Online Community Management

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Similarities between Offline and Online Communities

Just like offline neighborhoods, members of online communities work together to ensure that their haven is safe and tidy and suits the best interests of everyone. Both offline and online communities [more…]

Types of Online Communities

Many different types of online communities exist, but the mechanics and inner workings are similar. Although the focus of each online community may be unrelated, the personality types are universal. After [more…]

Blogs Can Create Online Communities

Blogs are no longer personal online journals but have evolved into online communities. Many businesses and individuals start blogs in order to bring in business and even make money. For example, a cosmetics [more…]

Facebook Pages Are One Type of Online Community

Though a social network, Facebook deserves a place of its own on a list of online communities. Many businesses are now inviting customers to Like them on Facebook fan page. Friends and family see those [more…]

Forums and E-mail Groups Foster Online Community Discussions

Online communities start out slowly, with a few tentative members at a time. Sooner or later, personalities emerge, friendships and alliances form, and cliques and heated discussions follow. Forums and [more…]

Social Networks Are Online Communities

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are a few familiar examples of social networks. These online communities provide a way for members to discuss or comment on other members’ contributions. Most of [more…]

How People Socialize in Online Communities

Participants in online communities don’t always set out to socialize when using the Internet. Many times, they’re researching a hobby, product, or topics of interest and become intrigued after landing [more…]

How to Guide Members of Online Communities

An online community is not a set-it-and-forget-it website. Members, whether they agree or not, need guidance and direction. They can’t just show up and think, “Now what?” It’s up to community management [more…]

How to Keep Communication Open in an Online Community

Think an online community manager only keeps conversation flowing? Think again. Moderating discussions is only a small part of a community manager’s job. You’re also expected to provide outreach to other [more…]

How to Attract New Online Community Members

Members of online communities are transient. Many stick around only until they achieve a certain goal. Others lose interest and find new hangouts. Thus, without a regular influx of new members, communities [more…]

Online Community Management: Goals and Priorities

If you’re entering into online community management thinking you’ll be spending all your time on Facebook and Twitter, you’re in for a rude awakening. The gig entails way more than hanging out on the social [more…]

How to Evaluate Online Community Membership

Healthy online communities are vibrant and active. Members are helpful and enthusiastic. Unhealthy communities aren’t updated often and the members appear to be there only to promote their own causes or [more…]

How to Encourage Participation in an Online Community

How does a community come together, anyway? All this talking and sharing on online communities doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen on its own. Setting up a place to meet is nice, [more…]

How to Identify Behaviors That Will Hurt Your Online Community

Knowing how to identify a positive, productive online community is only half the job. Community managers also have to identify problem areas and take necessary action. Sometimes, a problem that isn’t handled [more…]

The Online Community Manager Is A Brand Advocate

Brand advocacy is the online community manager’s most important responsibility. Everything you do online under the brand umbrella is reflective of the brand. Though you may be tempted to let your hair [more…]

Online Community Manager in the Business Organization Chart

Probably the biggest source of confusion for any business starting an online community is what to do with the community manager. Because you fill so many different roles, no one is quite sure where to [more…]

How Online Community Managers Can Set Realistic Expectations

It may seem as if so much is expected of an online community manager, you may be expecting a super hero cape to come with your employee manual. Just be careful not to give the impression you can do it [more…]

How to Foster Relationships Beyond the Online Community

The beautiful part about community is how other online communities in the same vein or genre can act as an extension of yours. Sure, competition occurs between brands, but smart community managers see [more…]

Online Communities: A Place to Meet with Like-Minded People

In order to manage an online community, you have to know as much as you can about why members are there. As a community manager, how much do you know about your online community? You can’t adequately run [more…]

Transparency in Online Communities

Transparency is a big word in the social-media space right now. It’s a fun, fancy term for honesty. It means gaining an online community’s trust by not having anything to hide. By being transparent, you [more…]

Online Communities: A Place to Work

Researchers gather data by asking questions or viewing behaviors, so it’s natural that online communities often harbor researchers, most of whom let the community members know their intentions. Although [more…]

Why People Like Online Communities

As an online community manager, knowing members’ habits and reasons for participation is the first step in keeping things interesting. After you know that, you can think about what will keep members coming [more…]

People Use Online Communities to Create Brand Awareness

Companies aren’t the only entities that are interested in enhancing their online presence; many community members are looking to do so as well. Thanks to social media, lots of folks are using the Internet [more…]

Online Communities as a Source of Information and Answers

In today’s age, you can find answers to anything you want online. This quest for knowledge goes beyond Googling for answers, however. Online communities can be knowledge bases where participants come to [more…]

Members Join Online Communities to Share Information

Online communities truly shine when it comes to sharing. Though a few members are obviously there to profit or to promote something, most participants are generous and kind. The helpfulness of those who [more…]