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How to Use Facebook Mobile Notifications

Just when you thought you were done with Mobile Text settings for Facebook, there’s a whole 'nother bunch of settings to further fine-tune your Mobile Texts experience. To get started, head to the Notifications [more…]

How to Use Facebook Chat

If you’ve got something to say to someone, and you’ve got to say it now, try sending her an instant message through Facebook Chat. Chat allows you to see which friends are online at the same time you are [more…]

How to Remove and Edit Facebook Updates and Comments

You may find yourself rethinking something you shared on Facebook and wanting to remove it. Perhaps, as you update your timeline, you want to remove some past updates as your circle of friends grows or [more…]

How to Share Documents in a Facebook Group

Members of a Facebookgroup can create and share documents within the group. Documents can be edited by any member of the group at any time. Group members may find this to be a valuable tool for a number [more…]

How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

The features Facebookoffers are designed to make it easier to promote events. With as many event invitations that people send out, it can be easy to miss or gloss over events that don’t catch your attention [more…]

How to Message a Nonfriend on Facebook

Sending messages to someone who is not a friend (someone who is not on your Facebook Friends list) works similarly to sending messages to friends. Because the person isn’t on your Friends list, when you [more…]

How to Set Up Video Chat on Facebook

Talking with your friends face to face no longer requires that you be in the same room. Facebook has integrated Skype video-calling features that make it possible for you to video chat with any of your [more…]

How to Give Gifts and Gift Cards on Facebook

Facebook has made it easy to send your connections a gift or a gift card appropriate for many occasions. Sometimes a gift can mean more than a private message or a status update wishing someone “Happy [more…]

How to Use Facebook for Professional Networking

Several things are important when you’re using Facebook to network: being professional and being personal. These may sound contradictory, but they aren’t. In fact, they should complement each other. Facebook [more…]

How to Use Your Facebook Business Page for Professional Networking

If you want to network on Facebook, you might want to promote a business page. Business pages allow you to promote your business while keeping your personal timeline separate. However, you don’t have to [more…]

How to Connect Facebook to Your Blog, Twitter and Google+

Many people and businesses don’t have time to manually post updates to Facebook and all the various social media platforms. Instead, they cross-post from one site to another automatically — when one account [more…]

How to Schedule Facebook Updates with Post Planner or HootSuite

Scheduling Facebookupdates using a third-party tool such as HootSuite or Post Planner is a great way to consolidate your marketing activities and be more efficient. Some reasons why you might want to do [more…]

8 Tips for Boosting Visibility in the Facebook News Feed

Getting seen in the News Feed is more challenging for Facebook Pages these days, but you can increase your visibility by following these tips: [more…]

How to Use the Facebook Inboxes

After you’re comfortable sending and receiving messages to and from your Facebook friends, it’s time to find out about the Inbox, where all your messages are collected for easy viewing at any time. Facebook’s [more…]

Sending Messages to Non-Friends on Facebook

You can message a person who is on Facebook even if they're not a friend (if that person’s privacy settings allow it). This is particularly helpful when you encounter someone on Facebook whom you’d like [more…]

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