Online Community Management

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How to Create an Upbeat Online Community through Polls

An online community doesn’t have to be a perpetually serious place. Cerebral topics and daily debates get old after a while. Wouldn’t it be better if your members walked away each day smiling or inspired [more…]

How to Create an Upbeat Online Community through Contests

Contests keep your online community members entertained and alert. If your idea is fun and upbeat, members will be more interested in the interaction than in the prizes. [more…]

How to Engage Others in Online Communities

When you’re engaging with current and potential online community members, respect their space and privacy, but find common ground. Here are a few tips for engaging with your community on the social networks [more…]

How to Monitor Social Networks for Online Community Feedback

As an online community manager, you’ll spend a lot of time on the social networks to see who’s talking about your brand. It’s important to have an arsenal of tools and networks ready so you can monitor [more…]

How to Create Advocates within the Online Community

The best part about online communities is how once the word spreads, folks are just clamoring to join. They hear about others’ good experiences and want to share in their experience. Once word gets out [more…]

Why Slow and Steady Wins the Online Community Race

Online communities aren’t set-it-and-forget-it affairs. Though the best case scenario is to achieve steady, organic growth, the truth is, it doesn’t happen overnight. You may be frustrated at first because [more…]

How to Use Search Engine Optimization for Your Online Community

To put your online community high on the results pages of search engines, you have to use the terms and phrases most people use to find your community. [more…]

How to Properly Use Keywords for Your Online Community

When you have a good idea of the types of keywords to use in your online community, it’s time to write the content so that it looks natural. Too many people pepper keywords liberally around their blog [more…]

How to Create Reader-Friendly Content for Your Online Community

Keywords are important in directing people to your online community, but content is even more important. In fact, content is king. No matter how many keywords you use, and no matter how hard you try to [more…]

How to Reach Out to Bloggers for Your Online Community

Bloggers are online community managers too — and they have the ability to drive traffic to your brand. Today’s bloggers are web-savvy, tech-savvy, and generally savvy about a variety of topics. [more…]

How to Ask Online Community Members for Reviews

There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to bloggers, writers, and other online community members and asking them if they’re interested in reviewing your brand or community. [more…]

How to Use Facebook to Attract Online Community Members

When you’re building an online community, you want to be where the people are, and at this time, Facebook is the best way to reach out to a vast community. [more…]

Promotions and Discounts to Attract Online Community Members

Many of the people who join a brand’s online community do so to receive some sort of perk, such as free promotional items like logo T-shirts and caps, printable coupons, or discount codes. The more perks [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Attract Online Community Members

You can easily find people to follow your brand, especially if they like you as an online community manager. Twitter is a wonderful tool for driving traffic to your various communities. [more…]

How to Market through Conversation in Online Communities

When you’re spending time on the social networks and visiting blogs, forums, and other online communities to chat, what you’re really doing is conversational marketing. [more…]

How to Introduce Products to Your Online Community

If you’re a product-oriented brand, one reason to gather an online community together is so they can find out about new products. The problem is, if socializing online isn’t fun and everyone feels every [more…]

How to Document Online Community Growth

It’s a good bet that you’re going to have to keep records of online community milestones. Unless you have a good memory and a knack for numbers, that is. [more…]

How to Determine Whether the Online Community Drives Sales

If the goal of your online community is to sell things, one area you’ll want to pay special attention to is sales. You’re probably hoping that sales are on the rise and your campaigns are working, but [more…]

How to Evaluate Online Community Feedback

Online community managers have a love/hate relationship with feedback. It’s a good feeling when you hear from community members that you’re a wonderful community manager. It’s also a great ego boost to [more…]

How to Respond to Bad Press about Your Online Community

Not all of your feedback is coming from online community members. Outsiders, or “potential community members,” also like to add their feedback, and sometimes they give you bad press. [more…]

How to Track Your Online Community with Google Alerts

If anyone is talking about your online community on the web, you’ll hear about it if you use Google Alerts. This free service allows you to sign up for specific search keywords by filling out a quick form [more…]

How to Search Social Networks for Mentions of Your Online Community

The social networks are important tools for determining who is talking about your online community and your brand online. People often make off-hand comments on social networks, publishing their opinions [more…]

Analytics Programs for Online Community Management

Many analytics programs are available for use in tracking your online community, some of which are free. With the exception of Google Analytics, which is probably the most comprehensive free stats tool [more…]

How Stats Help Online Community Management

When you use an analytics program such as Google Analytics, you can find out about your online community members’ habits and tailor campaigns and promotions to their needs. [more…]

How to Gather Details about Your Online Community

Stats reveal many important details about the people who visit your online community. These details can be essential to excelling as community manager, helping you to tailor your content to those who are [more…]