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Add Emoticons to Facebook Status Updates

Emoticons (or Smileys) have been used since the 19th century to punctuate the written word with graphics simulated by characters. On Facebook, users who put emoticons in their status updates add a little [more…]

How to Effectively Share Content on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Facebook is all about connecting and sharing, so keep that in mind when you create your business’s Facebook Page. Sharing is all about the content. Whether that content is videos, photos, comments, links [more…]

How to Create a Note on Facebook

Like blogs, Facebook Notes are ways of writing entries about your life, your thoughts, or your all-time favorite songs and then sharing them with your Facebook friends. The beauty of Notes lies in the [more…]

How to Add a Photo to a Facebook Note

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your Facebook Note, you can add a photo to illustrate your topic for your Facebook friends. If you choose to include photos, it requires you to add HTML tags to your [more…]

How to Ask a Question on Facebook

You can ask Questions from multiple places on Facebook. You can ask them from the Publisher in your Profile, the Publisher on your Home page, and the Publisher on your Group Home pages. To ask a basic [more…]

How to Respond to a Facebook Poll or Question

If you see a question on Facebook that piques your interest, either because you know the answer or you want to know the answer, click it to read the entire thing. This generates a Question box. [more…]

How to Use Facebook Video Chat

Video Chat is a fairly new addition to Facebook, which is why you might or might not see the video camera icon at the top of each Chat window. Facebook’s Video Chat is actually powered by Skype, an Internet [more…]

How to Use Facebook’s Timeline Share Box

You’ve probably noticed the word share being used a lot on Facebook. Practically every time you’re posting something, you’re clicking a Share button. Sharing from the timeline is no different. In addition [more…]

What Online Community Managers Can Learn from Facebook Communities

Blogs, brands, businesses, and individuals all use Facebook fan or “like” pages to grow an online community. Facebook’s Share and Like buttons, as well as the ability to upload videos, drop links, and [more…]

Facebook Pages Are One Type of Online Community

Though a social network, Facebook deserves a place of its own on a list of online communities. Many businesses are now inviting customers to Like them on Facebook fan page. Friends and family see those [more…]

Landing Pages on Your Facebook and Twitter Online Communities

A landing page is a page where members have to achieve a specific goal that you have for your online community, such as a subscription or a purchase. [more…]

How to Monitor Social Networks for Online Community Feedback

As an online community manager, you’ll spend a lot of time on the social networks to see who’s talking about your brand. It’s important to have an arsenal of tools and networks ready so you can monitor [more…]

How to Use Facebook to Attract Online Community Members

When you’re building an online community, you want to be where the people are, and at this time, Facebook is the best way to reach out to a vast community. [more…]

How to Search Social Networks for Mentions of Your Online Community

The social networks are important tools for determining who is talking about your online community and your brand online. People often make off-hand comments on social networks, publishing their opinions [more…]

How to Advertise the Online Community’s Offline Classes

Advertise your classes on all your online community pages and create a Facebook event page specifically to invite members of your Facebook community to attend. Use a Facebook event invitation to spread [more…]

How to Send a Message on Facebook

You can generate Facebook’s basic New Message Window by clicking the Messages shortcut in the big blue bar on top (it looks like two overlapping word bubbles) and clicking the Send a New Message link from [more…]

How to Use Facebook Mail

Depending on your settings and whether you’re logged in to Facebook, when you receive a new message, you see either a new chat window open up or a little red flag on your Home page over the Messages icon [more…]

How to Post a Facebook Event

The first way you’ll most likely find out about a Facebook event is through a notification. When a friend invites you to an event, a small red flag appears over the notifications icon in the big blue bar [more…]

How to Sign Up for Facebook Mobile

Lots of people are now using Facebook from their mobile phones. If you ever find yourself asking questions about Facebook mobile while near a computer, you can go to [more…]

How to Use Facebook Mobile Text

After your phone is confirmed, Mobile Texts are the most basic way to use Facebook on your phone. You don’t need a camera on your phone or a smartphone to use Mobile Texts. Using just a simple Short Message [more…]

How to Upload Photos with Facebook Mobile

Facebook Mobile now lets you upload photos. Two types of people can be found at social events. There are the scrapbookers who always remember to bring their fancy-schmancy camera to every gathering. Then [more…]

How to Use the Facebook App on Your iPhone

The Facebook app for iPhone is organized much like the Mobile Home page for Facebook. When you tap the top-left corner (represented by the three horizontal bars) of the screen, you see the drop-down menu [more…]

How to Use Facebook to Send a Message to Multiple Recipients

You can message more than one person at a time on Facebook. Doing so creates a new conversation among all the people you message. Everyone can see and reply to the message. So if you send a message to [more…]

How to Chat with Multiple Friends or a Group on Facebook

At the top of each Facebook chat window is a blue bar displaying the name of the person you’re chatting with and two or three icons. The one you might or might not have is the video icon, which is covered [more…]

How to Use Facebook Messages on a Smartphone

Facebook integrates its messaging system seamlessly with its smartphone apps. It even has an app just for messaging: Facebook Messenger. The first is a message in the Message Inbox, the second is in a [more…]

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