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How to Market Yourself to Your LinkedIn Network

One good way to market yourself is to be alert to how well you're communicating with your LinkedIn connections. Whether it's automatic (like when you update your profile and LinkedIn automatically notifies [more…]

How to Market Your Business through LinkedIn

LinkedIn can play a significant role in the effective marketing of your business. LinkedIn's value as a marketing tool gets a lot of buzz from most companies’ finance departments, especially because they [more…]

How to Promote Your Services through a LinkedIn Recommendation

Now, you may ask, “What if I am my business?” Be sure to take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn can classify you as a service provider if you provide a professional service, such as consulting or freelance [more…]

How to Find Marketing Partners through LinkedIn

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, your strategy typically involves more than just you and your business. Part of the success of marketing through LinkedIn is finding the right marketing partners [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn to Mine for Clients

It’s a big world out there and LinkedIn is a helpful piece of that puzzle. In terms of clients, you need to ask yourself who you’re looking for. Is everyone a potential client, or do you have a specific [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn's Advanced People Search to Generate Leads

When you're ready to start looking for leads, jump right in with the LinkedIn Advanced People search, which allows you to search the database consisting of tens of millions of LinkedIn members based on [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn to Find the Decision Maker

Although generating a list of potential leads is a great first step in marketing your product on LinkedIn, being an effective salesperson often comes down to finding that “right person” with whom you can [more…]

How to Research Prospects on LinkedIn to Improve Sales

After you identify your prospects on LinkedIn, spend some time familiarizing yourself with them before you contact them. Gleaning some insight about a potential buyer can go a long way toward getting the [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn to Prepare for a Client Meeting

Say that your initial conversations with your LinkedIn prospects have gone well and you have been granted a meeting with a potential client to make your pitch. Whereas you may have already used LinkedIn [more…]

Using LinkedIn to Deliver a Solution

After you make the sale, it’s time for a LinkedIn visit. Go back to your company with the contract in hand and determine the resources and personnel necessary to deliver on your contract. In some cases [more…]

Reporting a Sale on LinkedIn

Reporting the completion of a sale on LinkedIn is the best part of the business sales process. You made the sale, developed the solution, and delivered it to the customer. At this point, many people think [more…]

How Find Potential Investors with LinkedIn Pulse's VC & Private Equity Channel

So, you have a great idea for a company and you want to be the next big thing in your industry. Although LinkedIn can't guarantee that you'll find the right funding partner, get the money you need, and [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Management Dream Team

When you’re looking for funding of any amount on LinkedIn, one of the top things any investor wants to see is your management team. No matter how great your idea is, it’s the execution of that idea that [more…]

Using LinkedIn to Find a Business Partner

Suppose you have your business plan, management team, market analysis, prototype or working model, and you’ve built up a customer set. You’ve done some [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Potential Investments

LinkedIn is a great place for you as a potential investor to look for your next investment. Maybe someone in your VC firm needs to connect with someone in a particular industry, or perhaps your organization [more…]

10 LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts

Social networking is takes lots of work, time and effort. Here are ten essential do’s and don’ts to help you build LinkedIn relationships and get the most value out of your time. [more…]

10 LinkedIn Resources

As you continue building your LinkedIn presence, you might want to take advantage of additional websites that keep you up to date on new features and possibilities on LinkedIn. These sites explore common [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn with Google News Alerts

LinkedIn + Google News Alerts = Better-informed communication. This tip came from Liz Ryan, a workplace expert, author, and speaker, as one of her top ten ways of using LinkedIn. It has to do with using [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Updates and RSS Feeds

LinkedIn Updates + RSS feeds = Searchable information. Millions of people are updating, communicating, and broadcasting through their LinkedIn updates, and sometimes you may want one thread containing [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn with the Xobni E-Mail Plug-In

LinkedIn + Xobni e-mail plug-in = More precise sender information. If you use Microsoft Outlook or Google’s Gmail for your e-mail and you’re constantly being deluged with e-mail from people you don’t remember [more…]

How to Build a Focus Group on LinkedIn

If you want to be successful, you must complete market research. There are many ways that LinkedIn can help you with this, but in addition to the many helpful tools on the site, LinkedIn can now help you [more…]

Visual Social Marketing: How to Add, Change, and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Image

Your profile picture is the most important personal social marketing image on your LinkedIn profile. It sets the tone for the entire profile and is displayed alongside your name across LinkedIn. According [more…]

How to Add Images to the Body of Your LinkedIn Profile for Visual Social Marketing

In addition to a profile photo, LinkedIn allows users to enhance the visual social marketing elements of their profiles by adding images to the body of their profiles. You can add images to any section [more…]

How to Use Images for Visual Social Marketing on Your LinkedIn Company Page

The LinkedIn profile page can display three types of images for visual social marketing: home page image, standard logo, and square logo. As you can see, these images are a powerful way to visually brand [more…]

How to Use Visual Social Marketing on LinkedIn: Images in Product and Service Descriptions

Businesses on LinkedIn can highlight their products and services with visual social marketing techniques. A LinkedIn profile page gives you a spot to display a cover photo and the opportunity to update [more…]

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