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How to Plan Your Pinterest Boards for Your Social Marketing Campaign

Boards are the way Pinterest organizes its users’ content and this requires some planning by social media marketers. Pinterest organizes in a manner that resembles a series of bulletin boards hanging on [more…]

How to Create a Pinterest Board

As a social marketer, it is important to create boards that encourage customers to follow your brand and find out more. Try to focus on things that are specific to what makes your brand unique, rather [more…]

How to Pin on Pinterest to Market Your Brand

Pinning can be addictive. This is a great opportunity to market your brand. Many pinners admit to spending hours pinning and finding items to like and repin. From a brand perspective, it may not look or [more…]

How to Pin a Marketing Video on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for static images. You can also upload videos to promote your brand. Videos have their own category on the main Pinterest page so the people who are interested in finding in-depth [more…]

How to Create Pins on Pinterest that Build Brand Interest

When you first add Pinterest to your social marketing campaing, it may be frustrating to wait for people to comment on your pins. Try creating conversational pins to get people interested in your brand [more…]

How to Create an Audience on Pinterest

What good is it to create Pinterest boards and share pins when you have no friends to see it? To make friends, you have to follow others. Following on Pinterest is similar to “friending” on Facebook. It [more…]

How to Share Pins on Pinterest to Create a Following for Your Brand

Sometimes it may be most beneficial to your social marketing campaign to share other people’s pins. What to share isn’t a decision to take lightly. If you repin only the most popular pins, pins that everyone [more…]

Marketing on Pinterest: How to Collaborate on Group Boards

As a social marketer, a great way to connect with your community is to collaborate on boards. Pinterest lets pinners participate in group boards, where like-minded people add pins around a common theme [more…]

How Pinterest Can Drive Sales of Your Brand

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands to sell their products because not too many social networks allow you to display your products and pricing. Whether your brand is a product or a service [more…]

How to Creatively Sell Your Products on Pinterest

Here’s the thing about selling on any social network: People get very touchy if they feel they’re being pitched to, so you have to get creative. The majority of folks online are doing their social networking [more…]

How to Add a Price to Your Pin on Pinterest

One thing that sets Pinterest apart from other social networks is the ability to add prices to your marketing pins. If you put a price in the pin’s description, that same price appears in the upper-left [more…]

How to Create Gift Guides on Pinterest to Market Your Products

As you can imagine, creating a Gift guide on Pinterest is a wonderful opportunity to reach a whole new consumer base. Although there’s not much you can do to change the way the Pinterest Gifts section [more…]

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Company Website

Pinterest, unlike some of the other emerging social networks, is something anyone marketing a brand needs to take seriously. Did you know that Pinterest drives more traffic to individual blogs and websites [more…]

How to Choose the Right Images to Market on Pinterest

At first glance, Pinterest might seem like a random bunch of images. As a social media marketer, it is important to know which images are the most beneficial to your business. On a typical Pinterest feed [more…]

Specialized Social Platforms for Your Social CRM

Consider adding specialized social platforms for your Social CRM. There are major platforms that most companies who use social media choose first, but other specialized sites might be just right for your [more…]

How to Use Pinterest for Social Media Engagement

Pinterest was touted as the fastest-growing social media network of all time when it surpassed 10 million monthly unique visitors in January 2012. (ComScore, Feb. 2012) By October 2012, Pinterest was receiving [more…]

How to Optimize Your Website to Generate Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest has special utility for visual social media marketing. At Pinterest, users can create pinboards composed of pins of images that they share or from web pages. [more…]

How to Plan a Visual Marketing Strategy for a Blog

To execute on the strategy of creating pinnable visual elements as part of your marketing strategy for your blog, you must have a plan. Every blog post should have a pinnable image that accompanies it. [more…]

How to Drive Blog Traffic with Visual Social Marketing Content

To be useful for visual social marketing, a pinnableimage is one that, on its own, tells the story of the post. Pinnable images, which can be shared across social networks with no accompanying text description [more…]

How to Use Pinterest for Visual Social Marketing

Many businesses are using Pinterest as a part of their visual social media marketing strategies. It's a powerful social media marketing site because it has a large user base that spends a lot of time on [more…]

Basics of the Pinterest Profile for Visual Social Marketing

Similar to other social networks, getting your visual marketing campaign started on Pinterest involves creating a profile. The elements of your Pinterest profile can be edited by clicking on your profile [more…]

Basics of Key Pinterest Profile Statistics for Visual Social Marketing

In any visual social marketing campaign, you want to follow the statistics. Underneath the elements in your Pinterest profile on your public profile page are some statistics about your profile. It shows [more…]

How to Create Pinterest Boards for Your Visual Social Marketing Content

On Pinterest, users create boards, which are pages based around a specific theme. These boards are where users will see your visual social marketing content. On these boards, users [more…]

How to Optimize a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

To be an effective visual social marketing tool, a board on Pinterest should be titled with the topic or theme representing the content that's pinned to the board. Follow these tips to optimize your Pinterest [more…]

How to Choose the Cover Pin of a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

After you create a board and pin content to it, Pinterest selects a pin to be the board’s cover. Important to visual social marketing, the cover pin is the most prominently featured pin when your board [more…]