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How to Use the LinkedIn JobsInsider

Because more and more people are using LinkedIn to get the inside track on their job searches, the folks at LinkedIn developed the JobsInsider tool that works with the major job search engines by scanning [more…]

How to Find a Service Provider on LinkedIn

When you need to hire someone to do a job, LinkedIn has a way for you to search your network of first-, second-, and third-degree contacts, or the greater LinkedIn network, to find qualified professionals [more…]

How to Recommend a Service Provider on LinkedIn

The success of the LinkedIn database depends on sharing experiences and recommending somebody you’ve hired or worked with, which simply makes a better network for you to enjoy and benefit from. When you [more…]

How to Post a Recommendation on LinkedIn

If you have gotten great service from a professional you hired via LinkedIn, why not write a LinkedIn Recommendation and post it for others? When you have your recommendation planned, it’s time to show [more…]

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career Change

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to help you redefine yourself and move your career in a new direction. Taking your career in a new direction is a bold move that requires framing your proven [more…]

How to Post a Job Listing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a Talent Solutions page for companies to manage job listings. Hover your mouse over the Business Services link on the top navigation bar on the home page, and select Talent Solutions from [more…]

Advertising a Job Listing to Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn offers you the chance to “Share” your job listing using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and it allows you to send all or some of the people in your network a message, letting [more…]

How to Review LinkedIn Job Applicants

After you've posted your job listing on LinkedIn, you should expect to get some applicants for the position. Every time someone applies for that job, you receive an e-mail from LinkedIn notifying you of [more…]

Performing Reference Checks and Screening Job Applicants with LinkedIn

When you use LinkedIn to post a job request, the screening part of your hiring process clearly benefits. Rather than asking for references from the applicant and ordering a background check from a services [more…]

How to Find Job Seekers on LinkedIn

One of the powers of LinkedIn is its ability to find not just the active job seeker, but the passive job seeker or someone who doesn't even realize she wants a new job! You can tap an extensive network [more…]

How to Search for a Job on LinkedIn

The most obvious way to look for a job is to look through LinkedIn's advertised job openings. After all, someone is getting hired when a company runs a job listing, so why can't that candidate be you? [more…]

LinkedIn Job Search Strategies

When you're looking for a job on LinkedIn, manually scanning job listings and sending resumes are only part of the process. You also have to prepare your job-seeking strategies. The most obvious examples [more…]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Searching

The core of your LinkedInpresence is your profile, which is included with every job application you make on LinkedIn. Odds are good that prospective employers are going to check your LinkedIn profile when [more…]

LinkedIn Job Searching Strategies

When you're looking for a job, there are many potential ways you can include LinkedIn as part of your overall job search, beyond the direct task of searching jobs database listings and e-mailing a job [more…]

Using LinkedIn to Network with Alumni

Typically, people who share a school in common on LinkedIn have an ongoing affinity, whether the school is an undergraduate or graduate college, or even a high school. You can rapidly increase the chance [more…]

How to Find Target Company Referrals on LinkedIn

Sometimes your job search using LinkedIn involves a specific company and not necessarily a job title. Suppose you know you want to work at one of the top computer database software companies. Now you can [more…]

How to Search for Companies on LinkedIn

When you need to learn more about your current industry or find a potential business partner for a big deal, LinkedIn gives you tools to do some research. LinkedIn's Company pages allow users to explore [more…]

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