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5 Ways to Control Facebook Information You Send and Receive

Facebook helps you control the volume and types of information you receive. So what's the big deal? If you've been on Facebook for any amount of time, there's a decent chance that you have someone in your [more…]

5 Tips for Customizing Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a central place for a business to connect with its customers and share its stories. Business pages also enable you to offer information with special access to followers and [more…]

Defining Facebook Words and Phrases

When you're new to Facebook, you may see unfamiliar terminology thrown around and wonder what it all means. Here are explanations of many commonly used Facebook words and phrases: [more…]

5 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Browsing

When you join Facebook, you can customize how you browse Facebook to help you keep your contacts, updates, and interactions organized. An efficient organization saves times by giving you more control of [more…]

9 Links to Important Facebook Documents

Facebook is large, and finding the information you need can be daunting. The following list provides links to important Facebook documents that you may want to peruse from time to time to stay up-to-date [more…]

How to Optimize Photos for Facebook Visual Social Marketing

A Facebook Page is the official representation of a brand or business on Facebook, and the visual appeal is very important in social media marketing. As you can see, you need a variety of custom images [more…]

How to Edit Facebook Post Images for Visual Social Marketing

Facebook allows you to make basic edits and make other changes after posting a photo for visual social marketing. To find the photo, click the Photos tab at the top of the page; or, if you see the image [more…]

How to Optimize Facebook Post Images for Visual Social Marketing

People are more likely to engage with your social marketing on your Facebook Page when you post visual content — especially images. The more that people engage in your content, the more visibility you [more…]

Visual Social Marketing: How to Choose an Image to Accompany a Link on Facebook

After you have included a link to a web page in a social marketing status update, Facebook makes it more visually appealing by automatically searches the web page for images to accompany the link that's [more…]

How to Use Videos on Facebook for Visual Social Marketing

Videos can be shared by way of status updates on Facebook, enhancing your visual social marketing efforts with diversity of medium. Similarly to photos, videos often generate more views, clicks, likes, [more…]

Adding Your Facebook App to a Business Page

When you create a Facebook app, you want to make it available to as many people as possible. To do that, add your app to a tab on your Facebook business page. Tabs appear below your cover photo, so visitors [more…]

Using Facebook: General Online Privacy Do's and Don'ts

Protect your privacy when using Facebook — or anytime you are online at home, work, or elsewhere. Following are some handy tips that will help increase your online security and privacy: [more…]

4 Types of Posts to Increase Activity on Your Facebook Page

To capture the attention of your Facebook fans and followers, you must publish great posts that entice them to engage with your business page. Try using the following four types of posts to garner a high [more…]

7 Tips for Creating Your Facebook Ad

The audience for a Facebook ad is a targeted one. However, you still need to create an advertisement that's engaging. Here are seven useful tips for creating a successful Facebook ad: [more…]

4 Tips for Creating a Facebook Business Page

When people customize their Facebook business page, they usually include graphics and might even add applications. Those features are great, but you need to remember a few small things that affect the [more…]

Facebook All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Facebook has many options and features that enable you to customize your experience. Whether you enjoy connecting with your friends through your personal timeline or you manage your business's brand through [more…]

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook's privacy settings are a concern for any social networking site user who wants to protect any personal information that appears in a Facebook profile, wall post, or tagged image. This video shows [more…]

How to Accept (and Reject) Facebook Friend Requests

When you get a friend request on Facebook, you can choose to accept or reject it. You can customize your Facebook profile so that not all of your Facebook friends can see your personal information, or [more…]

How to Create Friend Lists on Facebook

Creating Friend lists on Facebook allows you to share different things with different people. You can edit the name or members of your Friend lists any time you like. [more…]

Choosing a Profile Picture on Facebook

Your Facebook profile picture should represent your true self, but you can change it any time, as often as you wish. By default, your profile picture is visible on all of Facebook, and maybe the entire [more…]

How to Control Photo and Video Privacy on Facebook

Facebook lets you customize photo and video privacy per album. Other Facebook users can tag you in photos they post, but you can always untag yourself. [more…]

Facebook Application Development: Setting Up Your App

The first step in Facebook application development is setting up your app. Discover how to lay the groundwork for your application with this Facebook tutorial. From URL security to iFrame sizing, learning [more…]
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