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How to Sign Up for Google+

Google has responded to the lively interest in social networking with Google+ (also known as “Google Plus” or even just “g+”), and Google+ is quickly becoming an alternative to Facebook and Twitter for [more…]

The Basics of Setting Up Your Google+ Profile

When you create an account on Google+ (Google's social networking site), you’ll probably want to configure your profile by adding more information about yourself. After initially setting up your profile [more…]

Using the About Page in Your Google+ Profile

The About page on your Google+ profile is the tab that people first see when they’re visiting your profile. This tab tells friends and contacts more about who you are, where you’re from, and anything else [more…]

Looking at Google+ Privacy Options

When you edit your Google+profile, you will find privacy options that you can modify on each tab of your Google+ account's profile. (Click Profile from your main Google+ page, click Edit Profile to get [more…]

How to Follow Others in Google+

On Google+ (Google's social networking site), a follower is someone who circles you. However, you don’t just follow every person you “follow.” Instead, you [more…]

How to Invite New People to Join Google+

Google+ initially launched as an invite-only beta environment, which meant that your friends and contacts could use Google+ only if you invited them. Because invitations are no longer required, Google+ [more…]

How to View Your Own Photos on Google+

Google+ provides an entire photo library built into the experience that allows users to view, upload, store, and share photos. Google+ photos are integrated into every element of the Google+ experience [more…]

How to View Photos from Others in Your Google+ Circles

A fun and easy way to browse Google+ is by viewing the pictures your friends have uploaded. Just go to the default photos page or click the Photos from Your Circles link in the left column of the photos [more…]

How to Read the Games Stream on Google+

Google+ includes a section called Google+ Games that allows you to find, play, and challenge your friends to games that have been built for Google+. Click the Games icon at the top of your main Google+ [more…]

How to Invite Friends to Play Google+ Games

You can invite your friends and circles (groups of contacts) to play with you in Google+ Games. The ability to invite people to specific games may be in a different spot in every game, although it’s fairly [more…]

Following Social Network Etiquette on Google+

Whether you are on Google+ or any other social network, you should make it a habit to follow social network etiquette to show respect and care for how you treat others on the network. After you know how [more…]

Knowing When to Tag Other People on Google+

Tagging, or mentioning others on Google+, can be a great way to get someone else’s attention and bring that person into a conversation. Keep in mind, however, that some people are already getting a lot [more…]

How to Send E-Mail to Others on Google+

One nice feature of Google+ is the ability to send e-mail to others from their Google+ profile. This feature applies if others modify their profile setting — allowing you and other people to contact them [more…]

Using the Google+ App on iOS and Android Devices

Google+ is currently available for two different mobile operating systems as well as the mobile web. On both Android and iOS phones and tablet devices there is an official app you can download to use Google+ [more…]

Using Google+ on a Mobile Web Browser

Google+ is currently available for mobile web browsers as well as for mobile operating systems on Android and iOS devices. On Android and iOS phones and tablet devices there is an official app you can [more…]

Uploading Photos to Google+ from iOS and Android Devices

There are multiple ways to upload photos using the Android and iOS apps for Google+. At this time, however, you cannot upload photos on other mobile web browsers. On Android devices, you can share your [more…]

Using the Google+ App to Share Your Current Location

Checking in on Google+ is a great way to share your location and what you’re doing with your friends. With each check in, a map of the location is shared [more…]

Using the Google+ App to View a Nearby Stream

A unique feature of the Google+ mobile app is the nearby stream — a stream of updates from people closest to your current location on Google+. This feature can provide a great way to find Google+ users [more…]

Using Huddles on the Google+ App to Chat with Groups

Huddles are a unique chat feature on the Google+ mobile apps for iOS and Android devices (they aren’t available on the mobile web). They allow you to chat with groups of people you specify, or with groups [more…]

How to Upload Photos from Your Computer to Google+

If you're new to Google+, you're probably excited to start uploading some photos from your computer to Google+. There are many ways to upload photos on Google+. The procedure that follows applies to just [more…]

How to Configure Privacy Settings for Your Photos on Google+

If you go to the Your Albums section of your photos page on Google+, you can configure the privacy settings for your photo albums. Narrowing who can see your photos to select circles is a way to ensure [more…]

How to Share Your Photos with Others on Google+

After you've uploaded some photos to Google+, you may want to share your photos with your friends. You can always just upload the photos with your posts on Google+ and share them that way, but you may [more…]

Understanding the +1 Buttons in Google+

There are two types of +1 buttons on the Google+ social networking site: +1s for websites and +1s for individual posts inside Google+. On posts inside Google+, it’s like giving a person a “high five,” [more…]

When to Use Google+ in Your Social Marketing Campaign

When marketing a brand, you really need to be careful of the content you use in social media, like Google+, for the world to see. As important it is to have a strong social media presence, if you open [more…]

How to Interact with Customers via Google+ Features

You have several ways to interact with the people you are connected with on Google+. Google offers features that can be used by social media marketers to gain exposure. When using the social network, the [more…]

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