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General LinkedIn Tips

To make effective use of the functionality and advantages of LinkedIn, stay updated, and enhance your professional life, keep these helpful LinkedIn tips in mind: [more…]

Using LinkedIn to Search for a Job

LinkedIn is a great way to help you use professional networking to job search. Here are some helpful hints when using LinkedIn to look for employment: [more…]

LinkedIn For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Signing on to LinkedIn means you're part of the largest online professional network in the world. Look here for helpful guidelines for using LinkedIn, especially when job searching. LinkedIn helps you [more…]

How to Set Your Profile URL and Public View on LinkedIn

After you fully update your LinkedIn profile, your next goal is probably to share it with the entire world, not just your LinkedIn network. The best way to accomplish this is to set up your profile so [more…]

How to Save Your LinkedIn Searches for Future Use

LinkedIn enables you to save your searches so you can run them in the future. Let’s say you are a recruiter who wants to check her network every week for someone who can fill a specific job opening, or [more…]

How to Use the People You May Know Feature on LinkedIn

One of the most common ways for you to increase your network is by using LinkedIn’s functionality and suggestion system that it calls “People You May Know.” Given all the data that LinkedIn imports and [more…]

Understanding How LinkedIn Contacts is Structured

The good news is there is nothing to install or pay for in order to use LinkedIn Contacts. Any LinkedIn member, whether he has a free or paid account, sees the same LinkedIn Contacts screen and has access [more…]

Giving and Receiving Endorsements on LinkedIn

Although many people believe “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” which is one of the main reasons why LinkedIn is so valuable, many folks (recruiters, hiring managers, CEOs, investors, and more [more…]

Understanding LinkedIn Pulse

Have you checked out LinkedIn Pulse yet? Imagine if you read a newspaper that only showed you articles that mattered to you. (For that matter, for many of you, imagine the days you might have read a newspaper [more…]

Configuring LinkedIn Pulse

You may wonder how LinkedIn pulls together relevant articles for LinkedIn Pulse. The actual algorithm that LinkedIn uses to decide what articles are included on LinkedIn Pulse is not disclosed, but LinkedIn [more…]

The LinkedIn Pulse App: LinkedIn Pulse on the Go

An important part of the LinkedIn Pulse experience can be found with its dedicated Pulse app, so you can read and interact with the news makers from your mobile device. Although you can use LinkedIn Pulse [more…]

How to Set Up Digest Notifications on LinkedIn

One way to help ensure that you are always up to date on breaking news is to have LinkedIn deliver the news to you. Instead of the paperboy dropping off your customized newspaper on your doorstep, LinkedIn [more…]

How to Write a Long-Form Post for LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn offers all members, whether they have a free or premium account, the opportunity to publish information that can reach their entire network, which LinkedIn calls a “long-form” post, or [more…]

Tips for Managing Your LinkedIn Post Interactions

Once you click Publish on LinkedIn, you may think your job is done, but it’s only begun. As more and more people read your post, they can interact with the post and with you as the author. Here are some [more…]

How to Remove a LinkedIn Recommendation or Request a Revision

LinkedIn recommendations can be very helpful in helping you find the right job. While people generally have good intentions, not all recommendations may meet the criteria you need to find that perfect [more…]

How to Set Automatic Notifications on LinkedIn

Sure, you can do all the footwork by going to the LinkedIn home page and looking around to see what messages or changes have occurred. The true power of staying connected, however, is having LinkedIn automatically [more…]

A Survey of the Different LinkedIn Apps

As more and more people use their mobile devices to access the Internet and do their daily tasks, companies such as LinkedIn have been aggressively ramping up their mobile app development to meet the needs [more…]

How to Install a LinkedIn Mobile App

Currently, LinkedIn apps are only available for mobile devices running the Apple iOS operating system or the Android operating system, and not every app will work on every device. For example, while there [more…]

What You Need to Know about the Sections of the LinkedIn Mobile App

After you install the main LinkedIn mobile app and sign in to your LinkedIn account from the app, you are ready to start using the app. Before you do, though, it’s important to understand the capabilities [more…]

Connecting Your LinkedIn App Usage with Website Usage

After you’ve installed one or more of the LinkedIn mobile apps, and you start using the apps interchangeably with your desktop or laptop when you use LinkedIn, you should notice a synergy where all your [more…]

How to Check Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility Settings

If you’re currently employed but decide to quietly start looking for a new position, you should consider what you are broadcasting to your LinkedIn network before getting ready to make a change. You don’t [more…]

Tips for Starting and Participating in LinkedIn Group Discussions

The core of LinkedIn Groups is to start and maintain conversations among group members that aid in sharing content and job postings, making business or professional connections, finding answers, and establishing [more…]

How to View a Group’s Membership List on LinkedIn

After you join a LinkedIn group, you’ll probably want to see who’s in the group and find out how or if the group members are connected to you. After all, the point of these groups is to stay in touch with [more…]

Understanding LinkedIn Ads

The first thing you should consider about any advertising system, including LinkedIn Ads, is whether that system can help you reach your target audience. So ask yourself, could you benefit from a network [more…]

Filtering Options for Your LinkedIn Ad

What kind of filtering options do you have for your LinkedIn ad? Other advertising networks allow you to filter your target audience by a few known attributes of the person who will see your ad — age, [more…]

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