Job Searching with Social Media

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Use the CRM System Plaxo to Maintain a Contact List

Many professionals use Plaxoto keep their contact records in order and monitor the online activities of the people they know. With the hundreds of online interactions you’re likely to engage in, keeping [more…]

Use the CRM System Batchbook to Maintain a Contact List

Batchbook, from Rhode Island–based BatchBlue Software, is a traditional sales-based Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM system is a software-based tool that stores interactions and organizes [more…]

How to Write an Online Recommendation for Others in Your Network

At some point, someone will ask you to write a recommendation. Or you may just feel compelled to offer a recommendation, unsolicited, to someone you appreciate. Just be sure you recommend only people who [more…]

Install LinkedIn Applications to Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Add a bit of color and personality to your LinkedIn profile by installing LinkedIn’s applications. These third-party plug-ins add functionality and can make your profile stand out to hiring managers. Every [more…]

Earn Green Stars in LinkedIn's Answers Section

Earning a green star in LinkedIn's Answers section is a great way to build credibility, demonstrate expertise, and show that you’re motivated in your industry. Hiring managers viewing your LinkedIn profile [more…]

Make Your LinkedIn Links Descriptive to Help Your Job Search

LinkedIn’s profile allows you to link to three different external websites. Especially when looking for a job, make these descriptive links your blog, your portfolio/resume, and current or former employer [more…]

Why Have Multiple Online Résumés?

You need to have more than one online résumé and not limit yourself to just LinkedIn. Although most recruiters say they’re actively seeking candidates through keyword searches on LinkedIn, LinkedIn may [more…]

Sign Up for VisualCV to Help Your Job Search

A VisualCV (curriculum vitae, or résumé) is an Internet-based, multimedia résumé that gives prospective employers a three-dimensional picture of your career by allowing you to share video, images, links [more…]

How to Build Your VisualCV for the Best Results

VisualCV lays out your résumé intuitively with a heading and two columns: a wide column and a narrow column. This setup makes laying out information highly manageable. Your basic résumé info goes in the [more…]

How to Create Your VisualCV Multimedia Portfolio

One of the unique features of VisualCV is the ability to integrate multimedia portfolios alongside a traditional résumé. Your portfolio is where you upload and store tangible evidence [more…]

How to Embedding Video into Your LinkedIn Profile

Add a video résumé or simply share an interesting video on your LinkedIn profile to give it some personality and attract attention from hiring managers. Adding a video to your profile takes a little tweaking [more…]

How Job Seekers Can Share on Facebook

Sharing settings relate to how you interact with Facebook. As a serious job seeker, you want to understand every detail of what’s being shared and with whom. This category allows you to control who can [more…]

Facebook Limited Access Lists for Job Seekers

As a job seeker, creating "Limited Access" lists is your best defense against recruiters, bosses, or other professionals who want to friend you on Facebook but who you don’t really know personally. Using [more…]

Innovate CV Can Innovate Your Video Résumé

Innovate CV is an online, multimedia, résumé-building tool that’s a great alternative to VisualCV. You can use Innovate CV to make your video résumé stand out to perspective hiring managers. The purpose [more…]

Design a Digital Résumé on DoYouBuzz

DoYouBuzz is a great option if you want to have a personal website but don’t want to deal with the hassle of starting one from scratch. Setting up your free online résumé with [more…]

Produce a Conventional Video Résumé on Emurse

Emurse is ideal if you want a digital résumé that looks just like a traditional paper one. Emurse offers a more conservative-looking online résumé than other online résumé services. In fact, you may say [more…]

How Job Seekers Can Connect on Facebook

As a job seeker, you want to be found. But you also want to control what information people can find about you. That’s where the “Connecting on Facebook” privacy settings category comes into play; it allows [more…]

Journal Your Job-Search Journey on Your Facebook Wall

Use Facebook as a platform to share your job-seeking progress with friends and family. Let them know what steps you took that week to find work. Share interesting insights about yourself or about job seeking [more…]

How to Buy Targeted Facebook Ads to Promote Yourself

Facebook ads appear on the right side of a user’s Facebook Page. If you take out an ad for yourself, that ad may just lead to a connection that in turn leads to a job. Everyone sees different ads because [more…]

Look at Professional Networking Sites besides LinkedIn

Even though Brazen Careerist and Biznik aren’t as popular as Facebook or LinkedIn, they may still have some benefit for job seekers. Not only do they help you cast a wider net, but also they help facilitate [more…]

How to Use Google AdWords to Target Specific Hiring Managers

Use Google AdWords, the search engine's pay-per-click advertising tool, to attract the attention of specific hiring managers and decision makers. Adwords enables you to take up an ad on the search results [more…]

Invest in Business Cards while Job Searching via Social Media

If you plan on networking in person in addition to online, you’re going to need business cards. Business cards are an extension of your personal brand [more…]

JobKatch Helps Organize Your Job Search via Social Media

JobKatch offers job seekers a powerful way to stay organized during a job search. It has built-in integrations with LinkedIn so you can import contacts and then track your interactions with them for particular [more…]

Use the CRM System Gist to Maintain a Contact List

Seattle-based software startup Gist provides one of the most robust systems for managing your contacts, tracking what they’re doing online, and keeping detailed records of them. Gist is the most hands-free [more…]

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