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How LinkedIn Helps You Find Answers to Your Questions

The goal of LinkedIn Answers is to allow professionals to exchange expertise. LinkedIn members have a lot of personal and professional experiences to share, so there’s no end to the questions you can pose [more…]

How to Answer a Question on LinkedIn

As you go through LinkedIn Answers, you might see a question you’d love to contribute an answer to, whether it’s to help someone avoid the same mistake you made about something, or a topic you enjoy discussing [more…]

How to Ask a Question on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to post questions to be answered by the community. Your LinkedIn question is available for up to seven days from the time you post your question on the site. You can always reopen your [more…]

How to Recommend a Service Provider on LinkedIn

The success of the LinkedIn database depends on sharing experiences and recommending somebody you’ve hired or worked with, which simply makes a better network for you to enjoy and benefit from. When you [more…]

How to Post a Recommendation on LinkedIn

If you have gotten great service from a professional you hired via LinkedIn, why not write a LinkedIn Recommendation and post it for others? When you have your recommendation planned, it’s time to show [more…]

How to Remove a LinkedIn Recommendation or Request a Revision

As relationships change and you receive more LinkedIn recommendation, you may only want particular recommendations on your profile. To remove a recommendation you’ve received or to request a revision, [more…]

Who Should You Recommend on LinkedIn?

Go through your LinkedIncontacts and make a list of the people you want to recommend. Choose wisely. Your recommendations will reflect on you, as well. As you build your list, consider recommending the [more…]

How LinkedIn Recommendations Can Help You Professionally

One of the many tools available on LinkedIn that can help you be successful in your job search is Recommendations. The LinkedIn Recommendation process starts in one of three ways: [more…]

How to Manage LinkedIn Recommendations You've Received

Every time you receive a recommendation from someone else, you see a message in your LinkedIn Inbox. You will want to manage these to keep tabs on what shows up on your profile at any given time. [more…]

How to Write Good LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations is a great tool, but they are only helpful if they provide knowledgeable, accurate information. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to make your recommendation stand [more…]

How to Create a LinkedIn Recommendation

Once you have seriously considered which of your LinkedIn contacts you feel comfortable putting your stamp of approval on, you’re ready to write your first recommendation. To create a recommendation, first [more…]

How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

In an ideal world, you’d never request a recommendation. A happy colleague or boss would just automatically post a raving recommendation on LinkedIn. But the reality is that most likely only your raving [more…]

How to Decline a LinkedIn Recommendation

Unfortunately, not everyone naturally writes good recommendations, and all your LinkedIn connections may not be experts, so it’s bound to happen eventually: Someone will write a recommendation that you [more…]

How to Edit or Remove LinkedIn Recommendations You've Made

Relationships change over time. Sometimes they get better and occasionally they get worse. As you get more LinkedIn recommendations, you might decide that you don’t want to display them all, or that you [more…]

How to Promote Your Services through a LinkedIn Recommendation

Now, you may ask, “What if I am my business?” Be sure to take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn can classify you as a service provider if you provide a professional service, such as consulting or freelance [more…]

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