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Facebook All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Facebook has many options and features that enable you to customize your experience. Whether you enjoy connecting with your friends through your personal timeline or you manage your business's brand through [more…]

How to Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data

Always remember that you don’t own your space at Facebook. If you violate Facebook's terms of service, you may find yourself locked out of your account. If that were to happen, you’d lose access to all [more…]

How to Turn On Login Approvals on Facebook

The Login Approvals entry on Facebook adds another layer of protection to login notifications. Each time you (or someone else) logs into your account from a device that you haven’t used before, Facebook [more…]

How to Generate an App Password on Facebook

Some Facebook applications don’t work with Facebook login approval codes, so if you have that option enabled, you may not be able to use all your apps. Facebook has fixed it so you can use app passwords [more…]

How to Set Up Your Facebook Mobile Settings

Enabling your mobile settings allows Facebook to text you when you have friend requests or other notifications. Additionally, you can text updates (including photos and video) from your phone directly [more…]

How to Manage Your Facebook Payments Settings

The Payment Settings page enables you to view and manage purchases you’ve made in Facebook. These purchases are conducted in games, apps, when purchasing a gift for someone, or when using promoted posts [more…]

How to Change the Facebook Share Setting for Previously Shared Content

Hopefully, you know how to set your default privacy for Facebook status updates and photos, and know that you can set the privacy individually for each status update you share. When you set your privacy [more…]

How to Create or Follow a Facebook Interest List

Like regular Facebooklists, interest lists allow you to follow your favorite people, friends, and business pages in one place. The difference between a regular list and an interest list is that when you [more…]

How to Use Facebook’s Help Center

You can find Facebook’s Help Center by clicking the down arrow or gear icon at the top of the page and choosing Help. This screen appears to help you get started on your quest. [more…]

How to Tag Facebook Friends and Business Pages

Tagging is when you write a Facebook status update and provide a link to someone’s personal timeline or business page. When you tag a person or page, that person or business is alerted that you’ve shared [more…]

How to Remove and Edit Facebook Updates and Comments

You may find yourself rethinking something you shared on Facebook and wanting to remove it. Perhaps, as you update your timeline, you want to remove some past updates as your circle of friends grows or [more…]

How to Use the Follow Feature on Facebook

The follow feature allows a person to follow your public updates without being your Facebookfriend. Likewise, you can follow others’ public updates if they’ve enabled the public follow feature. Your account [more…]

How to Add Photos to Facebook with Instagram

One of the greatest abilities you have on Facebook is to share pictures with your friends and family. Instagram provides you with a few extra tools to do just that, but with a little flair. Instagram is [more…]

How to Move Photos from One Facebook Album to Another

To move a photo from one Facebook album to another, navigate to your personal timeline or business page. Then click the Photos link under your cover photo to go to your Albums page. From there, just follow [more…]

How to Edit the Privacy Settings for Your Facebook Albums

Privacy is a big issue, especially when it comes to pictures and video. You can customize not only the overall privacy settings for your Facebook account but also the privacy for individual photo albums [more…]

How to Share Video on Facebook from another Social Media Channel

You won’t always want to create new video or share video from your computer. Instead, you may find videos to share on Facebook via websites such as YouTube or Vimeo [more…]

How to Customize Your Facebook Video

After you’ve shared a video on Facebook and it’s out in the wild, you can let it run its course or you can customize a few aspects (such as tagging people in the video or editing the title. First, though [more…]

Facebook Apps You Can Use to Share Video on Your Business Page

Business pages have an option not available to personal timelines: You can install Facebook applications. A Facebook application (or app) provides additional functionality for a business page. If your [more…]

How to Share Documents in a Facebook Group

Members of a Facebookgroup can create and share documents within the group. Documents can be edited by any member of the group at any time. Group members may find this to be a valuable tool for a number [more…]

How to Synchronize Facebook Events and Birthdays with Your Online Calendar

There are so many events and occasions to keep track of on Facebook. You’ve probably grown to depend on the mobile calendar on your smartphone or the iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar that you [more…]

How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

The features Facebookoffers are designed to make it easier to promote events. With as many event invitations that people send out, it can be easy to miss or gloss over events that don’t catch your attention [more…]

How to Message a Nonfriend on Facebook

Sending messages to someone who is not a friend (someone who is not on your Facebook Friends list) works similarly to sending messages to friends. Because the person isn’t on your Friends list, when you [more…]

How to Set Up Video Chat on Facebook

Talking with your friends face to face no longer requires that you be in the same room. Facebook has integrated Skype video-calling features that make it possible for you to video chat with any of your [more…]

How to Play Games on Facebook

Games are hosted on Facebook’s App Center page. The left side of the screen displays some of your latest game notifications, which include invitations to games or a notice that your friend has made a move [more…]

How to Give Gifts and Gift Cards on Facebook

Facebook has made it easy to send your connections a gift or a gift card appropriate for many occasions. Sometimes a gift can mean more than a private message or a status update wishing someone “Happy [more…]

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