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How to Use Twitter for Social Media Engagement

With more than 140 million users, Twitter is a smaller social media provider than Facebook but has fundamentally changed how people communicate with one another. Twitter has impacted not only how individuals [more…]

How to Use Pinterest for Social Media Engagement

Pinterest was touted as the fastest-growing social media network of all time when it surpassed 10 million monthly unique visitors in January 2012. (ComScore, Feb. 2012) By October 2012, Pinterest was receiving [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Engagement

The professional social media site LinkedIn has been around since 2003 — several years before Twitter was launched, and available to the public several years before Facebook. In August 2012, LinkedIn reached [more…]

How to Use Google+ for Social Media Engagement

Among the newest social media sites, Google+ (often abbreviated as G+) hit 400 million users in September 2012, according to Vic Gundrota at Google. Even though Wikipedia reports that only 100 million [more…]

How to Use Audiocasting and Podcasting for Social Media Engagement

A great way to build a social media following is through audiocasts. Audiocasts are digital audio broadcasts on the Internet. You may also hear them referred to as [more…]

How to Use Videocasting and Video Podcasts for Social Media Engagement

A mere handful of years ago, you couldn't be sure that using online video for digital marketing and social media engagement was a way to reach most customers. Bandwidth was still an issue for many people [more…]

How to Use YouTube for Social Media Engagement

The Grand Poobah of online video is undoubtedly YouTube, a social media giant. The latest statistics on its website state that more than 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month and watch more [more…]

How to Use Mobile Applications for Social Media Engagement

Let's face it: The world has gone mobile, and so has social media engagement. Statistics from ComScore indicate that 234 million U.S. residents now use mobile devices. Smartphone use has increased 4 percent [more…]

How to Analyze Sentiment and Impact of Your Social Media Engagement

Understanding whether your community has a positive, negative, or neutral response to you and your brand can help you determine how to continually hone your social media engagement approach. How you measure [more…]

How to Measure the Amplification of Your Social Media Engagement Efforts

Hidden behind the noise of social media, competing for attention, is amazing content — your amazing content. Occasionally, you may feel as if you're standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, shouting your [more…]

How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Social Media Engagement Efforts

It's possible that Don Shula, the former Miami Dolphins football coach, might well have been referring to social media engagement (SME) when he said, "The start is what stops most people. [more…]

How to Set up Notifications When You Need to Engage with Your Social Media

To stay on top of those mentions or conversations that need your attention or review, put monitoring tools and practices into place. Even when you aren't online, you need to be aware of what is being said [more…]

How to Follow up with Social Media Interactions

Even though the focus of social media engagement is not to provide friendly phone calls or face-to-face interaction, your fans increasingly expect responsiveness. Somehow, SME promises more than a customer [more…]

How to Establish a Process for Presence on Social Media

Listening, responding, following up with social media engagements — all these activities take a lot of time, but they also demonstrate your commitment to being present in your social channels. Being present [more…]

How to Determine How Frequently to Update Your Social Media

People on social media don't expect you to post around the clock, and — don't worry — they certainly aren't paying attention around the clock. Knowing when, and how often, to post requires some research [more…]

How to Determine the Best Times to Engage Your Social Media Community

Many social media experts will tell you that the greatest level of engagement on the four primary social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+) occurs four times a day: [more…]

How to Decide When to Interact with Your Social Media Community

How often you actively interact with followers can dictate your overall success with social media engagement. A number of ways that you can interact are generally reactive or active. Here are some examples [more…]

How Social Media Helps You Keep up with Changing Customer Needs

Today's consumers are using the Internet and social media for both personal and professional activities, and they're savvier than ever about the way companies like yours are trying to reach them. Though [more…]

How Social Media Helps You Humanize Your Brand in the Marketplace

You may have heard the word authentic tossed around in blog posts, articles, workshops, or lectures as an important aspect of social media engagement. To put it another way: Be human. [more…]

How Social Media Helps You Strengthen Connections with Customers

Social media engagement requires you to create meaningful impressions to build awareness, gain trust, and increase customer loyalty. Social media engagement also provides your happy customers with the [more…]

How Social Media Helps You Tap into New Markets

Social media engagement includes using online networks and tools for outreach and interactions. The nature of many of the networks you use for engagement provides you with a built-in reach beyond your [more…]

How Social Media Helps You Reap the Rewards of an Engaged Community

An engaged social media community is attentive and responsive. That kind of attention and responsiveness can be leveraged for your business in many different ways: [more…]

How Individual Consumers Engage with Social Media

In today's social media web, individuals have more power than ever. Consumers are increasingly aware of the power they hold: A person with a blog can review products, build awareness of a brand, and drive [more…]

How Online Communities Engage with Social Media

Online community is the collective, a virtual place, and the groups of people who fuel social media engagement. Your social media engagement efforts cannot happen in a vacuum. The activities of social [more…]

How Your Business Can Engage with Social Media

Any interaction has by definition more than one participant. In social media engagement (SME), your company or organization can be one of the participants. [more…]