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How to Sync StumbleUpon with Your Social Media Accounts

If you’re like millions of other people out there, you don’t want to use StumbleUpon in isolation. You probably already have a Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and/or Google account [more…]

Basics of Paid Discovery Advertisements on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great platform for driving free traffic back to your website over time, but what if you need to gain traction quickly? If you have the time to build your network on StumbleUpon and share [more…]

How to Use Social Media Elements of StumbleUpon with Paid Discovery

The beauty of Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon is that your promoted content has social elements as a foundation. Not only are you reaching a defined audience, but your content's reach is also amplified through [more…]

How to Set Your StumbleUpon Notification Preferences

StumbleUpon has all sorts of cool ways to notify you of all kinds of different activities. We’re talking e-mail notifications, activity on StumbleUpon itself, and of course, mobile notifications. No matter [more…]

How to Submit Content to StumbleUpon for Others to Share

So, perhaps you have your own website (or a specific page on your website) that you’d just love to submit to StumbleUpon for your fellow Stumblers to see and hopefully share and give a thumbs up to. [more…]

How to Invite Friends to StumbleUpon

You know just how great StumbleUpon really is, so naturally you want to tell all your friends how great it is, too, and invite them to join you! Piece of cake. [more…]

How to Install StumbleUpon’s StumbleBar

StumbleUpon offers a great time saving tool in its StumbleBar, which you can install as an add-onyou’re your browser. Don't worry, because you’re probably partial to a particular Internet browser, there [more…]

How to Report or Block a Webpage on StumbleUpon for Android

The folks at StumbleUpon do their best to ensure that you only see the highest-quality content when you Stumble, but hey, they’re human and mistakes can happen. [more…]

How to Share StumbleUpon Content across Social Media Networks

It’s a socially connected world we live in, right? So, of course you’ll want to share your StumbleUpon content with all your friends across the various social media networks — even those friends who haven’t [more…]

How to Use Monitoring, Following, and Sharing Lists on StumbleUpon

In the StumbleUpon world, lists are user-generated collections of content on one or more topics. All lists are kept on the StumbleUpon Home page and are a fantastic way to discover new content and to follow [more…]

How to Launch a Paid Discovery Campaign on StumbleUpon

You’ve decided to use StumbleUpon to market your website. Now it's time to set up and launch your Paid Discovery campaign. The first thing you do is type [more…]

Target Your Audience with a StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Campaign

Like most Internet advertising, StumbleUpon’s advertising allows you to target those people most likely to respond to your product offering. You can set your Paid Discovery advertising campaign to target [more…]

How to Determine if a StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Campaign Worked

After a couple of days of running a Paid Discovery campaign on StumbleUpon, data are now ready to be analyzed. This begs the question: How do you know whether Paid Discovery is working? [more…]

How to Generate Content Worthy of StumbleUpon

First and foremost, you have to produce the right type of content to gain traction within the StumbleUpon community. In fact, this is true in all types of online marketing. Content really is king [more…]

How to Add the StumbleUpon Badge and Widget to Your Website

Do you want to make it super-easy to see and share your content on StumbleUpon directly from your blog or website? If so, StumbleUpon has created a badge and widget for easy sharing. [more…]

How to Create a Large StumbleUpon Network

Much like in the real world, you're not going to be very successful on StumbleUpon if you don't build a network of contacts. The same holds true if you want to dramatically increase traffic to your website [more…]

How to Share the Right Content on StumbleUpon

So you know not to just share and push only your content on StumbleUpon, right? The next question then is “What is the right content to share?” Good question; glad you asked. [more…]

6 Tips for Better Use of StumbleUpon

Once you’re fairly comfortable with all aspects of the StumbleUpon experience, you can begin to improve your use of the program. Here are a few tips: [more…]

Basics of StumbleUpon

Unlike any other site or social media platform, StumbleUpon is unique in that it helps you, and anyone else who uses it find “stuff” – also known as “content.” [more…]

How to Share Content with StumbleUpon Friends

Thanks to StumbleUpon, you’ve come across this wickedly cool website featuring the latest and greatest music videos or recipes for borscht or something else that’s unusual. [more…]