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How to Optimize Twitter Images for Visual Social Marketing

When your Twitter followers visit your page, they will see header and background images. You want to optimize these for visual social marketing effectiveness. Here are some of the best practices and optimization [more…]

How to Choose a Twitter Background Image for Visual Social Marketing

When you set up a Twitter account for visual social marketing, one type of image that's required for your profile is the background image — it's displayed behind the Twitter profile. [more…]

How to Create Customized Twitter Background Images for Visual Social Marketing

Rather than use the premade background and color schemes on your twitter, you may completely customize them for optimal visual social marketing. If you create a custom image, be aware of different screen [more…]

How to Use Visual Content in Twitter Social Marketing Updates

Visual content is an important part of your Twitter social marketing strategy. When you're planning what you will share on Twitter, visual content should be a part of the strategy. A recent study found [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Webinars

If e-mail is the undisputed invitation champion, then Twitter reigns supreme when it comes to staying in touch. You can also use it for webinar invitations. Rock stars, actors, journalists, and companies [more…]

How to Search for Tweeps on WeFollow

WeFollow is a user-powered directory of Twitter peeps (known as Tweeps). Considering that Twitter has over 8 million users, this site gives you an idea of the more active and interesting ones. You can [more…]

Find Trends and Friends with Twitter Search

Twitter’s own search capability is pretty intense. You can do search after search directly from your Twitter Home page. Go to Twitter. The search box is at the top of the page. Just type a subject that [more…]

How to Discover What's Trending on Twitter

More and more, Twitter is the go-to source for breaking news. Tweets are even quoted on the news networks, and they are at your fingertips too — so why not get the news first? [more…]

Connect and Chat with People on Twitter

Twitter has a quick and easy tool, Interactions, which you can use to find out more about tweeters or tweeters. Did someone @ reply to you on Twitter, and you want to know more about that person? See a [more…]

Follow Basic Guidelines for Conversing on Twitter

A few conventions and standards make Twitter interesting, so follow these basic guidelines for conversing with others on Twitter, and you’ll be tweeting like a pro in no time. [more…]

How to Pass Along a Chosen Tweet on Twitter

To make a statement on Twitter is to Tweet, so to repeat a statement on Twitter is to RE-Tweet, right? If you see a comment from someone you’re following, you can retweet what they said to all your followers [more…]

How to Search for Tweeted Topics

You can use hashtags — words with the pound sign (#) in front of them — in your Tweets to simply identify single-word topics or abbreviations of events. And you can search to find Tweets about the topics [more…]

7 Tips for What Not to Do on Twitter

Twitter etiquette isn't only about what you should do. Unfortunately, bad Tweets and poor Twitter practices sometimes show up within microblogging communications. Although you can't really go horribly [more…]

Twitter's 3 Access Points

Twitter isn't just for computer users. You can access Twitter from your iOS, Android, or other mobile device with Internet access. If you don't have a smartphone, you can even text Tweets from any cellphone [more…]

6 Most Commonly Used Twitter Terms

Twitter is a social networking platform with unique ways to engage with your network. As such, terms used to describe actions you can take on Twitter may not be in your usual vocabulary. This brief overview [more…]

9 Twitter Guidelines to Live By

The Twitterverse doesn't have many rules, but there's such a thing as Twitter etiquette. Writing Tweets of 140 characters or fewer isn't the only guideline. Your experience on Twitter will be a positive [more…]

Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using Twitter is fun and surprisingly easy. It doesn’t matter where you access Twitter, — on, or on a desktop or mobile app on your smartphone. You can quickly navigate the Twitterverse with [more…]

The #1 Twitter Mistake: @reply versus @mention

Every Twitter user — new and old — has fallen victim to confusion between @reply versus @mention. When growth marketer and content strategist Anum Hussein presented her 21 social media posting tips at [more…]

5 #FirstTweets That Show Everyone Was Once a Twitter Dummy

When you first start using Twitter, it may seem daunting. But the truth is, whether you were among the first to join the social network or just now jumping on board, almost everyone starts as a Twitter [more…]

10 Ways to Approach a Stranger via Twitter

Done well, getting to know new people is the absolute best part of Twitter. Because it's so important, here are ten ways to do this right.

One of the best things about Twitter is how easy it is to approach [more…]

10 People Who Are Rocking Twitter with Visual Content

One of the best ways to gain a following on Twitter is by posting engaging media such as photos, Vine videos, long-form videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or even PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare. These [more…]

How to Measure Your Overall Twitter Presence

Twitter itself has a few ways to measure your Tweets. You have following and followers counts. Although those numbers would seem to provide a good baseline for understanding how far your updates go and [more…]

How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account

With many web services, signing up is the easiest part of an otherwise-complicated process. With Twitter, using the site is just as easy as signing up. To sign up for a Twitter account, follow these steps [more…]

How to Find Contacts on Twitter

When you sign up for Twitter, you’re prompted to check whether your friends are also on Twitter on the Find Friends screen. Finding contacts on Twitter can be a lot of fun! [more…]

How to Encourage Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a very receptive environment for forging connections with new friends and contacts, so amassing a list of followers is relatively simple. Typically, you gain followers in the natural course [more…]

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