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A Facebook User's Guide to Google+

If you're coming to Google+ from Facebook, many things will be quite familiar and a few things will be a bit confusing. Use can use both social networks as you like to manage your social media activities [more…]

Top Ten Google+ Features

Google+ is a feature-rich social networking experience. From instant, real-time updates to sharing a post from almost any Google application, the features in the following list can make your Google+ experience [more…]

Getting Started on Google+

If you've checked out the new social network by Google, Google+ (or Google Plus) and been invited to follow some people, you're already seeing a full range of updates in a more interactive stream than [more…]

Sharing Your Google+ Posts with Specific People

Posting on Google+ is quite easy, and you can post text, links, photos, videos, and even your current location. The most difficult part of posting on Google+ is choosing whom you want to see your post. [more…]

Starting a Hangout on Google+

Google+ has provided its users with a service called hangouts that allows any person to chat over a video connection with up to ten people anywhere in the world. The coolest part is that Google+ doesn't [more…]

What You Can Do in a Google+ Hangout

Google+ has provided its users with a service called hangouts that allows any person to chat over a video connection with up to ten people anywhere in the world. The cool part is that Google+ doesn't charge [more…]

Playing Games on Google+

Google+ isn't all business, and it's not just for geeky early adopters! It's also for that time you need a break, or just need to cool down. For that reason, Google+ provides a cool section called Google+ [more…]

Tagging People in Google+ Photos

You can tag people in your circles on anyone's photo on Google+. When you tag an individual in any photo, that individual will be notified via their Google+ notifications. They can then remove the tag [more…]

Posting to Google+ from a Mobile Device

More and more people are accessing the Internet from smartphones and tablets. Google knows this and has built Google+ apps to give you access to everything in Google+. To download the Google+ mobile app [more…]

How to Back Up Your Google+ Data

Google+ has a very flexible and unique feature that enables you to back up everything you upload to the service. It may be that you, heaven forbid, want to cancel your Google+ account and want to be sure [more…]

Four Chrome Extensions for Google+

Google+ doesn't yet have a formal developer Application Programming Interface (API) for building apps. Although Google+ has allowed a few select gaming developers to build games for its platform, as of [more…]

How to Change Your Google+ Privacy Settings

Google understands that controlling your privacy is important to you, so Google+ was created with a number of privacy controls that let you dictate who can find you and who can tag you in photos, as well [more…]

Using the Google+ Sandbar in Other Google Products

The minute you start using Google+, you'll notice some new options in the upper-right corner of the bar that appears across the Google products you use. In Google+, you'll see your name, followed by a [more…]

How to Filter Your Incoming Google+ Stream

After you've signed up for Google+ and created some circles of friends, colleagues, and heroes, you're ready start consuming their content. In Google+, you can choose to take the default route and consume [more…]

Understanding and Creating Google+ Circles

In Google+, you don't follow or friend people, you circlethem. Everything Google+ revolves around circling people you want to follow, or applying content so that only particular circles can see that content [more…]

Moderating Your Google+ Posts

It won't be long before you get a spammer or troll commenting on your Google+ posts. The bigger Google+ gets, the more spammers you'll start to see. This is especially true on public posts — spammers see [more…]

How to Create a Post on Google+

Posting on Google+ is quite easy, and you can post text, links, photos, videos, and even your current location. However, you need to become familiar with a few things that are a bit different from social [more…]

How to Adjust Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Profile

Google+ lets you customize, using your circles, who can see what elements of your profile. You can customize the security settings for each section of you Google+ profile. As an example, here's how you [more…]

Deciding What to Post on Google+

To get off and running on Google+ (Google's social networking site), your first step is to choose something engaging to post. This refers to content that gets people commenting, sharing, +1ing, and talking [more…]

How to Build an Audience for Your Google+ Posts

If you're getting started with Google+, you may be trying to figure out how to build an audience to get more people reading your posts. Truth be told, we all care about numbers. Having lots of people care [more…]

How to Post to Specific People on Google+

When you're ready to post content on Google+, you need to figure out whom to post to. You can post to specific people and groups to ensure that your content is shared exactly the way you want. For example [more…]

Sharing, Resharing, and Commenting on Google+ Posts

When you begin using and posting on Google+, you'll occasionally want to share links and images, reshare others' posts, comment on their posts, and mention others in your own Google+ posts. You may also [more…]

How to Deal with Trolls on Google+

On Google+ and other social networks, a troll is someone who constantly criticizes just to criticize, continually nags, and never gives up. They comment over and over again with negative things and just [more…]

Choosing and Creating Sparks on Google+

Google+ has a unique and interesting way of finding, identifying, and sharing new content that you're interested in, called sparks. The purpose of the sparks feature is to provide, or spark, new ideas [more…]

Reading and Interacting with Sparks on Google+

The sparks feature in Google+ helps you to find content and spark new ideas that you can share with your friends on Google+. After you add a few sparks to your page, you’ll want to start using them. To [more…]

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