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How to Create Pinterest Boards for Your Visual Social Marketing Content

On Pinterest, users create boards, which are pages based around a specific theme. These boards are where users will see your visual social marketing content. On these boards, users [more…]

How to Optimize a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

To be an effective visual social marketing tool, a board on Pinterest should be titled with the topic or theme representing the content that's pinned to the board. Follow these tips to optimize your Pinterest [more…]

How to Choose the Cover Pin of a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

After you create a board and pin content to it, Pinterest selects a pin to be the board’s cover. Important to visual social marketing, the cover pin is the most prominently featured pin when your board [more…]

How to Optimize Pinterest Content for Visual Social Marketing

Creating visually appealing pins is the key to a successful social marketing Pinterest account. If your pins aren't interesting, you get no traction from your Pinterest account. The most important thing [more…]

How to Create a Group Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

Pinterest lets you create group boards, which can be a particularly useful tool for visual social marketing. Both public and private boards can be shared. A [more…]

How to Drive Website Traffic with Visual Social Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is popular with visual social marketers because of its ability to drive traffic to websites. Pinterest sends more traffic to websites than Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined. Pinterest [more…]

How to Build Community through Visual Social Marketing on Pinterest

Creating an account and pinning content is only the beginning of the opportunities to use visual social marketing to promote your business on Pinterest. The second step is to participate and engage on [more…]

How to Explore Pinterest for Visual Social Marketing Content

To get started in visual social marketing on Pinterest, explore the content on Pinterest. Exploring pins, boards, and users helps you to find content and find users who share your interests. [more…]

Pin a Few of Your Favorite Things with Pinterest

Perhaps you’ve heard about Pinterest (the virtual scrapbooking site) and want to start your own Pin Boards to share with your friends? There’s the place that when you find images you like from around the [more…]

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