Online Community Management

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Successful Online Community Managers Communicate Regularly

No one has to join an online community. They do so because they’re interested in participating in discussions and learning more about what you have to offer. When you consider how many people are busy [more…]

How to Communicate with Your Online Community without Spamming

Outreach to new members is possibly one of the less attractive online community management tasks. You’re expected to grow your community numbers, but can’t always do so organically. As a result, you have [more…]

How to Ensure Online Community Event Safety

No one likes to admit it, but not everyone who’s part of an online community is who he says he is. Grownups pretend to be youngsters; youngsters pretend to be older; men pretend to be women, and vice versa [more…]

How to Cut Losses in Your Online Community

Stats about your online community are valuable for an important reason: They let you know what’s not working. Finding out that a campaign or idea didn’t turn out as you planned isn’t appealing, but it’s [more…]

Why You Need to Go Offline to Grow Your Online Community

There may come a time when you’ll feel that your social networking and other online community outreach has hit a plateau. It happens, and it’s not a reflection on you. Summer months in particular are notoriously [more…]

Seek Public Speaking Opportunities to Attract New Online Community Members

Many online community managers are discovering the benefits of speaking opportunities. By sitting on panels or giving solo presentations at professional or educational events, they’re establishing their [more…]

How to Use Conferences and Events to Build Online Community

Many online community managers are taking advantage of the benefits of conferences. No longer stuffy professional events, today’s conferences provide educational experiences and ample opportunity for networking [more…]

Benefits of Conferences for Online Community

Conferences can be expensive to attend, but they’re a good investment for online community managers in both business and personal branding. You see, you’re not only there on behalf of your company, but [more…]

How to Promote Your Online Community at Trade Shows and Conferences

The terrific thing about exhibiting at a trade show is that you’re not being spammy if you talk about your online community or your brand. People expect to hear more at your booth, so it’s not unsolicited [more…]

Classes and Courses to Promote Your Online Community

One way to bring offline members to your online community is through education. Whether you have a hobby community or are representing a brand, you have information to offer, so why not teach classes? [more…]

How to Advertise the Online Community’s Offline Classes

Advertise your classes on all your online community pages and create a Facebook event page specifically to invite members of your Facebook community to attend. Use a Facebook event invitation to spread [more…]

How to Get Potential Online Community Members to Sign Up

A bunch of people who you met offline liked you and liked what they heard about your online community. Don’t be too excited, though; only a small percentage of the people who you spoke to will become actual [more…]

How to Foster Online Community Relationships Offline

You’re indebted to the members of your online community. They talk to you about your brand, share feedback, and do some word-of-mouth marketing for you. Why not reward them for their evangelism with some [more…]

How to Plan Online Community Meetups and Tweetups

Online communities are important to the people who visit them every day. It’s only normal that they want to meet other members in person. You may want to consider hosting some meetups to bring everyone [more…]

Online Community Meetup Rules

Planning an online community meetup is fun, but the actual event trumps the anticipation leading up to it. There are no serious, hard-and-fast rules for having a meetup, but keep a few things in mind: [more…]

How to Plan an Out-of-Town Online Community Meetup

You just hosted an online community meetup in the same city as your brand’s home base, and it was über successful. Guess what? If your community is national or global, you missed out on a great big group [more…]

Unofficial and Approved Online Community Events

If you can’t host meetups in different locales, not all is lost. Online community members can still host their own meetups in their own areas with or without your involvement. [more…]

Application for Outside Online Community Events

You’re requiring an application to hold brand-sanctioned online community meetups because you have to protect the brand. Before approving outside meetups, your legal team will probably want to discuss [more…]

How to Create a Kit for Approved Online Community Events

For approved online community meetups, consider putting together a meetup kit so that members will have everything they need. Although such a kit is optional, it makes members feel that they’re part of [more…]

Focus Is a Critical Skill for Online Community Managers

All online community managers like to spend time on the social networks chatting with their members. Also, they all like reading and commenting on blogs, and performing other social tasks to foster good [more…]

Business Development Acumen for Online Community Managers

In a way, the online community manager is the most important person in the company. Without you and your input and data, the other teams don’t know how to serve your customers and community members properly [more…]

Essential Manager Tasks: How to Handle Online Community Correspondence

Being an online community manager means being an effective communicator. Though there may be times you dread checking e-mail, know it’s an important an essential part of your job. [more…]

Essential Manager Tasks: How to Plan Online Community Events

Online communities don’t gather only online; they get together offline as well. As community manager, you may be tasked with setting up a variety of events. [more…]

Essential Manager Tasks: How to Create Online Community Content

If you’re a creative person, you’ll enjoy creating content for your online community. In essence, any method you use to communicate with your members is content. It’s up to you to provide news, updates [more…]

Essential Manager Tasks: Moderate and Troubleshoot Online Community Problems

Even good online communities have their problems, whether they are disagreements among members or members posting inappropriate or spammy content. As community manager, your job is to handle these problems [more…]