Social Collaboration

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Running Cloud-Free Social Software

Running business software in the cloud is still a relatively new phenomenon for many established businesses, but what if you prefer to run enterprise software the old fashioned way? What if you would rather [more…]

Serving as a Group Community Manager in Social Collaboration

Particularly in larger organizations, you’ll typically find a distinction between enterprise community managers (or strategists) who manage the overall health of the social collaboration network and the [more…]

How to Host an Online Executive "Town Hall"

One way for executives to take advantage of a social collaboration network to connect with employees, boost morale, and set strategic direction for the organization is by hosting an executive town hall [more…]

10 Cloud Collaboration Services You Can Try for Free

The best things in business aren’t always free, and over the long term "free" things tend to have hidden costs. That said, products that are free to get started with have a lot to recommend them, particularly [more…]

Make Connections on an Enterprise Social Network

Here are some examples of where and how to find connections on your social collaboration network. These examples include a couple of demo environments provided by Jive Software and’s Chatter [more…]

10 Uses for Social Collaboration

Here are ten productive things you can do with a social collaboration network. Each one of these items is more difficult to do without social collaboration. [more…]

Guidelines for Selecting a Social Collaboration Platform

Choosing the right software (or cloud service) will not guarantee the success of a social collaboration network, which depends as much or more on factors like leadership and community management. However [more…]

How to Launch a Social Collaboration Site

Launch day is an important moment in the life of a social collaboration network. A launch is different from a pilot project, which by definition is more tentative and experimental. Here are some of the [more…]

5 Items to Include on Your Social Media Profile Page

The ability to look up people and follow or connect with them online is what puts the social in social collaboration. When others look you up, what will they see? Here is what you want them to see. [more…]

Social Collaboration and E-Mail

A successful social collaboration network ought to replace some of the communication and collaboration that takes place via e-mail, particularly in the form of e-mail lists used to manage ongoing discussions [more…]

Social Collaboration For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Social collaboration networks put the power of social networks to work with a company, making the organization more agile, innovative, and productive. Here are the essentials of how social collaboration [more…]

Get Results from Visual Social Marketing

Social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are essential tools to get your message out there. Visual social marketing can create big-time results, such as the following [more…]

How to Create a Visual Social Marketing Plan

Always start with a plan. To get the most from your visual social marketing, decide what you want to achieve, and build a plan to achieve it. [more…]

Harness the Hottest Visual Social Tools and Networks for Your Business

If you want to make the most of your existing social media and online marketing efforts, add some of these visual social marketing tools to your strategy: [more…]

Visual Social Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A strong visual marketing strategy can attract more traffic to your website, encourage more social media shares of your website, and invite more interactions with your online content. This Cheat Sheet [more…]

How to Use Yammer’s Analytics Tools

Yammer boasts that it is a “leading enterprise social network for businesses to get work done smarter and faster.” Well, how do you know if that is true? One great way to see how it is working for you [more…]

Jive Integration with Microsoft Office 365

You can now use Jive from within your Microsoft Office 365 applications. Since Jive is a business-class social software solution designed for office environments, it makes all too much sense that in mid-September [more…]

How Can Jive Improve Customer Service?

If your company is consumer based and you are looking for an answer to how Jive will improve your company’s customer service then look no further. Jive software was designed with many types of companies [more…]

What Is Jive Mobile?

Jive Inc., a leading social enterprise software provider, has launched a mobile version of their popular Jive application so that all companies and all employee types can take advantage of the collaboration [more…]

How to Set Up a New Jive Account and Profile

Jive is a new business social-software option that many large companies have begun to incorporate into everyday life. Jive is also available for small businesses. Many of you may be wondering how to get [more…]

How to Start or Follow a Discussion with Jive

Creating, following, and posting within discussion threads is one of the most used features of Jive. Because Jive is designed with collaboration in mind, the ability to post a new discussion or follow [more…]

How to Create a Poll with Jive

A really cool feature that Jive offers that many of its competitors do not is the ability to create and easily distribute polls. Polls are a way for one staff member to ask a single multiple-choice question [more…]

5 Cool Jive Modules and Plug-Ins

Jive offers modules and plug-ins for those regular Jive users who think the software is lackluster and fails in comparison to most social network sites. Paid modules or unofficial free plug-ins offer additional [more…]

How to Collaborate with Jive

Since Jive was created with collaboration in mind, the ability to collaborate with your fellow co-workers can be done in several different ways. Some of the more popular ways companies use Jive to collaborate [more…]

What Are Jive Plug-Ins and How Do You Install Them?

Jive gives you the capability to download and install plug-ins. Jive is a software solution for businesses that includes many different ways to collaborate among fellow co-workers. Since this software [more…]