Online Community Management

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How to Analyze Your Online Community’s Content

Next to your online community, your most important online asset is your content. Your content brings people in and keeps them coming back. When you begin your community, content is trial and error. As [more…]

Online Community Stats: How to Improve the Bounce Rate

The stats about your online community reveal a few other secrets that may seem to be insignificant but are important nonetheless. One example is the bounce rate, [more…]

How to Keep Track of Online Community Content Subscribers

A good stats program for an online community manager helps you determine what subscribers to your content are doing with the content in your online community. [more…]

Online Community Traffic

Your members don’t show up at your online community out of the blue. Your traffic has to come from somewhere. Whether you led a social-media campaign to bring in new members or your community was found [more…]

How to Determine Online Community Traffic Sources

As an online community manager, you want to track the sources of the traffic to your community. Your incoming links, or backlinks, tell you a lot more than who is talking about you. They also tell you [more…]

How to Discover Who Links to Your Online Community

As online community manager, you should keep track of backlinks. Backlinks, or incoming links, are good for both search engine optimization (SEO) and site traffic. They identify how people ended up on [more…]

How to Generate Online Community Traffic with a Content Strategy

As an online community manager, regardless of the purpose of your community, you’re expected to grow traffic on a regular basis. This goal is important because community members are fickle. They come by [more…]

Online Community Search-Engine Strategy and Promotional Campaigns

As online community manager, your primary goal is to attract traffic to your community. A good search engine strategy and promotional campaigns can be helpful ways to achieve this goal. [more…]

How to Create Good Conversation in Your Online Community

You can create intriguing discussion topics based on what your online community members are most interested in. The people who visit your community leave behind a variety of hints about what they want [more…]

How to Lower Your Online Community’s Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your site and bounce off to another site or online community right away. You don’t want that. When it comes to bounce rates, less is more. The lower [more…]

How to Create Online Community Newsletters

There’s no better method for providing updates, discounts, coupon codes, and community and brand information than the online community newsletter. Customers often want to receive updates without participating [more…]

How to Use Blogs to Provide Updates to Your Online Community

In addition to taking to the social networks to cultivate and keep in touch with online community members, businesses and brands are embracing blogs as a method of keeping members in touch with the brand [more…]

How to Use Incentive Programs to Grow Your Online Community

Customer or membership incentive programs bring in new online community members and reward existing members for their loyalty, especially in a product- or service-based community. For example, some Facebook [more…]

How to Communicate with Other Online Communities in Your Niche

An online community isn’t only made up of people who are part of a particular forum, social network or blog. It can also be expanded to reach out to others in the same niche, even though they may socialize [more…]

Successful Online Community Managers Stay Impartial

As a community manager, you have to be fair. In fact, that should be the number one rule of online community management. Even if you don’t like a person or don’t agree with him, you have to be fair. Everyone [more…]

The Best Online Community Managers Keep a Regular Presence

The worst thing you can do is be an absentee online community manager. Your community-building efforts are all for naught if you’re not a familiar face at all your online haunts. People want to see you [more…]

Keep a Positive Tone in Your Online Community

It’s up to you to set the tone for your online community. If you’re a regular presence, members are less inclined to sling mud or use profanity, and the community is a more positive place to interact. [more…]

Forge Relationships with Online Community Members

When you spend time talking each day to the same people, you find out about them. Sometimes, you know more about your online community members than about how they use your brand. You may know about their [more…]

How to Passionately Promote Your Brand and Your Online Community

Your online community rocks. All your members mesh, and when they brainstorm, they come up with amazing ideas. So why would you keep all that to yourself? To catch the attention of potential members, as [more…]

Online Community Managers Stay on Top of Trends

Whether it pertains to your online community or not, you need to be aware of market trends. What are people buying? How are they communicating online? Are they spending more money or less? What foods, [more…]

Online Community Managers Should Extend Their Education

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. This may mean reading articles about your industry, the brand, and online community management, and it can mean seeking education that better enables you to run [more…]

Strategies to Keep People at Your Online Community

There’s only one way to lower your online community’s bounce rate, which is the percentage of people who don’t stick around: Make sure that the folks who visit your community stay for a while. The key [more…]

How to Offer Deals, Discounts, and Promotions to Your Online Community

If you’re bringing together an online community around your brand, in order to drive sales, build buzz, and create awareness, it would be a total downer for them to receive nothing out of the arrangement [more…]

How to Create Brand Awareness through Online Communities

Though your brand may be a recognizable name, you don’t want to stop at name recognition. A well-managed online community can get you past simple logo recognition and can provide a level of brand awareness [more…]

Online Communities Share Hobbies and Interests

In the early days, online communities had very little to do with brands or profiting. They were places to share online. Before brands jumped onto the community bandwagon, it was more about gathering to [more…]