Online Community Management

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Form Networks by Participating in Online Communities

Though in-person networking events still happen, online networking and communities now give people the opportunity to meet important people without even having to dress up. Professional networks abound [more…]

Online Communities Can Provide Feedback and Support

Online communities provide peace of mind. Even if members’ friends and relatives don’t totally get what they’re doing, their online friends do. They’re the ones who say, truthfully, whether a dress makes [more…]

Types of Online Community Members

Knowing how the different personalities work together and interact can help you manage an online community properly. The online world isn’t too different from the offline world. Though many people try [more…]

Potentially Negative Online Community Members

Possibly one of the most difficult tasks of an online community manager is dealing with negative personalities. Being able to spot them early on can help prevent a bad or uncontrollable situation. [more…]

Why Some Online Community Members Last Longer than Others

As a manager, you need to understand that online communities host transient members. Though they have are some long-term participants, most members leave after a while for a variety of reasons. Often times [more…]

The Many Hats of an Online Community Manager

Defining your role as an online community manager is difficult because you do so many different things. On one hand, you’re advocating for the customer. On the other hand, your loyalty is to your brand [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Leader Hat

The best online community managers are leaders, not only in the sense of being able to handle a community discussion, but also in guiding community members. There’s a reason why a brand chooses to host [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Content Developer Hat

Everything posted online is content, including text, video, and audio. Online community managers tend to be the keepers of the content. They maintain the company blogs, post to the social networks, and [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Moderator Hat

The most notorious part of an online community manager’s job is moderating community comments, but it is something that has to be done. This task gets a bum rap because [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Community Advocate Hat

Online community managers look out for their people. Acting in their best interests ensures trust in the brand. It means having their backs even though it might lead to an uncomfortable situation in the [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Mediator Hat

There’s debate as to whether online community managers belong in the customer service department. No matter which department the role ends up in, you do spend a lot of time fielding customer issues. Because [more…]

Online Community Manager: The Analyst Hat

How do you know all your programs and outreach efforts are working? As an online community manager, you’re expected to report the outcome of all your community outreach efforts, whether they’re successful [more…]

Online Community Manager: How to Pitch not Push

So your online community is now gathered around and hanging on your every word. They’re interacting and feeling good about the brand. As community manager, what are you going to do to reward them? You [more…]

Online Community Management: How to Reward Customers

You can’t grow a one-sided community, and the benefits can’t be only on your end. It’s up to the online community manager to put promotions and incentives in place that reward customers and bring in new [more…]

Online Community Manager: How to Represent the Brand

As the most public representation of your brand, you, the online community manager, are the one whom everyone will be reaching out to with comments, questions, suggestions and even business propositions [more…]

Online Community Manager: How to Be a Brand Evangelist

Brands hire online community managers for two main reasons: to learn as much about the community as possible and to promote the brand in a positive way and get folks talking about their product. [more…]

An Online Community Manager’s Value

Here’s the thing about online community managers: Sometimes they get a bum rap. They’re seen as glorified customer service people or office assistants, and that’s not the case at all. Though the aforementioned [more…]

Online Community Manager: How to Inspire Customer Confidence

As an online community manager, you’re not handling the product-development aspect, so you won’t have much of a say in what goes into a detergent’s formula and how it reacts to grass stains. You can play [more…]

How to Promote Online Community Engagement

The brand or a new product promotion is what inspires members to join online communities, but as any community manager knows, it’s not what keeps them coming back every day to participate. [more…]

Online Community Managers Provide Feedback between Members and the Brand

The online community manager serves as a bridge between the brand and its customers. This role involves communication, relating information from the brand to the customer and from the customer to the brand [more…]

How to Maintain a Positive Online Community Environment

No one goes to a party to have a bad time, so don’t invite anyone to join a lackluster community. As online community manager, you are tasked with making sure that everyone is happy. This is no easy feat [more…]

How to Sell Upper Management on Online Community Management

Many online community managers speak of clashing with upper management who isn’t sure that there’s a need for their role or even for the brand to be so active on the social web. Having superiors who don’t [more…]

How to Grow Your Online Community by Understanding Common Ground

To be an online community manager, you must first have a community. Though your community may be diverse, you can’t target them without finding some sort of common ground for the majority. [more…]

How to Recruit Bloggers to Help Grow Your Online Community

Bloggers as community evangelists are a wonderful match. An online community manager should look to bloggers to build his community. Not only do they have the potential to join your community, but they [more…]

How to Use Social Networks to Build Your Online Community

You’re going to find that when it comes to bringing in new members for your online community you’ll have to rely on the fine art of conversation. “Hey y’all come join my awesome community” is never going [more…]