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Tips on Using LinkedIn Groups

If you are interested in forming new connections on LinkedIn with other like-minded individuals, consider exploring LinkedIn Groups. There are groups for alumni, corporations, people who share an interest [more…]

How to Communicate the Value of Joining LinkedIn to Nonmembers

So you want to add some people to your LinkedIn network, but they haven't yet taken the plunge of signing up for the site. If you want them to accept your request by setting up their account, you might [more…]

How to Use Your New LinkedIn Contact Management and Networking Toolkit

Internet tools have advanced to what people know as web 2.0 systems, where online communication within your network is much more accessible. Sites like [more…]

What is the Difference between a LinkedIn User and a LION?

Given all this power and potential to reach people around the world, some people — LinkedIn open networkers (LIONs) — want to network with anyone and everyone who’s eager to connect with them. Their goal [more…]

How to Subscribe to a Premium Account on LinkedIn

To upgrade to a premium account, start by creating your free account and using the various functions on LinkedIn. If you find that after some usage, you need to reach the larger community and take advantage [more…]

How to Check Your LinkedIn Contact Settings

You definitely want to make sure that you select the correct contact settings for your LinkedIn profile. After all, if you're looking for a new job, for example, you want to make sure the option for Career [more…]

What is the Difference between LinkedIn InMail and Introductions?

Your first question when you start using LinkedIn is most likely, “What's the difference between introductions and InMail?” The answer depends on how involved your common friend or colleague is in connecting [more…]

How to Find Newly Added Classmates on LinkedIn

Through LinkedIn, you can reconnect with former classmates and maintain that tie through your network, no matter where anyone moves on to. For you to find them to begin with, of course, your former classmates [more…]

Why You Shouldn't Use Canned Invitations on LinkedIn

You might be tempted to look at the “canned” invitation that LinkedIndisplays when you go to the Invitation Request page, especially if you're having a rough or busy day, and just send off the invitation [more…]

How to Send a LinkedIn Connection Request to a Nonmember

Only members of LinkedIncan be part of anyone's network. Therefore, if you want to send a connection request to someone who hasn't yet joined LinkedIn, you must invite that person to create a LinkedIn [more…]

How to Remove a LinkedIn Recommendation or Request a Revision

As relationships change and you receive more LinkedIn recommendation, you may only want particular recommendations on your profile. To remove a recommendation you’ve received or to request a revision, [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Contacts to Interact with Your Network

The goal of LinkedInContacts is to give users “a smarter way to stay in touch.” LinkedIn Contacts lets you sync your address books, e-mails, and calendar entries with your LinkedIn contact information, [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Contacts

The good news is there is nothing to install or pay for in order to use LinkedIn Contacts. Any LinkedIn member, whether he has a free or paid account, sees the same LinkedIn Contacts screen and has access [more…]

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

As you use LinkedIn, you should notice that the system often prompts you to endorse your contacts for specific skills on their profile. LinkedIn built this into its system to make it as easy and automatic [more…]

How to Accept Endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not automatically add any incoming endorsements to your profile; you must accept those endorsements first. When you receive an endorsement, it appears in your Notifications list at the top [more…]

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Once you've added endorsements to your LinkedIn profile, you may want to manage them and make sure you are happy with the ones you've received being displayed on your profile. Whenever you are ready to [more…]

Who Should You Recommend on LinkedIn?

Go through your LinkedIncontacts and make a list of the people you want to recommend. Choose wisely. Your recommendations will reflect on you, as well. As you build your list, consider recommending the [more…]

How LinkedIn Recommendations Can Help You Professionally

One of the many tools available on LinkedIn that can help you be successful in your job search is Recommendations. The LinkedIn Recommendation process starts in one of three ways: [more…]

How to Manage LinkedIn Recommendations You've Received

Every time you receive a recommendation from someone else, you see a message in your LinkedIn Inbox. You will want to manage these to keep tabs on what shows up on your profile at any given time. [more…]

How to Write Good LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations is a great tool, but they are only helpful if they provide knowledgeable, accurate information. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to make your recommendation stand [more…]

How to Create a LinkedIn Recommendation

Once you have seriously considered which of your LinkedIn contacts you feel comfortable putting your stamp of approval on, you’re ready to write your first recommendation. To create a recommendation, first [more…]

How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

In an ideal world, you’d never request a recommendation. A happy colleague or boss would just automatically post a raving recommendation on LinkedIn. But the reality is that most likely only your raving [more…]

How to Decline a LinkedIn Recommendation

Unfortunately, not everyone naturally writes good recommendations, and all your LinkedIn connections may not be experts, so it’s bound to happen eventually: Someone will write a recommendation that you [more…]

How to Edit or Remove LinkedIn Recommendations You've Made

Relationships change over time. Sometimes they get better and occasionally they get worse. As you get more LinkedIn recommendations, you might decide that you don’t want to display them all, or that you [more…]

How to Accept or Decline LinkedIn Invitations

Here is some guidance on what to do when you're faced with a LinkedIn invitation, and you have to decide whether to happily accept or gracefully decline it. When you receive an invitation to join someone's [more…]

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