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Using Targeting Filters in Facebook Advertising

Ensure that your Facebook ad is being shown to the right target audience. Facebook Advertising offers a variety of targeting filters you can use to make sure that only the people who match your criteria [more…]

Words to Know for Creating Facebook Advertisements

Facebook Advertising has its own set of terms and language, some of which may seem familiar to you but could carry another meaning. Here are the most commonly used — and most helpful — terms in Facebook [more…]

Important Facebook Advertising Resources

When you create a Facebook Ads campaign, it's important to know the range of possibilities and rules. Designing your Facebook Advertising campaign is easier when you turn to the resources on the following [more…]

Facebook Advertising For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you use Facebook Advertising, you can target a precise audience for your ad from an audience of up to 500 million members. Facebook Ads enable you to start and stop ad campaigns on your schedule, [more…]

How to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business Marketing Campaign

Facebook’s advertising strategy can become an important part of your business marketing campaign. The self-service option for placing ads on Facebook offers many targeting options, such as being able to [more…]

How to Change Your Facebook Page Settings

As the creator (and therefore Admin) of your Facebook Page, you have a lot of control over how people see and interact with your Page, as well as the ability to designate additional Admins. You control [more…]

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

A Facebook Page isn’t equivalent to an account. Rather, it’s an entity on Facebook that can be managed by many people with their own distinct accounts. Before you get started, read the [more…]

How to Promote Your Business with Your Facebook Page

After completing the previously described steps, you’ll be looking at a fairly empty Page Timeline. If the idea of filling it up with posts gets your blood pumping, read on. If you need to take a break [more…]

Understanding Facebook Pages

You can do many of the same things with Facebook Pages that you can do with friends — write on their Timelines, tag them in status updates, and so on. The main difference is that instead of friending Pages [more…]

Find Out Who Is Using Your Facebook Page

Forty-eight hours after creating your Official Facebook Page, you start to see exactly how people are engaging with it. From the Admin Panel, look for the graph at the bottom, and next to Insights, click [more…]

How to Manage Permissions for Your Facebook Page

The Manage Permissions section controls who can see your Facebook Page and how they can interact with it. This is an important tool to create an active and safe environment so your business can flourish [more…]

How to Create a Vanity URL for Your Facebook Business Page

When you initially create your Facebook business page, it has a fairly long and ugly URL (or address), such as https://www.facebook.com/pages/Post-Planner/1234567890 [more…]

How to Create Admin Roles for Your Facebook Business Page

As the admin of your Facebook business page, you have the capability to add others to your admin list as well as delete them. You should definitely add at least one other admin to your business page as [more…]

How to Choose Featured Business Pages on Your Facebook Business Page

The Featured setting allows you to showcase specific business pages you have Liked as your Facebook business page. You can use the setting also to feature admins of your business page if you want. [more…]

How to Use the Admin Panel Toolbar on Your Facebook Business Page

On your Facebook Business page, you see a toolbar at the top of the Admin panel with five options: Edit Page, Build Audience, See Insights, Help, and Show [more…]

How to Use Apps on Your Facebook Business Page

On your Facebook Business page, you see four pictures under the cover photo. These pictures depict apps installed on the page to enhance its functionality. You can have many apps installed on your business [more…]

How to Create a Milestone Update on Your Facebook Business Page

If you’d like to add a milestone (either now or later) on your Facebook Business page, click the Offers, Events+ option and then choose Milestone in the status update box. The Milestone dialog box appears [more…]

How to Edit Updates and Milestones on Your Facebook Business Page

You can edit a milestone or status update on your Facebook Business page by clicking the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the update. From here you can choose from the following: [more…]

How to Target Updates on Your Facebook Business Page

You may find that some updates on your Facebook Business page aren’t relevant to your entire audience. In those cases, you can customize who sees your updates. First turn on Post Targeting and Privacy. [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Facebook Management

Facebook can be a handy marketing tool, but it’s time consuming. When running a business (especially as the owner), you have to balance your many tasks and determine the best use of your time. The question [more…]

Types of Facebook Campaigns to Market Your Business

When you decide that you want to conduct a Facebook campaign, the next step is to determine the campaign's structure. If your sole goal is to earn space in the mind of current and potential customers, [more…]

How to Market a Facebook Contest

Initially, you might think that posting status updates telling people about your Facebookcontest is enough. It isn’t. The primary reason to conduct a Facebook contest is to increase the interaction that [more…]

How to Use Crowdsourcing to Market Your Business on Facebook

One of the greatest reasons to conduct a Facebook campaign is because of the power of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing can yield great ideas for your business and help to expand your reach. [more…]

How to Prepare Your Facebook Business Page for Your Marketing Campaign

Make sure that your Facebook business page is ready for any contest or campaign that you implement. Campaigns can be simple or structured. Regardless, the most important aspect is making sure that people [more…]

How to Export Your Facebook Insights Data

If you want to back up your data or just keep a copy on hand, you can export your FacebookInsights data and download it to your computer. To do that, navigate to your Insights page, and then follow these [more…]

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