Online Community Management

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How to Respond when Personal and Public Online Communities Collide

Of course, it’s embarrassing and humiliating as online community manager when those pictures of you doing tequila body shots in your bikini somehow made their way off your private Facebook page and into [more…]

How to Undo Online Community Damage

You’re going to be seen as an ineffective online community manager if your community has become a place where the members snipe at one another and don’t respect you or your rules. As your job is a very [more…]

How to Handle Bad Press as an Online Community Manager

As online community manager, you’re not going to be able to avoid bad headlines or news that’s capable of hurting your reputation. Not only is today a time when everything is public, but it’s also a time [more…]

Online Community Managers Must Find Humor in Difficult Situations

Not every crisis you face as online community manager has to be hush-hush or super serious. You’ll find that people appreciate brands showing a human side. If you can treat negativity with humor and not [more…]

How to Identify Trolls in Your Online Community

In case you’re still not sure if the trolls are coming to feed at your online community trough, they all share a few identifying characteristics and markings: [more…]

How to Manage Online Community Trolls

As online community manager, you will find that trolls troll because they want attention. The more attention they receive, the healthier they are, and the bigger and fatter they grow. As community manager [more…]

Differences between Grownup and Kidcentric Online Communities

As online community manager, it’s up to you to present kids with a positive, safe haven for their online interaction because they aren’t always aware of the dangers of interacting online and because adults [more…]

How to Manage a Kid-Safe Online Community

Though it’s up to parents to teach online safety to their children, the onus is on the online community manager to provide an experience for children that’s fun, educational, safe, and appropriate. Kids [more…]

Kid-Safe Online Communities: Parental Permission

In most children’s social networks, online community managers require parental permission before a membership is activated. The safest networks require parents to jump through a variety of hoops before [more…]

How to Meet Other Online Community Managers

Thanks to a variety of communities for online community managers, as well as blogs and social networks, it’s easy to hook up with other community managers for a little conversation and commiseration. The [more…]

Perks for New Online Community Members

Here’s a question for you: Though you as community manager want your online community members to take a specific action, what’s in it for them beyond having a conversation with a brand? [more…]

How to Encourage Appropriate Friendships in Kids’ Online Communities

What’s a social network without friends? If an online community didn’t allow for some sort of interaction, it wouldn’t be a community at all. The problem comes when kids make friends with people they don’t [more…]

Strict Rules in Kids’ Online Communities

Even enforcing rules as community manager is different in kids’ online communities. You need to post guidelines and comment policies in such a way that both kids and parents can understand what’s expected [more…]

How to Lead Discussions in Kids’ Online Communities

Kids’ online communities aren’t necessarily discussion-focused. Most children younger than 13 would much rather play games, design virtual houses, and look at fun images. Still, a fun kids’ community hosts [more…]

Activities for Kids’ Online Communities

Most online communities for kids are gaming communities, with dozens of games for each child to choose among. Club Penguin, for example, a popular online kids’ community owned by Disney, features a variety [more…]

How to Sell Items in Kids’ Online Communities

It’s probably not a good idea to put kids in a position to buy stuff without permission in an online community. Otherwise, you’ll have a crew of unhappy parents on your hands. If you have products or services [more…]

How to Welcome New Online Community Members

As the manager and host of your online community, it’s your job to see to it that all participants have everything they need to become positive, productive members. You should remain alert to make sure [more…]

A Welcome Folder for New Online Community Members

Unless you manage a hobby online community or a community for a special interest, such religion, parenting, or politics, the majority of the people who become members are there to network. If your community [more…]

Landing Pages in Your Online Community

If the purpose of your online community is to sell or promote something or have members read certain content, you’ll have to help members get to the places where they can accomplish these goals. Many communities [more…]

Landing Pages on Your Facebook and Twitter Online Communities

A landing page is a page where members have to achieve a specific goal that you have for your online community, such as a subscription or a purchase. [more…]

How to Evaluate Online Community Return on Investment

As online community manager, your job is to assess every promotion, event, activity, and bit of content to determine its success. How your community reacts to everything you do is an important indicator [more…]

A Form Letter to Welcome New Online Community Members

As online community manager, you will find that form letters are a convenient way to send messages to community members because you don’t have to take the time to write a personal e-mail for each person [more…]

Language to Use in Your Online Community Welcome Letter

As online community manager, you should try to make the welcome letter to your community sound more like news than a sales pitch. Write in a conversational tone to make new members feel comfortable and [more…]

How to Reiterate Rules in Your Online Community Welcome Letter

Very few people will read your rules or guidelines for your online community word for word. In fact, those who do read them will scan in order to get the gist of what you’re saying. [more…]

How to Ask Online Community Members to Receive E-mails

As online community manager, you’re attracting new members who’ve signed up to be part of the community, and you’re even sending out a welcome letter. Don’t rest on your laurels yet, though. You still [more…]

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