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Expanding Your CityVille Community

CityVille is designed as a community experience. You work with your Facebook friends, and make new friends, on the project. Here are several ways to help your neighbors in CityVille: [more…]

CityVille Daily To-Do List

Use this simple to-do list as a simple reminder of all the tasks you should do daily or as often as possible to keep your Coins multiplying and make your neighbors happy. Of course, you don’t [more…]

CityVille For Dummies Cheat Sheet

CityVille is a social network game available through Facebook. It is free, fun, and easy to play, and anyone with Internet access can build a metropolis without even breaking a sweat. This Cheat Sheet [more…]

How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is truly one of the best places to promote yourself as both a brand and a blogger. Women outnumber men on Facebook, and moms are one of the fastest-growing groups of people signing up. If you [more…]

Suggest Your Mom Blog to Facebook Friends

When your Facebook Fan Page is complete, the next step for successful networking is to Invite Your Friends to “Like” the page. It may be tempting to send this out to everyone you know, and that may be [more…]

How to Change Your Facebook Page Settings

As the creator (and therefore Admin) of your Facebook Page, you have a lot of control over how people see and interact with your Page, as well as the ability to designate additional Admins. You control [more…]

How to Create a Note on Facebook

Like blogs, Facebook Notes are ways of writing entries about your life, your thoughts, or your all-time favorite songs and then sharing them with your Facebook friends. The beauty of Notes lies in the [more…]

How to Add a Photo to a Facebook Note

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your Facebook Note, you can add a photo to illustrate your topic for your Facebook friends. If you choose to include photos, it requires you to add HTML tags to your [more…]

How to Ask a Question on Facebook

You can ask Questions from multiple places on Facebook. You can ask them from the Publisher in your Profile, the Publisher on your Home page, and the Publisher on your Group Home pages. To ask a basic [more…]

How to Respond to a Facebook Poll or Question

If you see a question on Facebook that piques your interest, either because you know the answer or you want to know the answer, click it to read the entire thing. This generates a Question box. [more…]

How to Use Facebook Video Chat

Video Chat is a fairly new addition to Facebook, which is why you might or might not see the video camera icon at the top of each Chat window. Facebook’s Video Chat is actually powered by Skype, an Internet [more…]

How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed

On Facebook you have some control over your News Feed’s Top Stories and Recent Stories. The easiest way to influence your News Feed is to let it know when you don’t Like a post. Whenever you hover over [more…]

Top Stories Versus Recent Stories on Facebook

Your Facebook News Feed is like a newspaper centered around your friends. Look below the Share menu on your Home page to see the News Feed column, divided into two sections: Top Stories and Recent Stories [more…]

Managing Facebook News Feed Subscriptions

The recent addition of Facebook Subscriptions means you can receive public posts from your favorite blogger or pundit in your News Feed without the hassle of mutual friendship or Liking their Page. Getting [more…]

Writing a Post or Asking a Group Question

If you are in a Facebook group you may want to write a post or ask a question of your fellow group members. Posts are status updates that you share only with the members of a Group [more…]

How to Navigate Your Facebook Group’s Home Page

To get to a Facebook Group’s Home page, just click the Group name in the left column. If you have a lot of Groups, you may need to click a More link to find the one you want to get to. Just as your Profile [more…]

How to Report an Offensive Facebook Group

As a member of the Facebook community, if you stumble upon an offensive Group in your travels, you should report it to Facebook so that the company can take appropriate actions. To report a Group, follow [more…]

How to Take a Photo to Post on Facebook

Want to post your photo on Facebook? If you have a webcam, you can always take a photo of yourself to share just what you’re feeling at the moment or to illustrate just what’s going on around you at that [more…]

How to Add a Description to a Facebook Photo

Using tags lets your Facebook friends know who is in the photos you post in your Facebook albums, but you can also add a description or caption underneath a photo to tell everyone more about it. [more…]

Moving and Rotating Pictures in Your Facebook Photo Album

After uploading the photos for your Facebook album, you have several editing options. You can move photos around, change any info you entered when you set up the album, and rotate your photos. All of these [more…]

How to See the Photos You Are In on Facebook

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you are probably in a ton of photos. You can see the photos you are in without having to go all over Facebook, as long as you are tagged in them. Maybe you tagged [more…]

Viewing Profiles on Facebook Mobile

Profiles on Facebook Mobile are designed differently than Profiles on the regular Facebook site. A lot of information from specific applications may be absent from your Profile. Moreover, the structure [more…]

How to Use Facebook’s Timeline Share Box

You’ve probably noticed the word share being used a lot on Facebook. Practically every time you’re posting something, you’re clicking a Share button. Sharing from the timeline is no different. In addition [more…]

What Online Community Managers Can Learn from Facebook Communities

Blogs, brands, businesses, and individuals all use Facebook fan or “like” pages to grow an online community. Facebook’s Share and Like buttons, as well as the ability to upload videos, drop links, and [more…]

Facebook Pages Are One Type of Online Community

Though a social network, Facebook deserves a place of its own on a list of online communities. Many businesses are now inviting customers to Like them on Facebook fan page. Friends and family see those [more…]

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