Videos to Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a network for photo uploads. It’s a media site that’s capable of much more, such as video. As of 2012, an estimated 700 million YouTube videos were being shared on Twitter every minute [more…]

How to Retweet on Twitter

In the early days of Twitter, it was commonplace for people not to just reply to Tweets they liked, but to forward that Tweet on to their own followers by simply copying the text in the original Tweet [more…]

How to Keep Your Tweets Authentic

Because of the frequency and personal nature of what people share on Twitter, any twitterer absolutely must be genuine and real, whether she’s representing a business or tweeting as an individual. Joining [more…]

How to Tweet Accurate Info to Be a Citizen Journalist on Twitter

How do you credit a source on Twitter or assure people that the news you tweet is accurate? As much as possible, offer proof that your news is valid. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Get Quick Answers

If you have a solid network of Twitter friends, someone can likely answer your question. Have you ever had a seemingly simple question that you can’t answer with Google and that has bothered you for days [more…]

How to Plan a Tweetup to Meet Twitter Friends

Don’t forget that a huge benefit of Twitter is making offline connections with people you may not meet otherwise. If you’ve begun meeting other users with similar interests and want to get to know them [more…]

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