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Twitter and Your Food Truck Business

Many food trucks are very active on social media platforms, especially Twitter, where you can witness an incredible amount of dialogue between food trucks and their customers. [more…]

How to Find Local Job Recruiters on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for finding job openings in your local area. You'll find job recruiters and hiring managers tweeting about jobs they're trying to fill. Here's how you can find them on Twitter: [more…]

How to Use Twitter for Social Media Engagement

With more than 140 million users, Twitter is a smaller social media provider than Facebook but has fundamentally changed how people communicate with one another. Twitter has impacted not only how individuals [more…]

How to Start a Twitter for Your Blog

The easiest way to learn to use Twitter is to do it. Here’s what you need to do to sign up and get started. You have the hard job of figuring out what to tweet about! [more…]

How to Add Social Network Contacts to an iPhone

Both Twitter and Facebook have been integrated for the iPhone since iOS 6 and Flickr and Vimeo have been added in iOS 7. Instead of opening the profile of each member of your high school class to copy [more…]

How to Optimize Twitter Profile Photos for Visual Social Marketing

Your profile photo is the small, square image that's displayed beside the name of the Twitter account you created for your visual social marketing efforts. Your profile photo is arguably the most important [more…]

How to Optimize Twitter Images for Visual Social Marketing

When your Twitter followers visit your page, they will see header and background images. You want to optimize these for visual social marketing effectiveness. Here are some of the best practices and optimization [more…]

How to Choose a Twitter Background Image for Visual Social Marketing

When you set up a Twitter account for visual social marketing, one type of image that's required for your profile is the background image — it's displayed behind the Twitter profile. [more…]

How to Create Customized Twitter Background Images for Visual Social Marketing

Rather than use the premade background and color schemes on your twitter, you may completely customize them for optimal visual social marketing. If you create a custom image, be aware of different screen [more…]

How to Use Visual Content in Twitter Social Marketing Updates

Visual content is an important part of your Twitter social marketing strategy. When you're planning what you will share on Twitter, visual content should be a part of the strategy. A recent study found [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Webinars

If e-mail is the undisputed invitation champion, then Twitter reigns supreme when it comes to staying in touch. You can also use it for webinar invitations. Rock stars, actors, journalists, and companies [more…]

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