Online Community Management

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Online Community Manager: Etiquette in Other People’s Communities

Like the social networks, it’s okay for an online community manager to join other online communities and participate in the conversations as long as he’s not being spammy or stepping on another community [more…]

How to Promote Your Online Community without Spamming

As an online community manager, beware not to fall into the trap of spam. A lot of the people who spam online have no idea they’re spamming. They either think they’re sharing something very cool or that [more…]

How to Crowdsource in Your Online Community

Online community managers have access to a great resource in their communities. Have you ever gotten on Twitter to ask for answers to a question or used a forum to help brainstorm ideas? If so, you were [more…]

How to Admit Mistakes to Members of Your Online Community

At times, you or someone involved with your brand makes a public mistake. Not every mistake needs to be outed to the online community, but every now and then, an apology or explanation is needed. [more…]

How to Deal with a Negative Situation within an Online Community

Not all negativity is worthy of a public address. Many times, situations arise from misunderstandings during online discussions or community events. The situation may not even have anything to do with [more…]

Appoint Peer Moderators as Your Online Community Grows

Sometimes negative situations arise because the online community manager can’t be everywhere at once. Bigger online communities need someone on hand at all times, especially if it has a history of members [more…]

An Online Community Manager Must Be Accessible

Because the online community manager is considered to be a spokesperson for your business, you’re the person your community will want to reach out to when they want information about the brand. Thus, you [more…]

Tools for Chatting with Your Online Community

Live chats are extremely valuable for growing your online community and creating trust between you, the company you work for, and the people who make up your community. Keep in mind that these sessions [more…]

How to Answer Your Online Community’s Common Questions

You may notice that as your online community grows, you’re asked the same questions over again. Though you may roll your eyes and think “Not again,” you can’t fault new members for not knowing the same [more…]

How Online Community Managers Create Brand Loyalty

You know how some people buy whatever product is cheapest or the one they have the coupon for that week? An online community manager tries to discourage this practice among members of the community. Brands [more…]

Special Program Ideas for Online Communities

Creating special programs for your online community is great fun. This responsibility is where you, as the online community manager, really get to dig in to your community’s personality, theme, and sense [more…]

Kid-Safe Online Communities: Segment Activities by Age

Most kids’ social networks have age limits set by the online community manager so that children can hang out in an age-appropriate atmosphere. Networks such as Facebook aren’t for tweens or younger kids [more…]

Online Community Etiquette: Give Credit for Content Ideas

Have you ever used Google Images to find a picture to illustrate a blog post or community newsletter for your online community? Before downloading the picture, did you ask the photographer for permission [more…]

Borrow and Tweak Ideas from Other Online Communities

Rather than take someone else’s ideas outright for your online community, try to riff on the same idea, but not so much that it’s obvious you’re not the brain behind the brainstorm. Ideas are there for [more…]

How to Come Up with Cross-Promotions for Your Online Community

Have you noticed that the most creative campaigns also get the best responses? As an online community manager, when you think outside the box and embrace new people or communities, you’re bound to come [more…]

How to Key into the Wants of Your Online Community Members

Learning about your online community requires more than some manager’s survey questions or a poll. Sometimes, the best way to know what your community is thinking is to not seem so obvious about your intentions [more…]

How to Find Comments outside Your Online Community

As manager, paying attention to your online community also means discovering who is talking about you outside of your immediate community. When people have constructive criticism, they don’t always bring [more…]

How to Accept Feedback from Online Community Members

As online community manager, you cannot be afraid to ask for feedback because you don’t want to hear bad news. The reality is that there’s no such thing as bad feedback. [more…]

How to Share Online Community Feedback with Your Team

The online community manager keeps a business in touch with its customers. These customers have things that they like and dislike about your brand, which is important for the brand to know to continue [more…]

How to React to Member Online Community Feedback

As online community manager, you have to find a balance in how you react to feedback in your community. If you have an issue that affects everyone in a negative way, you want to avoid taking too long to [more…]

How to Respond to Common Types of Online Community Feedback

All feedback you receive as online community manager is valuable, even if it hurts to read it. Most of the time, it’s from people who care about your brand and want to be sure that it’s not going in a [more…]

How to Handle Criticism and Negativity from Online Community Members

Your least favorite part of being an online community manager may be reading negative comments or blog posts about your brand. As community manager, it may fall to you to deal with the negativity. At times [more…]

How to Respond to Online Community Criticism with Dignity

As online community manager, you will not need to respond to every instance of criticism. When you decide that a response is necessary, keep these pointers in mind: [more…]

How to Participate in Heated Online Community Discussions

Sometimes, online community discussions escalate from lively to heated. As community manager, your job is to stay close to the discussion when a hot community topic emerges and to keep the conversation [more…]

Fairness and Impartiality Are Critical in an Online Community Manager

It’s not always easy to remain a neutral party as an online community manager. There are going to be times when you agree with a certain side in a heated discussion or argument, and your personal beliefs [more…]