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Ground Rules for Using Facebook

Facebook is meant to represent real people and real associations; it's also meant to be safe. Many of the rules of participation on Facebook exist to uphold those two goals. This list is by no means exhaustive—there [more…]

Finding Good Facebook Applications

There are millions of applications on Facebook. Finding the perfect one for your business's Facebook Page can be a difficult process. Here are some apps that are worth checking out: [more…]

Finding Development Help on Facebook

Finding help on Facebook can often be a difficult task. If you're a social strategist at a large organization, chances are you have an account rep at Facebook that can help you when you run into problems [more…]

How to Set Up Your Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook Page for your business is simple! Just go through these steps and your business will be collecting fans and connecting with customers on Facebook in no time: [more…]

How to Adapt Your Business’s Page to Facebook Changes

When you enter the world of Facebook marketing, remember that Facebook is an ever-changing universe, and some of the features and guidelines you’ve grown to rely on could be in jeopardy with every new [more…]

How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed

On Facebook you have some control over your News Feed’s Top Stories and Recent Stories. The easiest way to influence your News Feed is to let it know when you don’t Like a post. Whenever you hover over [more…]

Top Stories Versus Recent Stories on Facebook

Your Facebook News Feed is like a newspaper centered around your friends. Look below the Share menu on your Home page to see the News Feed column, divided into two sections: Top Stories and Recent Stories [more…]

Managing Facebook News Feed Subscriptions

The recent addition of Facebook Subscriptions means you can receive public posts from your favorite blogger or pundit in your News Feed without the hassle of mutual friendship or Liking their Page. Getting [more…]

Viewing Profiles on Facebook Mobile

Profiles on Facebook Mobile are designed differently than Profiles on the regular Facebook site. A lot of information from specific applications may be absent from your Profile. Moreover, the structure [more…]

Facebook Keystroke Shortcuts

You can use these Windows and Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to handle common activities in Facebook. Depending on your operating system and browser, touch one of the following keys or keystroke combinations [more…]

How to Navigate Your Facebook Timeline

The Facebook Timeline has a few different portions: the big cover photo and the smaller profile picture, the navigation tabs beneath the cover photo, the About box, the Share box, and the Timeline itself [more…]

How to Change Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

If you’re brand new to Facebook, your Timeline may seem a little empty compared to those of your friends. You need a cover photo. Your Timeline will fill up shortly. But first, you want to get the basics [more…]

How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture

Your Facebook profile picture helps set you apart from other people with similar names. To add your profile picture, make sure you have a photo you want to use saved somewhere on your computer’s hard drive [more…]

How to Enter Your Work and Education Information into Your Facebook Timeline

When you got started on Facebook, you were asked to enter your education and work history. If you didn’t do that or want to add a more complete online resume, you can add more schools and employers on [more…]

How to Enter Your Relationship and Family Information into Your Facebook Timeline

The Relationship section and the Family section on Facebook provide space for you to list your romantic and family relationships. These relationships provide a way of linking your Timeline to someone else’s [more…]

How to Edit a Facebook Post

Ever have the need to edit a post? If you’ve been on Facebook for a while and start scrolling backward through time, you may notice that you’re not seeing everything. You see everything that you’ve done [more…]

How to Update Your Facebook Status

The most common type of post that you see people make from the Facebook Share box is a basic text update that answers the question, “What’s on your mind?” People refer to this type of post as a [more…]

How to Sign Up for Facebook

Officially, all you need in order to join Facebook is a valid e-mail address. Valid means that you need to be able to easily access the messages in that account because Facebook e-mails you a registration [more…]

How to Use the Facebook Friend Finder

The Find Your Friends step is important to enjoying Facebook. Without friends, Facebook can feel a little bit like going to an amusement park alone. Sure, the rides were fun, and the food was greasy, but [more…]

How to Get Confirmed and Verified on Facebook

Facebook is a website for real identity and real people. To protect this fact, Facebook has systems in place to detect any fake accounts. Fake accounts may be jokes [more…]

What You Can Do on Facebook

Facebook is a means by which you can connect with people who matter to you. Your next question may be, “How?” Here’s an overview of what you can do on Facebook. [more…]

What You Can’t Do on Facebook

Facebook is meant to represent real people and real associations; it’s also meant to be safe. Many of the rules of participation on Facebook exist to uphold those two goals. [more…]

Navigating the Blue Bar at the Top of Facebook

Most people can tell at a glance when someone is browsing Facebook by the big blue bar across the top of the page. The blue bar is home to many of the important navigational links on Facebook. And anytime [more…]

How to Navigate the Left Side of Facebook’s Home Page

The left side of any screen on Facebook is taken up by what Facebook calls the sidebar. The sidebar is the menu on the left side of the page that provides links to frequently used areas of the site, as [more…]

How to Navigate the Bottom Links on Facebook

In blue type at the very bottom of every Facebook page, you see a set of links collectively called the footer. The footer is the catch-all for important information about Facebook the social network, Facebook [more…]

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