Social Collaboration For Dummies Extras

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Running Cloud-Free Social Software

Running business software in the cloud is still a relatively new phenomenon for many established businesses, but what if you prefer to run enterprise software the old fashioned way? What if you would rather [more…]

Serving as a Group Community Manager in Social Collaboration

Particularly in larger organizations, you’ll typically find a distinction between enterprise community managers (or strategists) who manage the overall health of the social collaboration network and the [more…]

How to Host an Online Executive "Town Hall"

One way for executives to take advantage of a social collaboration network to connect with employees, boost morale, and set strategic direction for the organization is by hosting an executive town hall [more…]

10 Cloud Collaboration Services You Can Try for Free

The best things in business aren’t always free, and over the long term "free" things tend to have hidden costs. That said, products that are free to get started with have a lot to recommend them, particularly [more…]

Make Connections on an Enterprise Social Network

Here are some examples of where and how to find connections on your social collaboration network. These examples include a couple of demo environments provided by Jive Software and’s Chatter [more…]

Social Collaboration For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Social collaboration networks put the power of social networks to work with a company, making the organization more agile, innovative, and productive. Here are the essentials of how social collaboration [more…]

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