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Get to Know Common Twitter Terms

Like any new technology, Twitter has its own vocabulary. If you're just getting started with Twitter, here are some of the terms and lingo you and other twitterers might tweet around: [more…]

How to Import Contact Lists to Twitter

You can find your friends on Twitter by importing contacts lists from other services — such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and Hotmail — that you already use. Twitter will let you know who among your contacts [more…]

How to Invite Friends to Join Twitter

You can use Twitter to connect with your friends by sending them an invitation to join Twitter. By inviting your friends to become Twitter contacts, you're letting them know that you're on Twitter and [more…]

How to Send a Direct Message on Twitter

Direct messages (DMs) let you send your contacts private notes through Twitter. Just like regular tweets and @replies, direct messages are limited to 140 characters. Unlike regular tweets and [more…]

How to Use Twitter's @replies in Your Tweets

One of Twitter's more powerful conversational features is @replies (or @mentions). Tweets that are @replies are public and visible to all Twitter users from your Twitter page, but they are directed specifically [more…]

How to Change Your Twitter Avatar

Your avatar appears to the left of all your tweets, so it's your official face on Twitter. People don't like following you on Twitter if your avatar is just the default. So make sure that you change your [more…]

How to Change Your Twitter Background

You can change the background of your Twitter profile page from the default blue to another color. You can even upload an image of your choice (or do both!). You can tile an image [more…]

Landing Pages on Your Facebook and Twitter Online Communities

A landing page is a page where members have to achieve a specific goal that you have for your online community, such as a subscription or a purchase. [more…]

How to Customize Your Twitter Profile

Your public page on Twitter, also known as your profile, is other Twitter users' first impression of you, and it can make a big difference in whether they decide to follow you. Customizing your Twitter [more…]

Part of the Series: Twitter Basics: 4 Things You Need To Know before You Tweet

Translate Twitter Slang and Jargon

Discussions on and about Twitter are rife with all sorts of abbreviations and jargon that can confuse new Twitter users. What are people talking (and tweeting) about? The following glossary defines some [more…]

Part of the Series: Twitter Basics: 4 Things You Need To Know before You Tweet

Twitter Etiquette for Beginners

Many new Twitter users want to know what the rules are, or whether Twitter has standard protocol and etiquette. Beyond Twitter's standard Terms of Service, Twitter etiquette is simple: Be genuine and non-deceptive [more…]

Part of the Series: Twitter Basics: 4 Things You Need To Know before You Tweet

How to Choose a Good Twitter Username

On Twitter, your username, or handle, is your identity. If you can, sign up for Twitter by using your name or a variation of it as your username (assuming somebody else isn't already using it). For example [more…]

Part of the Series: Twitter Basics: 4 Things You Need To Know before You Tweet

How to Measure Your Overall Twitter Presence

Twitter itself has a few ways to measure your Tweets. You have following and followers counts. Although those numbers would seem to provide a good baseline for understanding how far your updates go and [more…]

How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account

With many web services, signing up is the easiest part of an otherwise-complicated process. With Twitter, using the site is just as easy as signing up. To sign up for a Twitter account, follow these steps [more…]

How to Find Contacts on Twitter

When you sign up for Twitter, you’re prompted to check whether your friends are also on Twitter on the Find Friends screen. Finding contacts on Twitter can be a lot of fun! [more…]

How to Change Your Twitter Header Photo

Your header photo is the large image displayed on the top of your Twitter profile. This large image welcomes people to your personal profile and illustrates a bit more about you that maybe you couldn’t [more…]

How to Change Your Personal Background on Twitter

In addition to changing your avatar on Twitter, you can change the background of your home screen from the default to another color or pattern. You can even upload an image of your choice [more…]

How to View Your Notifications Tab on Twitter

See who’s interacting with you on Twitter directly through @replies and @mentions (Tweets in response to or generally mentioning individual users), favorites [more…]

How to Set Up Twitter Text Messages (SMS Delivery)

It’s fairly simple to opt in to receiving Twitter via text messages (SMS delivery). First, you have to set up a mobile device so that Twitter knows where to send your Tweets. To do so, follow these steps [more…]

How to Sign Up for Automated Material on Twitter

Not every Twitter account is written. Quite a few really useful Twitter accounts are automated bots (short for robots) that publish Tweets that have never touched human hands. At first, this sounds kind [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Talk Politics

Politicians took to Twitter as a means to connect with their constituents and, um, converse (sometimes it gets pretty shrill and hostile) with their fellow politicians quite slowly at first. Those days [more…]

How to Use Topsy to Search Twitter

Topsy is a search engine that stores a comprehensive index of Tweets — as its site says, “all Tweets since 2006.” A Twitter certified partner, Topsy behaves a lot like Google Search for [more…]

How to Expand Your Twitter World by Using Clients

Twitter’s open API allows software developers to create applications, mashups, and services that feed off the Twitter platform. Many of these third-party applications are [more…]

How to Size Images for Twitter

Like every social network, Twitter has its own set of optimal dimensions, so not every photo you upload to Twitter will appear properly in your friends’ feeds. Although networks currently thrive on perfect [more…]

Tips for Building Your Personal Twitter Presence

Twitter was originally popular for helping individuals keep in touch with their friends and acquaintances through mini updates. Many personal Twitterers still tend to use Twitter in this manner, updating [more…]

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