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How to Navigate Facebook’s News Feed

When navigating Facebook, the blue bar and the sidebar are very important. At the same time, they pale in comparison to the News Feed. They mainly serve as a bit of a background to the News Feed. This [more…]

10 Ways Facebook Uniquely Impacts Lives

Sometimes people are dismissive of Facebook, saying, “I keep up with friends by calling them and visiting them. I don’t need a website to do that for me.” And you don’t [more…]

How Facebook Is Different from Other Social Sites

Lots of social sites besides Facebook try to help people connect. Some popular sites are Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and many others. Here is the biggest reason Facebook is different [more…]

10 Tips for Parents of Teens on Facebook

It’s hard to put the word teenager together with the phrase social networking or Facebook and not get just the teensiest bit anxious. A lot of horror stories circle around out there. Any parent is likely [more…]

10 Facebook FAQs

Facebook is a complex tool with a ton of social nuances, many of which have yet to be standardized. There are a lot of different features, and Facebook changes a lot. To keep up with Facebook, like the [more…]

10 Great Facebook Games, Apps, and Websites

Apps use Facebook information to provide some sort of service to you. That might be the capability to battle your friends in a game of chess or poker or it might be the capability to vote up content on [more…]

Are You Too Old for Facebook?

No. Most emphatically, no. This is a common misconception, mainly because Facebook was originally exclusive to college students. Facebook’s origins, even its name, are rooted in college campuses, but its [more…]

How to Use Facebook’s Graph Search

Search has become an integral part of using the Internet. Facebook’s search is also important, though it works a bit differently from the way a search engine like Google or Bing does. Instead of just looking [more…]

How to Add a Profile Picture That's Already on Facebook

Facebook is the number-one photo-sharing site on the web, which means there’s a good chance someone has already added a photo of you to Facebook that you might like to use as a profile picture. [more…]

How to Take a Facebook Photo with Your Webcam

If you have a camera built into your computer or an external webcam, you can easily take a photo to be your Facebook profile picture by following these simple steps: [more…]

How to Add Links to a Facebook Post

Frequently, people use their Facebook status updates to bring attention to something else on the Internet. It may be an article they found interesting, or an event, a photo album, or anything else they [more…]

How to Add a Life Event to Facebook

What’s nice about Facebook is the way it lets you connect with friends over the small stuff. Facebook is also awesome for life events or letting you connect over the big stuff. Babies being born, houses [more…]

How to Add to Your Timeline Interest Sections on Facebook

Interest sections are a part of the Facebook Timeline that can be a really fun way to let your friends know the music, movies, television shows, books, and other things that really define you. Most of [more…]

How to Customize Your Facebook Timeline

Your Facebook Profile, or Timeline, is the online representation of who you are. Most likely, you have online profiles for various websites. Facebook Timelines tend to be a little more comprehensive and [more…]

How to Edit Your Facebook Timeline Sections

You can decide which compilation boxes appear on your Facebook Timeline as well as the order they appear as you scroll down. To edit which sections appear and how they show up, hover your mouse over any [more…]

What is the Facebook Timeline?

Your Facebook Timeline is what your friends look at to get a sense of your life, and it’s also where they leave public messages for you. In this way, your friends’ posts become part of your history [more…]

How to Limit Who Can See Your Facebook Posts

Privacy on your posts and life events is something you usually adjust as you're creating them. Next to the Post button, Facebook displays the audience for that post. Click the audience to open a drop-down [more…]

How to Customize Your Privacy Controls on Facebook

Privacy on Facebook isn’t a one-time thing. Because you are constantly adding new status updates, photos, and content to Facebook, constantly interacting with friends and reaching out to people, privacy [more…]

How to Control Who Tags You on Facebook

The Timeline is basically where you collect all your stuff on Facebook. That means photos, posts, tags, posts Friends have left you, application activity, and so on. Your Timeline allows you to look through [more…]

How to Block People, Apps and Invites on Facebook

Most of your Facebook privacy settings are preventative measures for making yourself comfortable on Facebook. Blocklists are usually more reactive. If someone does something on Facebook that bothers you [more…]

How to Choose Who Can See Your Information on Facebook

The Privacy Settings and Tools section of Facebook is located on the Settings Page. The left side of the Settings page is a menu of different settings you can adjust here. If you go into the Privacy section [more…]

How to Control Your Facebook App Info

An app is a term used to describe pieces of software that use Facebook data, even when those applications weren’t built by Facebook. You may use apps as games, websites, and useful tools, all of which [more…]

How Members Can Keep Facebook Safe

Another way in which you contribute to keeping Facebook a safe, clean place is in the reports that you submit about spam, harassment, inappropriate content, and fake Timelines. Almost every piece of content [more…]

Privacy Options for Facebook

The following terms are related to how Facebook thinks about the people you may or may not want to share with. For most pieces of information, the privacy options are related to the audience who can see [more…]

How Facebook Protects Its Members

Facebook’s part in keeping everyone safe requires a lot of manpower and technology power. The manpower involves responding to the reports that you and the rest of Facebook submit, as well as proactively [more…]

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