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How to Search LinkedIn by Name

When you want to find a specific person on LinkedIn, you can search by name. LinkedIn has developed special First and Last Name Search fields to help you find that person. When you search by name, you [more…]

How to Search LinkedIn by Company

Sometimes, you might need to search LinkedIn by company. Maybe you're thinking of applying to a company, and you want to see who you know (or, rather, who is in your extended network) who works for that [more…]

How to Search LinkedIn by Job Title

Sometimes you might need to look for someone in a specific position on LinkedIn rather than for a specific person. After all, who knows what you go through better than other people with the same job, right [more…]

How to Perform a Reference Search on LinkedIn

One of the benefits of being a LinkedIn premium member is that you can search for someone who might have worked with someone you're researching. Perhaps you're about to hire someone but would like to speak [more…]

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Introduction

When you want to send an introduction request, spend some time planning your request before you log on to LinkedIn to generate and send it. Preparing a quality and proper introduction goes a long way toward [more…]

How to Send a LinkedIn Introduction

When you have prepared your messages (one to your contact and one to the recipient) and you're all ready to send a LinkedIn introduction request, just follow these simple steps: [more…]

How to Send a LinkedIn InMail

If you're looking to connect with someone on LinkedIn right away and you don't have an immediate or secondary connection with someone, you can use the InMail feature to send a message directly to another [more…]

How to Accept and Forward LinkedIn Introduction Requests

Once you start building your LinkedIn network, you will need to be able to accept and forward friend requests. When you're ready to accept your friend's request and forward her introduction, follow these [more…]

How to Decline a LinkedIn Introduction Request

You might receive a LinkedIn introduction request that you just don't feel comfortable sending to the recipient. Perhaps you don't know enough about your contact who made the request, or you're unclear [more…]

How to Find Newly Added Colleagues on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to stay connected regardless of moves. There is no longer a need for the farewell lunch, where you trade information and promise to stay in touch. LinkedIn helps you maintain your connections [more…]

How to Send a LinkedIn Connection Request to an Existing Member

When you're on a LinkedInpage and spot the name of a member who you want to invite to your network, you can follow these steps to send that person a connection request. [more…]

How to Track Received LinkedIn Invitations

When growing your LinkedIn network, you should be responsive to others who want to add you to their LinkedIn connections lists. This is a key component of growing your network and, ultimately, being successful [more…]

How to Use the LinkedIn Home Page

The LinkedIn home page is, by default, full of information about how you use the site. Think of the home page as your command console for working with LinkedIn. You can get to the home page at any time [more…]

How to Read Your LinkedIn Network Activity

One way to stay involved with your LinkedIn network is to keep up to date on how your first-degree connections are using LinkedIn. To that end, the Network Activity section [more…]

How to Set Your LinkedIn E-Mail Notifications

Sure, you can do all the footwork by going to the LinkedIn home page and looking around to see what messages or changes have occurred. The true power of staying connected, however, is having LinkedIn automatically [more…]

How to Use Your LinkedIn Inbox

The best hub for your communications is the LinkedIn Inbox, which you can access by clicking the Inbox link in the top navigation bar. In most cases, you go to the action items [more…]

How to Track Sent Invitations on LinkedIn

The last thing you want to do is send repeat LinkedIn invitations to the same person because you didn't monitor your sent invitations. Also, you might want to review your sent invitations to see whether [more…]

Your LinkedIn Profile: How to Include Contact Info and Additional Information

There's more to you than your jobs and education, and LinkedIn has two sections, Contact Info and Additional Information, to tie your LinkedIn profile to your other Internet and real-life identities. [more…]

How to Export Contacts from LinkedIn to Your E-Mail Application

As you use LinkedIn and build up your contacts network, you might end up with more contacts “on file” in your LinkedIn network than stored away in your e-mail program. However, you may want to use your [more…]

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts to Outlook Express

If you like to use Outlook Express, you’re in luck: Your LinkedIn contacts can go live there just as easily as they can anywhere else. Don’t you just love the way LinkedIn makes your life easier? After [more…]

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts to Yahoo! Mail

If you're using a web-based mail program, like Yahoo! Mail, you can follow this basic procedure to export your LinkedIn contacts into your webmail program to make contacting your professional contacts [more…]

What Do I Need to Use the Outlook Social Connector on LinkedIn?

If you use Microsoft Outlook for your e-mail and you find yourself constantly switching between Outlook and the LinkedIn website to retrieve information, send e-mail to your connections via Outlook and [more…]

How to Install the Outlook Social Connector on LinkedIn

Tired of switching back and forth between Microsoft Outlook and LinkedIn? Lucky for you! LinkedIn has developed a special tool that automatically ties into its website. This Social Connector tool appears [more…]

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts to Outlook

Once you've created your contacts file, it's time to import your LinkedIn contacts into your e-mail program. Although this example uses Microsoft Outlook, the procedure is similar with other e-mail clients [more…]

How to Import Webmail Contacts into LinkedIn

You can import your webmail program contacts list and feed it into LinkedIn to expand your network. Many people use a web-based program (webmail   ) to send and receive e-mail. Gmail [more…]

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