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How to Determine the Sources of Hits on Your Marketing Videos

To be able to position more of your marketing videos in high-traffic areas that are frequently visited by your target audience, you must know how they first find your videos. Find out by choosing the Traffic [more…]

How to Measure the Viewer’s Appreciation of Your Marketing Video

Ideally, the viewers or your marketing videos are active — for example, they subscribe to your channel or write comments. YouTube Analytics gives you insight into these categories of user behavior under [more…]

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Marketing Videos

The most important thing to know about online marketing video sharing is simple: You have to be on YouTube. No other video site comes even close to the importance, reach, and influence of YouTube. [more…]

How to Personalize Your Marketing Video YouTube Channel

After you set up a YouTubechannel for your marketing videos, you can personalize it and make it look more attractive for viewers. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Upload Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube is now the only video sharing site that is an absolute necessity for your marketing video distribution. Yes, YouTube is sometimes messy, crowded, and unpredictable, but it’s also where most people [more…]

How to Tweak Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube gives you some functionality to tweak your marketing video after you upload it. If your video is well-edited in the first place, editing probably isn’t even necessary, though it can be handy if [more…]

How to Create Marketing Video Playlists and Favorites on YouTube

A playlist is a way to group videos by common topics. Playlists help your YouTube channel’s visitors find the marketing videos they’re interested in. They also help your videos to be found in search results [more…]

How to Add Annotations to Your Marketing Videos on YouTube

In addition to the available editing functionality in YouTube, it lets you add annotations to your marketing videos: These small text boxes or comic-style speech bubbles provide additional information [more…]

How to Post YouTube Marketing Videos on Facebook

Facebook is more than a social network — it’s the world’s second most popular video sharing site, after YouTube. It’s important to share your marketing videos on Facebook. Embedding YouTube videos in your [more…]

How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube has its own social networking community, and you can find much more additional value from it for your business marketing videos if you use its social features. [more…]

How to Set Up a Paid YouTube Video Marketing Ad

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a robot that sets up YouTube video marketing ads for you. The process may sound somewhat complicated at first because the YouTube ad system is powerful, but it’s [more…]

The Benefits of YouTube Video Hosting for Social CRM

When you are evaluating how to distribute and host your videos for Social CRM, you may want to consider YouTube where you can do both at the same time. Its built-in features make it worth considering. [more…]

How to Use YouTube for Social Media Engagement

The Grand Poobah of online video is undoubtedly YouTube, a social media giant. The latest statistics on its website state that more than 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month and watch more [more…]

How to Add Videos to a Blog for Visual Social Marketing

As a visual social marketing technique, adding videos to your blog can increase the engagement level of people viewing your post and extend the viewing duration. You may include videos that you upload [more…]

Establishing Your YouTube Channel Brand

Whether it’s a consumer or a viewer, a brand makes your product or service immediately identifiable on YouTube. Imagine that the Coca-Cola logo looked different every time you saw it, or maybe the apple [more…]

Creating Great YouTube Content

Whether you grab a 10-second video of a gathering of friends to put on YouTube, have something meaningful to say on your video blog, or plan a highly structured production with sets and actors, you’re [more…]

Choosing a YouTube Channel Name

Take a reflective pause before you choose a YouTube username or channel name or other identifying criteria you want as your public face for the whole YouTube world. An overhasty decision here could end [more…]

Embracing Discoverability in a YouTube Context

At the end of the day, YouTube is about one thing and one thing only: Getting people to watch your content. Simple, right? In theory, yes, but your challenge is to help viewers find your channel and your [more…]

YouTube Channels For Dummies Cheat Sheet

YouTube has definitely changed the entertainment playing field by globalizing the viewing experience. Any viewer who wants to see any video anywhere in the world only has to go to YouTube in their favorite [more…]

Soliciting Crowdfunding and Donations for Your YouTube Channel

You may want to think about crowdfunding and donations for your YouTube channel. Accepting donations has been a revered practice for almost as long as humans have been able to open their hands and extend [more…]

Exploring Alternatives to Multichannel Networks

There’s strength in numbers — or so the saying goes. This can be helpful when it comes to managing your YouTube channel.It’s this kind of thinking that led to the establishment of multichannel networks [more…]

Creating a YouTube Channel in 6 Easy Steps

Whether you are creating your first YouTube channel or starting your fifth channel the process is the same. YouTube is simple right? Everybody who has a Gmail account already has a channel. If it does [more…]

10 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to Right Now

YouTube has hundreds of millions of channels, with over two million of those receiving new, uploaded content on a regular basis. Discovering which of those channels are relevant to you may take some time [more…]

Bonus Chapters for YouTube Channels For Dummies

Click here to download the two bonus chapters for YouTube Channels For Dummies. That way, you can find out what it takes to quit your day job and earn a living off of YouTube. And if that doesn’t pique [more…]

What is the YouTube Kids App?

YouTube wants to provide you with the content that is best suited for you. The developers at YouTube realize that this goal is also relevant for your kids. YouTube is not just for adult viewers. There [more…]

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