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How to Use the LinkedIn JobsInsider

Because more and more people are using LinkedIn to get the inside track on their job searches, the folks at LinkedIn developed the JobsInsider tool that works with the major job search engines by scanning [more…]

How to Find Newly Added Classmates on LinkedIn

Through LinkedIn, you can reconnect with former classmates and maintain that tie through your network, no matter where anyone moves on to. For you to find them to begin with, of course, your former classmates [more…]

How to Send a LinkedIn Connection Request to a Nonmember

Only members of LinkedIncan be part of anyone's network. Therefore, if you want to send a connection request to someone who hasn't yet joined LinkedIn, you must invite that person to create a LinkedIn [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Contacts to Interact with Your Network

The goal of LinkedInContacts is to give users “a smarter way to stay in touch.” LinkedIn Contacts lets you sync your address books, e-mails, and calendar entries with your LinkedIn contact information, [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Contacts

The good news is there is nothing to install or pay for in order to use LinkedIn Contacts. Any LinkedIn member, whether he has a free or paid account, sees the same LinkedIn Contacts screen and has access [more…]

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

As you use LinkedIn, you should notice that the system often prompts you to endorse your contacts for specific skills on their profile. LinkedIn built this into its system to make it as easy and automatic [more…]

How to Accept Endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not automatically add any incoming endorsements to your profile; you must accept those endorsements first. When you receive an endorsement, it appears in your Notifications list at the top [more…]

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Once you've added endorsements to your LinkedIn profile, you may want to manage them and make sure you are happy with the ones you've received being displayed on your profile. Whenever you are ready to [more…]

How to Accept or Decline LinkedIn Invitations

Here is some guidance on what to do when you're faced with a LinkedIn invitation, and you have to decide whether to happily accept or gracefully decline it. When you receive an invitation to join someone's [more…]

How to Search the LinkedIn Network for a Specific Person

When you're ready to find a specific person, use the LinkedIn search engine, with which you can scan the tens of millions of LinkedIn members, based on keywords. The two main ways to search the network [more…]

How to Build a Meaningful LinkedIn Network

When you build a house, you start with a set of blueprints. Likewise, when you start to grow your LinkedIn network, you should keep in mind some of the keys to having and growing your own professional [more…]

How to Browse Your LinkedIn Connections' Networks

Finding connections from your LinkedIn connections is a good way to discover valuable connections. Although LinkedIn can help you search the network, sometimes nothing gives as good results as some good [more…]

How to Remove People from Your LinkedIn Network

The day might come when you feel you need to remove someone from your LinkedIn network. Perhaps you added the person in haste, or he repeatedly asks you for favors or introduction requests. Simply remove [more…]

How to Read Your LinkedIn Network Activity

One way to stay involved with your LinkedIn network is to keep up to date on how your first-degree connections are using LinkedIn. To that end, the Network Activity section [more…]

How to Set Your LinkedIn E-Mail Notifications

Sure, you can do all the footwork by going to the LinkedIn home page and looking around to see what messages or changes have occurred. The true power of staying connected, however, is having LinkedIn automatically [more…]

How to Invite Members to Your LinkedIn Group

After you get your confirmation from LinkedIn that your new group has been created, your next step is to invite members to be a part of this group so that they can reap the benefits of group membership [more…]

LinkedIn Group Categories

Because there are lots of reasons to create a group, LinkedIn gives you options for categorizing your group to give you the most exposure. LinkedIn has established the following six primary categories [more…]

How Joining a LinkedIn Group Helps You

When people who are familiar with other social networking tools are first exposed to LinkedInGroups, they see some similarities. The group interaction in LinkedIn Groups — members list, discussion threads [more…]

How to Join a LinkedIn Group

When you look at the LinkedIn groups out there, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should join only those groups that are relevant to you. Although you might think it's fun to [more…]

How to Search a LinkedIn Group

After you join a LinkedIngroup, you'll probably want to see who's in the group and how the group members are connected to you. After all, the point of these groups is to stay in touch with like-minded [more…]

How to Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn makes it easy to create a group. Groups are helpful for networking and job searching, so if you know of a reason you should have a group, don’t hesitate to get one going. When you're ready to [more…]

How to Build Your LinkedIn Network before Moving to a New City

These days, when you have to move to a new city, you can do a lot of planning for it on LinkedIn and the Internet. You can research the neighborhoods, look into the school systems, and shop for homes online [more…]

How to Build a Member List for Your New LinkedIn Group

The easiest way to build your list of LinkedIn members is to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel and create a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file, which is simply a text file of members and their [more…]

How to Write E-Mail Invitations to Your LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn allows you to send group invitations from the Groups page because the folks at LinkedIn feel that invitations should come from the group owner — namely, you. Here are a few do's and don'ts to [more…]

How to Approve Members to Your LinkedIn Group

As more and more people find out about your new LinkedIn group, and as members start joining, you may find that some of the people who have clicked the link to join aren't on your pre-approved list. Perhaps [more…]

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