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How to Post a Facebook Event

The first way you’ll most likely find out about a Facebook event is through a notification. When a friend invites you to an event, a small red flag appears over the notifications icon in the big blue bar [more…]

How to Update Your Facebook Friend Lists

After you create and start using your Facebook Friend lists, you can continuously add people to them at the same time you add them as friends. When you’re the one sending a Friend Request, follow these [more…]

How to Follow Someone on Facebook

Occasionally, next to the Add Friend button on someone’s Facebook Timeline, you’ll see an additional button named Follow. Following people on Facebook is a way of getting updates from them in your News [more…]

How to Hide Facebook News Feed Stories

While you can use Facebook’s News Feed views to look at a different version, you can also influence what you see by hiding stories you don’t like. Hiding stories [more…]

How to Adjust News Feed Settings for a Friend

Whenever you add a friend on Facebook, you start seeing some of that friend's updates in your News Feed. And depending on the friend, what you see about him might be perfect. But that “depending on” is [more…]

How to Add a Follow Button to Your Facebook Page

You have the option of adding a Follow button to your own Facebook Timeline to enable non-friends to receive your public updates in their News Feeds. Just follow these easy steps: [more…]

How to Leave a Facebook Group

When someone adds you to a group, a notification is sent to your Facebook Home page. The next time you log in, you’ll see a little red flag over the notifications icon. When you click, it will tell you [more…]

How to Control Facebook Group Notifications

Sometimes, especially in larger Facebook groups, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all the notifications. To control them, you just need to get comfortable with the Notifications Settings menu [more…]

How to Add Facebook Photos from Your iPhone

Lots of photos you see on Facebook are added when people are nowhere near a computer. Instead, they’re sent from an iPhone and are the photos of things that happen while you’re out and about. Things that [more…]

How to Add a Facebook Event Photo

Although not required, adding an event photo to your Facebook event helps make the invitation feel a bit more official. Although it’s not quite the same thing as sending out letter-pressed, hand-addressed [more…]

How to Create or Follow a Facebook Interest List

Like regular Facebooklists, interest lists allow you to follow your favorite people, friends, and business pages in one place. The difference between a regular list and an interest list is that when you [more…]

How to Tag Facebook Friends and Business Pages

Tagging is when you write a Facebook status update and provide a link to someone’s personal timeline or business page. When you tag a person or page, that person or business is alerted that you’ve shared [more…]

How to Use the Follow Feature on Facebook

The follow feature allows a person to follow your public updates without being your Facebookfriend. Likewise, you can follow others’ public updates if they’ve enabled the public follow feature. Your account [more…]

How to Synchronize Facebook Events and Birthdays with Your Online Calendar

There are so many events and occasions to keep track of on Facebook. You’ve probably grown to depend on the mobile calendar on your smartphone or the iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar that you [more…]

2 Ways to Find a Friend with Facebook Search

Start your search for friends by thinking of a small group of your friends and write down a list. Then sign in to your Facebook account; you’ll land on your Home page. From here, you have two ways of finding [more…]

How to Find Facebook Friends in Other Friends’ Lists

Odds are that the friends you have on Facebook are connected to other people you may know already. Would you like to make those people your friends on Facebook, too? It’s easy. [more…]

How to Send and Respond to Facebook Friend Requests

When you find someone on Facebook you’d like to add as a friend, doing so is a pretty simple task. After clicking the link to your prospective friend’s Timeline page [more…]

Making Facebook Friends' Lists

Facebook gives you the chance to divvy up your ever-growing groups of friends into Lists. The more your number of “friends” grows, the more posts you see in your News Feed. [more…]

Hiding Friends’ Posts on Facebook

Once you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you may connect with people from your past, friends and family, and some folks you’ve met on Facebook through other friends. This is a good thing. [more…]

How to Send Private Messages to Facebook Friends

Facebook has a feature that enables you to send private messages to your friends. Think of it like Facebook e-mail, only your personal e-mail address is not revealed. Even better, you can e-mail those [more…]

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

It happens to everyone: After a while, you start to feel like a few people are cluttering up Facebook for you and want to unfriend some. Maybe you just feel like you have too many friends, or maybe you [more…]

How to Create Friend Lists on Facebook

Creating Friend lists on Facebook allows you to share different things with different people. You can edit the name or members of your Friend lists any time you like. [more…]
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