LinkedIn For Dummies Extras

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Upload Your Photo to Your LinkedIn Profile

It's up to you whether you want to include a photo of yourself on your profile. Many LinkedIn members do include their photo because it adds a touch of personalization and gets the attention of potential [more…]

Use LinkedIn to Interact with People Through Status Updates

You can stay involved in your LinkedIn network's activity and keep current on your connections' new jobs, achievements, honors, and other news by reading and responding to their status updates. When you're [more…]

Tips for Using LinkedIn to Job Search

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or just open to the possibility, LinkedIn offers many tools that make the process easier and more enjoyable than simply sending out a resume. [more…]

Tips on Using LinkedIn Groups

If you are interested in forming new connections on LinkedIn with other like-minded individuals, consider exploring LinkedIn Groups. There are groups for alumni, corporations, people who share an interest [more…]

10 Common LinkedIn Mistakes

Sometimes, it's easier to learn what to do by covering exactly what not to do. Read on to explore some of the most common mistakes LinkedIn users make, so you can learn from them and avoid making them [more…]